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  1. Very kewl! Your mom does nice work! -Gregg
  2. Very scary! Could have easily been much worse! Luckily no one on board or on the ground was hurt! -Gregg
  3. That could be, we'll see if CVW-17 follows suit since it has two F squadrons (VFA-22 &-94) as well. -Gregg
  4. First image I've seen of VFA-211's new Echo... >>> Click <<< -Gregg
  5. Not sure as to why but I believe it was suppose to start late last year ... -Gregg
  6. VFA-211 is/has transitioning into Echos ... -Gregg
  7. I've read that VFA-204 may transition to F-16s ... -Gregg
  8. Things should be sorted out by 2120 ... I think .... -Gregg
  9. Wow, fantastic builds, Tracy ! That KS for sharing those... -Gregg
  10. So, does this mean the Marines will be adopting the U of Hawaii's mascot namesake? -Gregg
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