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  1. Hi Fellow Builders from around the globe, I am a fire fighter in New Zealand and in 2015 i am going to be climbing the auckland skytower in full fire fighting gear to raise money for the Leukemia Foundation here. this challange comprises of 51 floors and over 1000 steps. all moneys donated goes to a great cause, if you are in a position to help that would be great, the link to my fundraising page is below thanks again craig https://secure.leukaemia.net.nz/registrant/FundraisingPage.aspx?registrationID=839423&langPref=en-CA
  2. Hi guys this is my latest build a 1/35 scle huey cobra gunship let me know what you think craig
  3. having trouble uploading pics from photobucket will try again later
  4. i am a first time scratch builder, i did a 1/32 scale scania fire truck of the nz fire service, all i can say for advice is take heaps of photos of the subject you are modelling off from all angles etc it depends on how detailed you want to go. the other piece of advice is if you think you can with a bit of patients ( lol scuse the pun ) and some tender loving care and attention it can be achieved. just remember to measure twice and cut once other wise the wallet will get hurt also. good idea for a project though i would like to add a ambulance to the diorama that i have nearly finished. g
  5. who would know what the next project is lol i am doing a 1/35 cobra attack helicopter at the moment and still trying to finish my fire truck diorama. space is getting very limited aswell lol
  6. My completed entry - REVELL 1/144th Boeing 767 Air New Zealand thanks for watching
  7. well team the build is complete, i am quite happy with the result, it will look good in my collection, looking at it now there is definitly room for improvement as with any project fell free to add positive comments i will put pics here and then in the completed builds thread after taking these pics i discovered that the garage monster had eaten one of the nose wheels not very happy with that.
  8. Hi there Dan much appreciated, i would love to be career nzfs but had no luck each time i tried so i went volly, i am on a composite station with a prt in upper hutt
  9. awesome handy to know, there anything else missing other than what you have mentioned that i should do, I am a career firefighter at wellington airport - where are you stationed?
  10. Hi Dan, thanks for the input and some really good ideas there i hadnt considered the soft and hard protection ( although i should have after having done the MVA PRT course ), i am aiming to make the cribbing for the stabalisation for the car, and the extinguishers etc when i get around to it. i am also intending on having the tools actually in use by some fire fighter figures when i can figure out how to make them look correct. I take it from your knowledge of equipment you have some experience in this area of MVA PRT?
  11. coming along well so far, a good challange
  12. hi there guys many thanks for the advice, i have been using micro set and after a bit of time and carefull patience the decal has conformed and looks better now, thanks for all of the tips and its back to the table to get more of it done.
  13. well guys alot more has been done in this diorama now and so far i am very happy with the end result the car was damaged by heating over a candle to achieve the result that i wanted the roof was removed to simulate patient extraction by the fire service to simulate all the broken glass i used a couple of handfulls of clear plastic beads and just crushed them up with a mallet and used PVA glue to stick it in place i made up a salvage sheet using a piece of baking paper and painted it the colours i needed and layed out my cutting tools on that, the hydraulic lines are yet to be added
  14. Hi there Guys, some more has been done on the beauty of the skies from yesteryear, the decals have gone onto the main fuselage and after a few issues and a bit of trimming they are on with a reasonable result. I did have some major issues with getting the colours to wrap around the nose but its getting there, let me know what you think craig
  15. the kit is coming along well so far had a few issues with the fit of some parts but getting there, i will take some pics this week and put them up
  16. well time for another update, this time the truck is away getting decals done by a sign writer ( i have tried to get them as good as i could and as close as i could. ) while that is happening it is time to move onto the diorama of the set up that it will be displayed in. i have made a section of motor way using the Italleri road kit, i had to buy two boxes to get it long enough and made and painted it all up complete with the side barrier, the look i am going for is something i have seen now and then during my time as a fire fighter and that is a drunk driver or boy racer showing off to gir
  17. Sorry for the delay in posts guys, things have been pretty hectic around the joint at the moment, been doing some study for a course so i have to take a break for a bit, what i have accomplished so far isnt much but its a start anyways, the wings and the other parts have been put together the fuselage had been painted black on the inside to give it a bit of a shadow look and then joined together and let to sit for a while then i place the pieces in a rough lay out to see how big the aircraft is and i must say its a good size i will try and get some more done soon
  18. well guys the truck is pretty much finished except for a few details that will be added later when time and money permit. the lockers have been stowed with equipment and one has been left empty on purpose as this would have had rescue gear in it and this will be out on the diorama that comes next let me know what you think, i know that it is not as good as some of the models on here but i am a first time scratch builder and am reasonably pleased with the first efforts i have come up with feel free to comment and all adivce is appreciated
  19. Hi guys this is my entry for the GB A Revell 1/144th scale Air New Zealand Boeing 767 with decals from the old era of the airline i will be getting onto this as soon as possible
  20. revell 1/144th Boeing 767 - Air New Zealand
  21. well guys some more of the truck has been done, there is still a heck of a mount of tidying up and detailing to be done, but it is nealry there then onto the diorama from there the cab interior has been done and is awaiting details such as BA sets and radios gear etc the rear section has had the stripes added and the rear step also some touch ups on the paint to go but there is little bits every where the ladder and gantry and the tool box have been added to the roof along with the 2 lengths of suction hose the hose reels have been added and there again is some paint to be touched up i
  22. looks very good, coming along nicely :D
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