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  1. I can see my photo above. It may be because my google account was used from Firefox which I'm using currently. When I login thru Chrome I don't see it ?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  2. This one? I know it's not a model but it is one from my flickr.
  3. I thought I would try an image from my Google photos. Copied the photo the pasted it here:
  4. Nice SLUF! a couple of questions for you. The yellow stripes on the mark 82s. Are they decals or painted on? If painted what did you do to create the masks? Also did you simulate the thermal protection on the bomb bodies? I am working on an A-7E from my last fleet squadron and don't want to use the decals for the bombs. Alan
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. It looks like the T an J is the way I'll have to go.
  6. I am looking to build an AH-1T that I had worked on at VX-5 in China Lake a long time ago in something other than 1/72. I found some on ebay by MRC. Does anyone know the quality of these kits? How easy would it be to convet the nose to one without the camera(?) above the gun? We didn't have that yet in 1979/80. Alan
  7. This is something I've been considering. http://www.pulsarprofx.com/decalpro/
  8. With the vinyl that Silhouette supplies, when you are ready to cut you tell the software what type of material and it recommends a cutting depth. You also don't need the backing board with their rolled vinyl.
  9. Thanks Richard. I heard that you could use the Tamiya in it but I didn't have any and wanted to try it. Do you just stick the tape to the back side of the feed board and let it go to town? David. Yes I would recommend it if yo pan on using it They cost about $160 I think. My wife got hers as a present from her son.
  10. For a while now I've been wanting to build a 1/48 scale Phantom from VF-111 when it was with CAG 19 on the Roosevelt's last cruise. Mhaz from Vagabond models will be coming out with a decal sheet someday but I wanted to move forward so I was contemplating options. I could attempt to print my own decal for the tail which was a major challenge to get the artwork perfect. The other option I was considering was printing out line art of the tail and cut masks out of tape or on frisket and cut it out by hand. I did a search for frisket on the forums here and saw quite a few topics. One post that c
  11. Thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to using it on my Academy N bird.
  12. I've completed my AV-8A with the Caracal VMA-231 onboard CV-42. Pics here : in The Display Case. This set was a pleasure to work with. The decals wanted to wrap around every little bit of detail like the raised panel lines Alan
  13. Here is my Harrier that I recently completed. It has the VMA-231 markings from the last cruise of the USS FDR CV-42. It is the first of my attempt at a 48th scale collection of the last air wing of the Rosie. Next will be a VF-111 F-4N. Hopefully Vagabond decals will have that sheet out before I'm done. Enjoy.
  14. That explains it. I thought maybe you found an uber small brush and major magnifying glasses! Thanks
  15. Looks sweet. :thumbsup:/> I'm just starting mine. How did you get the dial faces painted like that ? :huh:/>
  16. You're welcome. And yes the sheet is correct and AWESOME! Once I get done I'll post some pics.
  17. As I was putting on the VMA-231 USS Roosevelt decals on my Harrier I was getting ready to place the tail letters on and double checked placement with my cruise book against the instruction book and found a discrepancy. I also looked here on ARC and found the draft shots that were posted. Here is a scan of the instruction sheet: Notice the NM. And now a scan from my cruise book: .\ Notice the direction of the NM? The earlier posts with the sheet draft had the opposite side of the plane shown with the proper alignment of the NM. Just a heads up. Alan
  18. :woo:/>:yahoo:/> Now I need to find a kit
  19. Thanks guys. Where can I get the Techmod stuff here in Cali?
  20. Does anyone have any idea where I can find a 1/48 decal sheet for this kit? I got this kit as a gift. It's the 1994 box. The decal sheet that comes with it is completely shot. Touch it and it turns to dust.. I found an Aries update kit that looks cool but without good decals I don't know if I want to spend $70 for it. Alan
  21. I am planning to build one or two that represent birds that were in one of the airwings I was in. VF-24 and VF-211 both from CAG 9 on the Constellation in '78-'79.
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