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  1. 1/48 Hasegawa F-2A with ASM-3 & AAM-5

    Wow I'm definitely going to get this kit just to kitbash those missiles to dress my F-2A kit up!
  2. I wonder where those indistinct rivets/panel lines are going to? They just seem to disappear into the thin air.....
  3. Scale Model Shops

    Hi! Are there any Taiwanese modeler member on this forum who could recommend one or two largest hobby shops in Taipei. I'll be there in a few months time and will be doing some shopping for some model kits and paints.
  4. Trumpeter and Hobbyboss 2018 catalog

    I just hope that their J-15 will be a complete package with all the parts specific for a J-15 in it and not just most......
  5. YF-23 Black Widow

    Hi! I'd just like to ask if the right color to use for the USAF YF-23 Black Widow ( not the two-shade gray scheme) is really black or is it on the darker gray tone just like one of the manufacturers suggested FS36118? Please advise. Thanks in advance!
  6. F-35B Tail Markings

    Maybe they also wanted to make the identifications as stealthy as possible.....
  7. Hi Martin! How will I be able to get the new Kfir kit with the corrected bombs? I'm planning to buy from Hobbyeasy or HobbySearch.

  8. Hi Sio! How will I be able to get the new Kfir kit with the corrected bombs? I'm planning to buy either from Hobbyeasy or HobbySearch. 

    1. Sio




      Hobbyeasy should have the new Mk82 bomb. You can contact them after we have announcement of new production batches.


      I am not sure Hobbysearch.






    2. flybywire


      Okay I'll wait for your announcement on the forum. Thanks for responding!

  9. AMK 1/48 Kfir New Tool

    PM sent
  10. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

  11. We also need a 1/48 Su-34 from this company. Also 1/48 Su-27...
  12. Redstar Scale Models

    Has Redstar closed shop already? I could not open their webpage and emails keep bouncing back to me.
  13. Hi Gabor! I'm back with the pictures/links I promised earlier. Below are three pictures in different "paint patterns". Please don't mind the jets nor whether it's current or nonoperational because it's going to get us nowhere. There are just for pattern referencing. Let's just concentrate only on the "patterns". I completely understood that only those schemes you showed me will be included in the kit, and I also understood that you just wanted to include the current paint schemes of operational units. The 3 look totally different, right? That's exactly what I meant by "different patterns or schemes". Now my questions are: 1. Are there any other paint "patterns or schemes" that can be seen on the current operational units? If none, then I now understood what you meant by - we are doing the current paint scheme of operational units. And 2. (In relation to my first question) Are there any other paint "patterns or schemes" (referencing from the 3 pictures/links I sent) that can be seen on the current operational units, aside from the standard blue-gray schemes you had shown, that will be included in this release? I really tried my best to explain what I had in mind, I hope that choice of word or terminology is better this time around. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sukhoi_Su-57#/media/File:Sukhoi_T-50_Beltyukov.jpg https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/936066/58-ukraine-air-force-sukhoi-su-27/ http://www.sukhoi.org/eng/gallery/?gallery_id=56&cur_gallery_id=1112
  14. Hahaha let me rephrase my statement a little bit. When I said one paint scheme , I meant exactly the standard blue-gray scheme. Aside from the Bort #s and maybe a little difference in the curves and lines here and there, the birds' eyeview is exactly the same pattern, and not a totally different pattern. I have the feeling that you are going to tell me that the current active Su-35s only sport the schemes ( and there is nothing else out there) that are or will be included in this kit, am I right? If I'm right then I got what you're trying to tell me. If not then I'll link here some pictures from my laptop later on, just for referencing, coz I'm just typing from my cellphone right now.
  15. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Please follow it up with 1/48 Mi-24/35 Mk.3 Super Hind...........
  16. Hi Gabor! Is there really one and only one scheme (decal scheme) that will be provided in this kit?
  17. Kinetic 1/48 J-15 kit

    Okay. Thanks Deino!
  18. Kinetic 1/48 J-15 kit

    Are the exhaust cans supplied in this kit (which is exactly the same as those in the Su-33 kit) correct for the J-15 or is it better if one resorts to kitbashing from the HB J-11 kit?
  19. Moose Republic Decal

    Thank you Paolo & Erik for your inputs!
  20. Moose Republic Decal

    Hi! Has anyone ever tried the Moose Republic Decal? How was it?
  21. chinese J-15 T two seater

  22. chinese J-15 T two seater

    Hi Twong and Ching Kuo! Thanks for the heads-up! I just hope that parts specific for the J-15 will be included and not just a new decal sheet.
  23. Ukrainian Fencer questions?

    Hahaha that's pretty raw ha...
  24. chinese J-15 T two seater

    Sorry to steal this thread a little bit, but what is the best jumpstart kit to use in order to come up with the semblance of J-15, is it Su-33 or J-11? I ask becoz I read somewhere that you need to "steal" or should I say one could use many parts from the existing J-11 kits to build a neat J-15.