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  1. I've picked up a few blacks. Flat black and tyre rubber to name a few. I will definitely look up some Blackhawks. Thanks!
  2. Good to know, guys. I was going to use it as a final finish on my black MIG 28 because I've heard it's gloss but not so gloss. I think I may try a satin clear instead since I have no experience with it yet.
  3. Chuck, Can I ask what the "Chuck" treatment is? Is it just like a Tamiya Panel Line Accent or do you have a different process? Also do you apply this treatment directly to the model or do you coat it with something first? Asking for a friend!
  4. Great tips guys. I'm almost ready to paint. Still not 100% sure which approach I'm going to take but I will be sure to keep you all in the loop. (Puns slightly intended). My anxiety was going into overdrive about this build especially because it's going to be a gift for my nephew but then I realized... It's black! Even if the weathering doesn't show up it's still going to be black. So I'm a lot more relaxed now.
  5. I was going to make a post about Future and then I came across this. Is clear coating with Future/Pledge still a thing? If so do you guys do it before decals/weathering or after or both? I have read where people use a clear before decals and then Future as a final coat and there are people that are straying from Future altogether. Others swear by it. Opinions?
  6. LOL As seen here! OK All black it is! Thanks guys. -Zombiel
  7. Hi Chuck, Quick question. Are you doing the US Navy Aggressor version in your first pic or are you doing the actual movie version as far as the final paint job goes? Also, your work is paramount! (See what I did there? 😏 ) -Zombiel
  8. Hello gang, I'm in the process of building a Mig 28 and in doing my research for the paint job I watched the opening scene from the movie because they show some really good close up shots of the Mig. Is it just me or does it look like the bottom is painted a light grey or a light flat black on these shots? I guess it could be the way the light is hitting it but the whole front from the intake to the nose looks like a very distinct difference in paint and not just lighting. What do you guys think? -Zombiel
  9. WOW! That IS a fantastic build! I'll check out the vid today. It looks like it's going to be very informative. Thanks JackMan -Zombiel
  10. Hey crew, Been lurking here for quite a looong time but I do believe this is my first post. I have been building on and off since I was a kid but over the past 10 year I think I've only done about 3 or 4 kits. I recently finally got my hands on an airbrush and I'm thinking of getting back into the hobby on a much more regular basis. I am currently working on an Italeri 1/48 F-5E Tiger II and I'm looking to paint it in the MIG 28 movie scheme. I'm going to use Tamiya X-1 Black for the overall colour because I don't want it too too glossy and I'm sure it will get shinier with a coat of Future. My question to all the experts: does anyone have any tips on how to weather a black aircraft? I have never actually done weathering before and after scouring the internets to try and find some sort of trick I came up short. All I get are results for black basing vs pre-shading. I must be typing something wrong because I'm sure somebody somewhere has weathered black aircraft. I was thinking of pre-shading with flat black, spraying with black, a coat of Future, then again with a flat black panel wash. Like I said though this is my first attempt at weathering so I don't know if that will even work. If anyone has any ideas I would LOVE to hear them! I have been following chuck540z3's F-5 build but he's not at the point of painting/weathering yet. I can't wait to see how his turns out! This is basically exactly the look I'm going for... I know this pic is a simulation but I really love how this is weathered and would like to try and replicate it as best I can. Any help would be greatly appreciated! -Zombiel
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