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  1. It's alright. Just raising my own personal opinion and showing support to those who felt the same way as I do on how AMK handled the whole thing.
  2. That's exact;y the point. It's all lies and deceptions. that's why the very moment I felt that's going to happen, I promised I'll never buy this kit and I never did.
  3. Very good points, Hubbie Marsten.
  4. I’ve put together many kits where the parts fit perfectly when dry fit and I went on to apply glue right then. But, if I put the parts together and they don’t mate like I think they should - this had happened to me on several occasions.
  5. I think it's more of lack of quality control and lack of research work.
  6. Many thanks for your response! So, that's why "Red 03" & "Red 10" are specifically included in this late-type kit #4823. I, in fact, bought a KH Su-35 just so I could do an "eggplant" scheme. - We had the same intention in the beginning.....I'll think about if I'm going to sell it.....
  7. Okay. Understood. Thanks for the clarification. I have a follow up question. While looking at the box art on the thread by Haneto, the "eggplant" scheme is included in the painting options for the kit #4823; I thought several peoples had already mentioned that that scheme was suitable only for the prototype version, that's why KH''s kit is a better one to use primarily due to its make-up/configuration. Now since it's included in this upcoming kit, is it suffice to say that that scheme could also be built now on the production versions of the kits which are found on #4820 & 4823?
  8. Hi everyone! I'm not sure if I will be asking the right question and maybe I was just out of the loop; I was wondering if anybody has any idea about the difference/s between G.W.H. Su-35 kits #4820 & the upcoming 4823. Are they completely two different variants or something else? Thanks in advance!
  9. Oh no, here we go again.....another best kit in town again.....another pre-order scheme again.....
  10. Could we surmise that two lines are worse than one?
  11. I wasn't too negative at all. In fact I kept myself in the neutral ground because the only time one can truly tell if it's a fantastic/accurate/best kit or not is when the kit is released, assessed and built, especially by the knowledgeable modelers..
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