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  1. Very good point right there.....
  2. I used to start on 1/72, but when I was convinced to try on 1/48, I never looked back. 😃
  3. Thanks guys for your replies!
  4. Is the Eduard 1/48 Hrabe #11176 really a brand new-tooling from Eduard itself because it says plastic parts: Eduard? Just verifying.
  5. Does this guy take good care of the packaging? Did your kits' boxes come in excellent conditions, if not perfect, and not full of big dents and creases?
  6. I see. So in a span of 1 year, they were able to follow suit with the second version. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that the C version will be out sooner than later. Coz I'm only interested in building the B & C.
  7. Didn't buy the A, waiting for the B & C to come out, now B is almost here.
  8. B is "excellent" enough for me, but C of course is an addition I'm in for at least 2, I'm sure it won't be an over-engineered kit.
  9. As long as it's not going to be another over-engineered kit like the new F-14B, I'm certainly be in for at least 2; and then I need to dispose of my Trumpeter.
  10. I like the first two schemes. The first being the prettiest of the 4, while the second one for east of painting and that I had never done a Malaysian rendition.
  11. Hasegawa calls for FS17875 Insignia White, it's gloss white. This actual picture even shows a pretty good thin vertical line-reflection of the flooring on the gear strut; a flat white surely wouldn't have such kind of reflection.
  12. Alright. Many thanks for the tip!
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