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  1. flybywire

    GWH Jumping on the 1/48 Tomcat Bandwagon?

    I like the concept of GWH, at least you don't have to worry about masking the clear parts glass for the frame painting.
  2. flybywire

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    The very day they failed to announce to the world that they reached the pre-order quota was already an indirect confession that they failed .......
  3. flybywire

    1/48 Trumpeter J-20 Mighty Dragon Announced

    I've been waiting for this one since they released their 1/72 version.....
  4. flybywire

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    It's a good thing I never believed in pre-orders and didn't fall into the trap by AMK so this fail has never given me the headache and stress, not even for one second.
  5. flybywire

    Static Dischargers

    Hi! Static dischargers found on the trailing edge of the fighter jets' wings are usually made from what material, is it aluminum, steel , carbon fiber? What is its usual color, is it black, silver, bare metal? Thanks in advance!
  6. flybywire


    Hi! Does anybody have any idea about the color of the intake ducting for the Saeqeh-80, can't find any good picture on the net? Thanks in advance?
  7. flybywire

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Did you guys read the entire paragraph following Pre-Order Terms & Conditions.....noticed all those precarious phrases all over again?
  8. flybywire

    French Rafale

    Okay. Got it. Thanks again!
  9. flybywire

    MM 1402

    I will. Thanks a lot!!
  10. flybywire

    French Rafale

    FS36320 is 307. I guess I also read somewhere about FS36320. Is this color good for B, C & M?
  11. flybywire

    French Rafale

    Since you mentioned Syhart, they also suggested FS36231 for the M. I was referring to another decal manufacturer earlier. I checked FS26293 from the paint4models, there is not a single brand that showed up. What brand/s produces lacquer or enamel FS26293?
  12. flybywire

    French Rafale

    It's a Rafale M. I also have a C.
  13. flybywire

    French Rafale

    Hi again! I'd like to know if the FS36231 is the correct color for the French Rafale or is there any other more correct paint to use. This was suggested by a decal manufacturer but upon comparing that color with the fighter jet sites, not sure if it's just a lighting reflection, but that color seems to be too dark. Please advise. Thanks in advance!
  14. flybywire

    MM 1402

    Hi! Does anybody aware of the Model Master Stainless Steel #1402, does it have a texture that could be applied using paintbrushes or does it have a watery texture that could only be used for airbrushing? I asked because I'm looking for an enamel -based stainless steel paints for handbrushing alone. Please advise. Thanks in advance!
  15. flybywire

    GWH S4804 F-15C MSIP II Paint Colors

    Hi! Would you know the difference between the Mr. Levelling thinner ( yellow label) and Mr. Color thinner (the blue label one) please?