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  1. Hi everyone! What is best kit now in the market for the Su-25 in 1/48, in terms of detail and accuracy, aside from Eduard version which is already out of sight? I read about the review on the Revell #5857 and it says that the kit is at the prototype level and not the operational category. Thanks in advance!
  2. Okay. Thank you very much for your inputs! :)
  3. Is the Must Have 1/48 Rafale C any good? Never heard nor tried their kits before. How was it compared to the ROG Rafale #4610/4517?
  4. Whoa that's definitely crashed minus burning situation right there. I think sellers should start taking into consideration the integrity of the kits' boxes for shipment and not making excuses all the time that it's the fault of the post offices or couriers, because the money we paid includes the integrity not only of the contents therein but also the outer shell which is the box itself.
  5. Hi everyone! Just wondering if the RQ-7B Shadow is already operational? If so, what are the BuNos which are active today? I have started building the Academy 1/35 RQ-7B and just want to use the decals (BuNo) which are in operation today. Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks Ken for your response!
  7. Hi Ken! May I know what color did you use for the Platan? Or what is the correct color for it?
  8. Hi! Could anybody gimme the right or closest color to use for the intake truncking (inner portion) and the wheel wells for Su-34 Fullback please. I am aware that they don't have standard colors or FS or anything like that, but even looking at the net pictures, I still could not get a solid decision for it. Does this platan - look painted or is it metallic? The shades of those two look complete different. What color is that? Thanks in advance!
  9. Could you share the kit/box numbers of those italeri & Testors kits?
  10. Are there kits any good? Never heard of the manufacturer.
  11. Many thanks for the insights, Jeffrey.
  12. Sorry if I have missed a few posts but what's the issue/s in the B model?
  13. Are all these issues absent in the Zukei-mura kit?
  14. Hi everyone! Just a problem I'd like to ask when airbrushing Alclad aluminum. I prepared the surface smooth and clean, sprayed a gloss black coat; stirred/shook the Alclad bottle/paint very well, but when sprayed with at around 15 psi, it got a powdery texture and not the typical smooth glossy sheeny paint coat. What could possibly went wrong????? Thanks in advance! Forgot to add, it was a clear sunny day and I was 100% certain that the bottle/paint is not contaminated/adulterated.
  15. Yeah I guess I really have to do the experiment from spare parts from scratch, low vs. high pressure, far vs. near. Thank you all guys for your inputs!
  16. It's a new bottle. Just bought it mainly for the main airframe painting. Indon't think i oversprayed. The moment I saw the desired layer of sheen , I move to the next area.
  17. This is what Alclad says about spraying I guess I'm still within range. - ALCLAD should be sprayed at 12-15psi. Spray from a distance of 2-3 inches from the surface being painted. I guess I'm still within range......
  18. About 3 inches I guess...
  19. I hope it's this scheme both on the boxart and inside...
  20. I wonder where did all those molds and the finished model go.......
  21. Why do you say that? Does their webpage or the box itself indicated the size (L & W) of the final assembled model?
  22. I also want the double-decker/two-seater and any of the single-seater........
  23. 1/48 also for me......
  24. Hi Matin! Is there a 100% chance that you'll go to A & B after this D?

  25. Hi everyone! Just want a little confirmation from the experts if the inside nozzle color of this jet is really Humbrol 103 cream (read from a few articles) or any cream for that matter, or this is already an old school? Please advise. Thanks in advance!