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  1. flybywire

    Question about ACMI pod

    Sorry for stealing this thread. I'm also interested to hook this up in one of my builds, but is there any AM manufacturer who does this?
  2. flybywire

    Russian colour

    What's is your equivalent for the AS1115 Gray (MRP-354), especially enamel?
  3. flybywire

    Kitty Hawk 1:48 Su-34

    Thanks ijozic! Just want to check the feature being encircled with a red mark earlier.
  4. flybywire

    Kitty Hawk 1:48 Su-34

    What do you call those two long cylindrical pods under the wings?
  5. flybywire

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    Are the lights already in clear plastics or still same as that of F-14A?
  6. flybywire

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    AMK is really in big big trouble right now.....
  7. flybywire

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    Are the lights already in clear plastics or still same as that of F-14A?
  8. flybywire

    Aftermarket Ordnance

    Many thanks to you guys for your help! I'll check on those sites you mentioned.
  9. flybywire

    Aftermarket Ordnance

    Hi! Does anyone know of any reputable aftermarket manufacturer for the 1/48 SAIP Pod and AN/ALQ-167? Thanks in advance!
  10. The answer to your question is (D) None of the above, if we will be following the regular multiple choices sequencing in our examination papers. Coz it's just the pin (one of the pins) that is in the wrong location....
  11. Maybe that guy who computed the distance forgot to wear his glasses or contact lens.....
  12. Hi Raptor01! Did you modify its nose cone and how did you do it or you didn't because it looks fine for you? I also have that kit but has been sitting in my stash collecting dust because the nose cone just looks off to me.
  13. flybywire

    Obsession with FS 36170: Who Got It Right?

    That is true. I once tried spraying Gunze lacquer against Model Master enamel of the same FS# and they just don't look the same, I wondered how the hell could this happen!!
  14. flybywire

    1/48 F-105D

    Hi Ben! Thanks for responding. Bare metal or painted silver is no big deal for me. What I meant by bare metal was not the SEA camouflage. Thanks also for providing the links and explaining which is which, that certainly added to my knowledge. But what I was asking was where to buy. I had searched all the on-line shops that I know of but the decals were all gone.