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  1. Oh that one. I've seen it several times already but didn't bother to click on it coz I think it's a completely different webpage. Thanks for the info!
  2. Could you provide the link to this please. All I could find are 48005 for T-38A Talon & 48006 for Polikarpov I-16. Hope they would also make one for F-35C.
  3. The box says "accurate exterior" & "lots of surface details". The questions now are:: 1. Have they toned down the surface details and brought them closer to the real thing as compared to the Hasegawa F-22's "exaggerated" panels? 2. Have they come up with a new or better idea of highlighting the RAM panels in different hue vis-a-vis the airframe background?
  4. Geez, what negative? I was simply trying to tell Vark who tried to help that MM 1424 is not enamel but lacquer and I showed Vark who tried to help proof. Geez.....
  5. Any indicator on the box that it has indeed been corrected without checking the sprues?
  6. It's not enamel. It's lacquer-based. It's right there on the label - Model Master Metalizer Lacquer.
  7. Hi everyone! I need to know if there is any brand/brands in the market that has an ENAMEL (not lacquer nor acrylic) burnt iron shade. if none, what enamel paint could I use to make the closest resemblance of it? Please advise. Thanks in advice!
  8. Which one has a better track record, in terms of accuracy and detail, from the kits they have produced so far?
  9. I'm confused, who is really giving us the F-CK-1, Freedom or AFV??
  10. I'm confused, who is really giving us the F-CK-1, Freedom or AFV??
  11. Hi everyone! Lately I noticed some brown marks or discolorations on some of my flat-finishes jets, some are rounded and some are more dispersed and irregular in shape, found on different areas of the jet. I have tried to remove them by gently brushing it with brushes dipped in tap water, and also by gently scrubbing them with wet rags but to no avail. What exactly are those? How do I get it of it completely? Thanks in advance! I tried to attach pictures here but i just couldn't get it done.