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    Thanks. I deleted/changed the title already; but I wish there's a way to remove the thread by the one who posted if it's just a simple mistake so that it won't be space-occupying.
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    How do you delete or remove the entire post (including the title or heading) in case you make a mistake so that it won't appear on the thread?
  3. What's the best 1/48 EA-18G Growler kit in the market right now, in terms of overall accuracy of airframe shape and parts details? Thanks in advance!
  4. maybe "acquired" could be a gentler word to use.....😁😁
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, but I will be very, very patiently waiting for Tamiya to produce one of those.....
  6. But I will still wait for the B & C versions, A is just too boring for me....
  7. Now my wish has finally come to fruition, the latest dry-fit video from Tamiya says that the upper fuselage half is made in a single-piece plastic, at least the upper fuselage, better to have one than none.
  8. I wonder why Tamiya didn't make a single upper and lower fuselage, rather than cut them right behind the cockpit area, that would have made the entire kit much prettier?
  9. I'll be getting at least 2 A-10s and another F-14.
  10. I will definitely be getting two of this.....
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