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  1. I wasn't too negative at all. In fact I kept myself in the neutral ground because the only time one can truly tell if it's a fantastic/accurate/best kit or not is when the kit is released, assessed and built, especially by the knowledgeable modelers..
  2. Hi Haneto! Do you have a WIP site? Could you share to me the exact /correct colors/paints you used for the wheel bays, gear struts & intake ducting?

    1. haneto


      Sure, refer to here:


    2. flybywire


      Hi Haneto! Scanning through your 7-page fantastic work energizes my whole system and making me wanting to start my Su-35 right away! Thank you very much for sharing your work especially on those areas where I really have tremendous problem finding the right colors/paints to use! I will definitely use your model as guide when I started building my own Su-35!

    3. haneto


      You are welcome.

      Enjoy the built! It's a gorgeous kit!

  3. Hi Paul! Do you have a WIP site? Would you like to share what exactly the paints you used for the wheel bays, gear struts and intake trunking? 

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    2. flybywire


      Thanks. I have huge problem when it comes to the colors for Russian jets on those areas.

    3. paulsbrown


      Here's some WIP shots, they might be helpful. I hear you on the color problems with Russian jets, I've spent more time than I'd like to think about comparing photos and working out colors. 


      I'm a big fan of AKAN paints, the water based ones, they aren't perfect but the really specialized colors have been far more accurate than other brands I've compared (MRP's lacquer Su-35 colors are good, MIGs are terrible) and I've had no trouble with them. They need a bit more curing time than other acrylics but harden up fine.


      These discussions are helpful https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235032930-eggplant-greypurple/  

      AKAN's eggplant 73166 was much better to my eye as is the light blue 73170 underneath, I ended up weathering with lightening the eggplant with white in stages and then using Dk Ghost Gray for the most faded. 

      The cockpit color, 73069 is perfect although needs just a little lightening for the Su-30/34/35 and a lot more lightening for Su-27s, particularly early ones.


      As for gear, I ended up making a mix and using it on all of them. It's pretty much one of the flanker blues mixed into light gull gray. The gear color looks different in every photo of Flankers but when you see close ups with the light blue body color nearby you can see that the gear and wheel wells are a warmer gray, hence adding a little flanker blue to Light Gull gray. 

      I made some kind of mix and put it in an old Testors bottle and just keep using it.


      Flanker intakes I always painted some kind of aluminum. There are photos out there that show the insides being bare metal, even in the Su-35.


      Good luck!




    4. flybywire


      Thank you very much for your help Paul! I really appreciate it!. I already have several Akan paints in my hobby room but haven't started using on any single modern Russian jet yet for the primary reason that I wasn't sure yet of what's the correct colors/paints to use on those areas I mentioned. 

  4. I'm not an expert in this fighter jet, but isn't it the kit is sitting quite low as the missiles are almost touching the ground on the finished kit shown? Just wondering.....
  5. End of august? Which year? I'll wait for a decent review from any of the rivet-counters or experts here before dipping my finger into it; otherwise I'll stick with my tamigawa.
  6. Hi Niels! There is nothing on the box. I tried the link you gave me but it seems like it is not accepting and sending my message correctly.
  7. Hi! Does anyone know to get in touch with AFV for replacement parts? I didn't check the parts when I received the kit and when I'm about to build it, I found out that one of the main wing section of the lower fuselage half was decapitated, just like a congenital abnormality on human being, the middle section of one of the wings was completely dissolved & missing. Thanks in advance!
  8. That's exactly what happened to me, gruesome flaking and lifting. I don't think I could ever find Duplicolor Van but I could try Truck Primer. Thanks for the tip!
  9. Hi John! Thanks for responding. The answer to your first question is nothing. I just spray the PE fret straight from the box and let it dry overnight and then spray the desired paint on it. So it's given that the paint will really crack after bending it no matter how I do it. I was already thinking that next time around I will bend it to its desired position/angle first before painting it, and here you just confirmed it.
  10. Hi everyone! I just want to know why am I having this problem with the metal primer. I tried spraying Mr. Hobby Metal Primer B-504 on the bare/unpainted photo-etched parts that come with the kit and let it dry for 24 hours and then painted; but when covered or mask with the low-tack tape such as the Tamiya yellow Kabuki tape, some if not all of the paints lifted; also when I tried to bend a certain part of the photo-etched piece, the paint would tend to crack into several pieces. What should I do? Thanks in advance!
  11. Maybe a couple of decades more before we could find the official kit at our LHSs.
  12. Thank you very much bushande!
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