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  1. How do you know there are Su-33 kits in there?
  2. from those pictures alone, so far, are they better or worse than Hasegawa?
  3. Initially I was committed to buy this kit when it was announced in 1/48, but after seeing and reading the posts above especially that of Solo, I've decided to pass on this one. One thing or word that Solo mentioned which did struck my subconscious mind is DECENCY. I do not expect a perfect kit from any manufacturer, but when we are almost entering the year 2021, a decent kit is a must for any modeler of any level.
  4. the only thing permament in this world is change.....
  5. Wow Meng has now jumped on the fighter jets bandwagon. I still love the Hasegawa Hornets! They're still the best for me! Let's just hope that the Meng's Hornets turns out to be the "much better" version if not the "perfect" Hornets in its truest definition. Pluggable pylons and optional exterior parts for different blocks are great.
  6. I don't see anything on the website that pertains to the kit. The picture links cannot be downloaded.
  7. Holy cow! I just closed the bay and the problem is solved. When is it going to be released? Are there paint masks already out there in the market or even in the making?
  8. I like to be building this one.....
  9. now that this UB is already on its way to the distributors, let's talk about the release date for the single-seater already...😆
  10. I think Quinta should stick with the standard used. If it's 36231 then it should be 36231. it's doesn't have to be affected by sunlight, contractor, panel shades/effects and fading etc. etc. It's up to the modelers to do the fading and other effects by themselves.
  11. Do you have an FB or any site for that matter where we just go and look for the builds that you probably did for our references?

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    2. jgrease


      Perhaps a FB page? That seems like the easiest way to compile photos for viewing. I know not everyone uses it but I can't think of a better forum for it. Any ideas?



    3. flybywire


      An FB page would be a good idea, but I suggest that you ask fellow modelers for additional suggestions.

    4. jgrease


      I will have to do that. Thanks again!



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