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  1. Are there any reviews on the RoG/ICM MIG-25#3931 yet? Any links please?
  2. Which hobby shops, especially for Su-35? I checked on luckymodel and hobbyeasy but saw nothing.
  3. Any reputable on-line shops that carry those decals that you could recommend?
  4. Where is it????
  5. It's really not there.....
  6. Thanks for the quick response. Hope you'd also consider doing a dedicated "C" sheet sooner than later.
  7. Great! I'd get a couple for my B. Could any of the two be used on the C?
  8. Just counted...I've got 127 1/48 kits still in my stash, so I'm in no hurry to pre-order one right now. I guess by the time I'm on my 127th the regular run of AMK F-14 will be released the following month....
  9. Where did this kit go??? Isn't this supposed to come first before Su-35??
  10. I really don't think it's a good practice to be "telling" customers to pre-order then we will just doesn't sound right.....
  11. Many thanks Helmsman for the tip!
  12. Dark eggplant gray, what would be the closest FS or Gunze lacquer paint to use?
  13. If FS 36170 is the recommended color for the airframe and FS 36231 for the RAM panels, what would it be for the radome, if we're going to base on the picture posted by Crazy Snap Captain?
  14. Oh that one. I've seen it several times already but didn't bother to click on it coz I think it's a completely different webpage. Thanks for the info!
  15. Could you provide the link to this please. All I could find are 48005 for T-38A Talon & 48006 for Polikarpov I-16. Hope they would also make one for F-35C.