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  1. GreyGhost

    J*A*G TV Show Fans ...Rabb is Back....

    Wonder what their call signs are now ... -Gregg
  2. GreyGhost

    The 93rd FS 'Makos' at Lakenheath

    Beautiful as always Gary! Love'n that D-Day marked Strike Eagle! Thanks for sharing Sir! -Grehg
  3. GreyGhost

    J*A*G TV Show Fans ...Rabb is Back....

    Season 10, episodes 23 & 24... -Gregg
  4. "All good things ..." FB is also in the beginnings of a death spiral now. -Gregg
  5. Preparing for possible combat missions? That D-Backs show bird is Sharp! -Gregg
  6. GreyGhost

    Best early Eagle kit for the new 1/48 Caracal sheet?

    Your post reminded me that I had built a 1:100th early Eagle with the squared wingtips. I want to say it was Entex but I'm really not sure. It was a wheels up only build, the bay doors were molded in place and it had a stand. >>> I believe this might be the kit <<< -Gregg
  7. GreyGhost

    Super Hornet mission question

    They seem to be pretty much interchangeable. I believe Foxtrots may get more SHARPs pod missions but I don't think exclusively from Echos. -Gregg
  8. GreyGhost

    Russian AEROFLOT On Fire... 13 killed.

    Oh gosh! My thoughts and prayers to all involved... -Gregg
  9. GreyGhost

    F-35 news roundup

    Another angle of the canted pylons: I'm a little surprised it wasn't noticed before ... -Gregg
  10. GreyGhost

    F-13 Superfortress references

    D'oh, wrong thread... Thanks for the heads up ... -Gregg
  11. GreyGhost

    Best early Eagle kit for the new 1/48 Caracal sheet?

    As can be seen, the wing still had curve to it with the squared tips. -Gregg
  12. GreyGhost

    Northrop N-9M crash.

    Thoughts & prayers for the pilot and his family... -Gregg
  13. GreyGhost

    VFA-151 2002 Constellation Deployment Photos

    I wish I found more for you but there seemed to be a lack of photos from that particular cruise. There are a few more photos of VFA-137 though. I went into the "Aircraft" album, selected the "First Page" and worked my way forward selecting "Previous". -Gregg