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  1. Hi! Has anyone build the Meng 1/48 EA-18G Growler yet? Any reactions? How was the accuracy of the airframe and external features compared to the Hasegawa's?
  2. Could any expert here share a little info on the additions/changes of this EX particularly on the exterior?
  3. You're right, the lower part of the windshield is really thick, based on the picture/link you have provided.
  4. I'll have to wait for a proper review again (just like Su-57) before pulling out my wallet.
  5. I've been wanting to have this kit in 1/48 as much as I wanted the Su-57, but didn't proceed in buying the latter upon learning that final product was "too empty"; I hope this one will not end up on that same criticism.
  6. Thanks everyone! Everything now is crystal clear!
  7. Hi! Could somebody please explain the possible differences between the long-released Hasegawa 1/72 SR-71 with D-21B kit #2041 and the upcoming #2395. The upcoming is an A version with GTD-21B drone, how is the airframe different from other versions, and how is D-drone different from a GTD one?
  8. Could somebody please give the basic difference/s between Su-30SM & Su-30MK, at least on their airframes.
  9. Which one do you guys think will be better, Minibase or this one?
  10. Has anybody actually built the E/F hornet versions from Meng yet? Is it really the best there is now in the market, in all aspects of the kit I mean, compared to Hasegawa? I asked because I'm contemplating of buying their upcoming Growler.
  11. I was looking at this picture from Hobby Search - https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10637481 and then I compared it to the first post from this thread and then saw that everything was the same even the description and the kit # and my mind started playing tricks on me. Also there was also mention by you that it will be released soon, so I thought howcome this soon-to-be-released kit has all the same details as the earlier released one. What I missed were the finer details about the date of the first post and the released date on Hobby Search, there I got all the dots connected. It was my carelessness
  12. Hi! Which is the better or best 1/48 A-10 in the market, is it the Italeri or Hobby Boss? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi Haneto! You're going to have the same kit # - L4823 as the previous release? Why not change the number as this could create confusion for some if not all of the buyers especially the newbies, since this is a new kit and not a re-release? I mean they might be clicking on the earlier release on certain on-line shops without knowing it. Hope I'm not intruding something. Just asking.
  14. I was about to ask my next question but Ben already provided the answer even before I was able to type my first letter - If Tamiya produces an F-4C/D, it will surely be a bit better than the beautiful Zoukei-Mura short-nose F-4s (because of their minor aft fuselage shape issues) as well as the Academy F-4C/D.
  15. Does almost all, if not everybody think that the Tamiya F-4s are much much better, in overall aspects, than the Hasegawa's?
  16. I thought they are shying away from single-engine jets??
  17. Many thanks Niels for confirming that!
  18. Hi everyone! I'd just like to get confirmation from expert modelers or fighter jet airmen if this new kit is just a science fiction rendition or does it represent real USAF squadron? The instructions says Virginia ANG 192nd FW Commander Aircraft, I assume it must be coming from a real & existing squadron, am I correct? Thanks in advance!
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