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  1. It was great to see you at the show!
  2. I feel like this is a underrated kit. I'm building two of them at the same time and they're not that bad. Yeah the nose area needs a lot of work but some of the others have their issues as well. Here's my two that are primed right now.
  3. They are great pics for reference. Especially those dirty Hornets. Seeing the E-2D there makes me want to build one. We need a conversion set to make a C into a D.
  4. Here's my current display bookshelves. Not much room left.
  5. Is there a way to tell if you have one of the later boxings with the corrections?
  6. I've seen both the F-35 and F-22 demos and they are by far much louder than legacy jets. I thought it was funny that the more "stealth" it is, the louder it is.
  7. Very cool! I haven't seen an XL built so I'm looking forward to your build.
  8. Awesome work! I love the intake cover.
  9. Very nice! I'd like to build a Thunderbird sometime.
  10. Very nice! I was going to do the same jet (already completely built) until I saw in your build that this particular jet has the bird slicers on the nose. Back to the drawing board.
  11. I'd be in for it. I have more than enough kits to chose from.
  12. I was wondering about that. Thanks for letting us know.
  13. Great video! I really wanted to go but family obligations prevented that. That and the show was about a month earlier than they normally have it. Hopefully next year.
  14. I've never participated in a GB here but I do have a Tamiya Viper in the stash. It's the Blk 25/32 one so I'll need to find some markings for it.
  15. I did the same thing. It melted the entire nose and part of the front fuselage.
  16. When I switched to the AK Real Air Colors, I bought several big sets (all US and British) of paints. Now I just buy as I need them.
  17. Our current dog "Ed". We've had him about 3 1/2 weeks now. Quite the character. We named him Ed cause he looks like the crazy hyena from "Lion King".
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