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  1. ... and apparently he's a Pez dispenser ... -Gregg
  2. Schweet! I hadn't seen this scheme before, came across it on Pintrest. -Gregg
  3. Darren, sorry to hear about SB but understandable when priorities shift or change. I like how you've made products that were mostly overlooked and helped fill a void. Best wishes on a safe and hectic free move. -Gregg
  4. Thank You Mister Stratton. Fair winds and following seas ... -Gregg
  5. Ripper 100 seems to have the same demarcation line on its nose cone as well . Hadn't noticed that until you pointed it out Collin, good catch! -Gregh
  6. Beautiful work! Open sky yet you conveyed speed very well... -Gregg
  7. Looks Aussie to me, look at the vertical stabs paint. Do Canadian hornets fly with ASRAAMs? -Gregg
  8. It was, I seen the above Tomcat at the 85 Miramar airshow in the VF-51/-111 hanger ... -Gregg
  9. I guess i should have stipulated that building said models and selling them are your main/additional source of income. If you build the chairs as your main or additional source of income, you're a professional furniture maker ... -Gregg
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