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  1. He's on Facey, https://www.facebook.com/andrew.gudbergsson
  2. Hi Guys. I've just ordered the A350-900 have a few 787's to do (one is partway complete) that I want to get some decals for. My apologies for asking here, but I'm not in the know on this matter. What are some good decals that are available and where from please? Cheers Nenad
  3. Hi Scoops, I'm Nenad Mitrovic. I live in Perth and am doing FIFO work too. I saw a Jetstar 787 at Brisbane Airport on Tuesday when I was returning and have just gotten cracking on two 787's. One will be a 787-9 with the fuselage plugs. Where do you get your decals from? Your planes look good so far mate. Cheers Nenad
  4. Amazing work! Very inspirational. Keep going!
  5. She looks a real beauty Nick. You should be proud.
  6. Looks great so far . Those 747-400's look awesome. Massive planes.
  7. The decal scheme is quite amusing and entertaining. I'd get this scheme alone for this WOW factor. Good work on the model.
  8. WOW Richard. I love conversion and bodywork. Very inspiring. This is fantastic work you are doing so far. Keep it up mate.
  9. That's ok. I'll just touch it up if I have to. With all these goodies available I need to decide on how much I want to trick the plane out.
  10. I picked up a set of Underworld Decals. These has a decent Vixen rather than the dodgey pixelated one I had from a few years ago. Why's that?
  11. Hey Tony, Thanks for this. I'll check out Contrails and I'll indulge in their goodies. Can you still get the PE & the corroguard decals from anywhere? How did you do the tarmac for your display base? I'll send you a PM. Cheers Nens
  12. Hi Tony, I remember this build a few years ago. Excellent stuff. Hopefully I can do as good a job with mine. Been through quite a lot over the last 3 years, but all is good now. Very happy with life. What about you mate. Hows life been treating you? BTW I am on FB if you want to look me up. I'll tackle the winglets myself as soon as I get a drawing off someone(plueezzee!!!!!) Are those InFormation engines available anymore? If so is there an equivalent(sorry for my q's. I am out of the loop)? If you don't need the spare lump anymore, I'dbe happy to take it. Let me know how much you want for it and I'll transfer it. Is the Guards Red available in a lacquer? I am hopeless when painting with bodies Enamels and prefer Lacquers. Thanks for your help. Cheers Nens
  13. Hey, good build so far and great decal scheme. I thought it was your notes on the pic at first. LOL! Those graphic designers are funny sometimes.
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