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  1. I saw a show on the Hun pilots on amazon and I want to do a model of F100. Amazing plane.
  2. USMC

    F4c phantom

    Thanks you guys have take away so so much confusion on this part of the plane.
  3. USMC

    F4c phantom

    Now is the C variant a navy or Air Force? I am doing revells 1/48 scale F4c Phantom and it has a tail hook. So I am confused if it is a navy fighter or Air Force?
  4. USMC

    F4c phantom

    Thanks for all your help both of you guys. Appreciate it. I have the revell 1/48 phantom. There is very few aftermarket goodies it’s time for surgery. Lol! Now I just need to find the blueprints so I can do panels and rivets!
  5. USMC

    F4c phantom

    Is the F4c phantom pretty much the same thing as the F4D Phantom? From what I gather is just the radar changed and it C variant has bulged tires.
  6. is there any way to scratch build flares coming from an aircraft and chaff to.
  7. I have a 1/200 scale revell lionfish model. They do t make any PE or or aftermarket decks in that scale. They do make stuff for ships I could improvise In 1/200 scale. Now would that make a difference on how it looks or would it not make any difference at all
  8. Sorry I have been over seas. I didn’t see the time stamp thanks.
  9. No you are not. I was just looking to see what variant they were thanks!
  10. I have the monogram F4C phantom model and is there any difference between that and the F4D variant. I am have trouble finding the difference (I guess I am not looking hard enough hahaha) when building it would there be a difference in using any photo etch or resin parts
  11. My question is let’s say I have a Revell model (insert what ever plane you want) let’s say there is no photo etch or resin kits available, but for the Tamaya kit of the plane of the same scale there is a plethora of stuff for it. Now would those parts fit the Revell model or is it completely different tooling or just a marketing thing.
  12. Ok I won’t post them then
  13. new to using aftermarket parts such as photo etch.And I see they mention they are for specific kit. My question is can I use them for a kit that it isn't made for. I'm aware there might be fit issues,but other problems will I run into?
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