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  1. I agree with you on that point 101%.
  2. Will it also fit the Hasegawa kit?
  3. Yeah so far I still like the Hasegawa's instructions the most!.
  4. "...........As long as you were working with Terry (It is ok to mention the name here, as he is a Chinese and he can change his English all the time.), and he is the one stole our Tomcat design, and sold it to another manufacturer. I don't need to name it, as most of the modelers may see, how come the design is so similar." Does anyone want to share whose design out there is similar to that of AMK's? Just out of curiosity. I'm rally not aware of it. I'm not interested in the person/s, just want to know the brand of the kit.
  5. Maybe he was also fired or did he really resign.... whatever...nah it could just be an optical illusion after all... 👁️
  6. Why not name it right here, right now so that everyone would know rather than leaving everyone guessing and at the same time, to avoid the impression that you're blaming everyone who gives honest opinions and observations as coming from competitor companies.
  7. If the flaps & slats are THE ONLY THINGS to seek in this kit, if this is THE ONLY REASON to buy this kit, then it won't be a hard decision to say that Tamiya still firmly secured the top spot.
  8. AMK went one-notch ahead by using 4-part slide mould process instead of 3-part as mentioned by delide, and still got the shape wrong. Something must be terribly wrong with their QC/procedure.
  9. That's because 300 had been reached or breached .....
  10. Oh that was just the daco drawing and not the Grumman blueprint. My mistake. 😅
  11. So AMK's aft section is wider but closer to the blueprint compared to the Tamiya's if we are to base solely on the measurements given, could we now say that AMK is more accurate with regards to that aspect alone?
  12. This is pure insanity! This is a space-age rendition!
  13. I think I'll just wait for this one since it is the "improved" version and like you mentioned this is a total new mold and a new kit, why settle for less.
  14. Nino, do you think it's prudent to not buy the Kinetic series and just wait for this version? And any idea of the schemes/decals that will be included in this release? But i don't think Su-33 has too many schemes to choose from huh.
  15. You said it right. And not just simply pinpointing "bashers" as always coming from the competitor companies and denying facts as optical illusions and learn to accept mistakes and make improvements out of it and also learn to say apologies rather than shifting to other irrelevant topics, and lastly stop making those b***s*** marketing strategies.
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