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  1. Hi, Very nice job. I'm very interesting by the G model as a Wild Weasel model. I hope SPang decals included. Cheers Pat
  2. Hi, i'm looking for an option to replace original wheels. Any option with resin wheels ? Thanks a lot SPang
  3. Hi Habu2, Yes for decal placement instructions and if it's possible, profile and armement configuration. Cheers
  4. Hi, I have obtain the decals from FoxOne ref 48-022 for the Marine Corps Skyhawk in Vietnam but i don't have the notice and the cover. Anyone have to help me with a scan. Best regards SPang
  5. Hi, I'm looking for more information about T-33 of 52 TFW of SPangdahlem (Germany). I have this pic from an Osprey book about T-Bird: T-33A-1-L0 S/N 56-1753 I have the decals but not sure to be good with the Early T-33 model of GWH. Thanks for your help SPang
  6. Hi Great job. I have one RF-8G in production with C&H conversion. SPang
  7. ATTAC make a conversion with the rear fuselage only and wing. You will find an F-5A (Classic Airframes or Kinetic) with F-16 main landing gear.
  8. Hi, Some kits that i don"t build. I'm in France, price not included shipping. ***1/32 : -Vac-form T-2 Buckeye: 20 Euros, ***1/48 : -Hasegawa F6F-5N Night Hellcat ref 09447: 20 Euros, -Revell Fw-190 D-9 (Ex-Eduard) ref 03930 BoƮte neuve (Ex-Eduard): 25 Euros, -Eduard Fw-190 D11/D13 Dual Combo (2 kits) ref 8185: 45 Euros, -Special Hobby Fairey Baracuda Mk.II ref 48021: 21 Euros, -Airfix Spitfire Mk.22/24 ref 6101A: 23 Euros, -Special Hobby CAC-9 Wirraway ref 48054: 23 Euros, -Grand Phoenix Fairey Firefly Mk.I & Radar ref KT 002: 30 E
  9. Hi, This is a new book about the Sabre Dog by Robbie M.Robinson and published by Editions Minimonde76. In the 120 pages you will find lot of information about it in 5 parts: -Development & Production, -Us Air Force in Europe, -F-86 D/K of NATO, -Sabre Dog in details, -Annexes. You have many pictures (100+ B&W and colors), drawings, insignias, technical manual information, list of squadrons that used it. USAF is not the only operators of the users, Danish Air Force, French Air Force, Bundes Luftwaffe, Hellenic Air Force, Itali
  10. Hi Dave, I have some pics of AH-1Z and UH-1Y made during Paris Air Show 2011. 150 pics for the both with full walk around, cockpit view. Cheers SPang
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