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  1. I like to be building this one.....
  2. now that this UB is already on its way to the distributors, let's talk about the release date for the single-seater already...😆
  3. I think Quinta should stick with the standard used. If it's 36231 then it should be 36231. it's doesn't have to be affected by sunlight, contractor, panel shades/effects and fading etc. etc. It's up to the modelers to do the fading and other effects by themselves.
  4. Do you have an FB or any site for that matter where we just go and look for the builds that you probably did for our references?

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    2. jgrease


      Perhaps a FB page? That seems like the easiest way to compile photos for viewing. I know not everyone uses it but I can't think of a better forum for it. Any ideas?



    3. flybywire


      An FB page would be a good idea, but I suggest that you ask fellow modelers for additional suggestions.

    4. jgrease


      I will have to do that. Thanks again!



  5. I'd want to build an open nose cone like that someday but only from a single-seater Su-27.....😉
  6. So is the Zoukei Mura F-4 Phantom now the "Gold Standard" when we talk of F-4, displacing the Hasegawa forever? I heard there were issues on the aft section of their kits, have they totally corrected them in this upcoming rendering or anywhere along their production line?
  7. Thank you guys for all your inputs!
  8. Anyone has any idea if there is already a mask for the BLUE 74 out there or somebody is contemplating of producing one?
  9. I'm not trying to start an argument here or anything, just want to state my personal opinion. When something is there that shouldn't be there in the first place, it is called an error or mistake. When something is hidden or cannot be seen after the assembly but the error/mistake was there, the "error/mistake" is still there , it was not removed, it's just not seen. Not seen or hidden is completely different from no error/mistake.
  10. You're absolutely correct. Pointing out an error cannot be considered a mortal sin, is it?
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