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  1. Is the detail -up set sold separately or included in the kit?
  2. +1 Sorry don't know what happened, it just went straight to triple posting.....
  3. Thank you Solo for sharing this review. This one just put the final nail in the coffin on my previous decision not to buy this kit.
  4. Somebody has to do an accurate 1/48 B-21 Raider already.....
  5. Anybody has gotten hold of this kit yet? Care to give or share any actual OOB/BIP reviews?
  6. Hi Andrew! I have already tried google chrome, internet explorer, microsoft edge and moxilla firefox but to avail.
  7. Hi everyone! Need a little help here. To open the Paint4models site, you need to click on the adobe flash player; I'm sure most of you, if not everybody, has received a notice some time that adobe flash player will no longer exist beyond December 2020, so how do I now be able to open this site to see the conversion chart?
  8. What? Sio Models? Are there no other prettier brand name that they could think of?
  9. I think I may have to pass this one ( even if I was drooling when it was first announced) and wait for the improved version of it or maybe China would come up with their branding with much improved rendition.
  10. They still haven't learned their lessons after all these years.......
  11. How do you know there are Su-33 kits in there?
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