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  1. Quite a few GUNS were swinging in that innings Were the winds GUSTY, I TRUST, at least a bit STIFF!
  2. Family went to the St Louis Air Show yesterday, great time! All flying: B-17, Supermarine Spitfire, P-51C, F4U Corsair, B-25, B-26 Matt Yonkin EA-18G X 2 MC-130J Aero Shell Texans F-22 Boeing T-X (1st ever airshow appearance) Red Arrows Blue Angels -Gregg
  3. Ironically, George Lucas wanted the Star Wars battle scenes to be reminiscent of WWII eta movie dogfight scenes. Full circle? -Gregg
  4. Because Lockheed won with the YF-22, a far uglier design than the YF-23 maybe? -Gregg
  5. Just an FYI, here in the US, you can make Amazon returns at your local Kohl's stores. Should be quicker to get a satisfactory solution! -Gregg
  6. Green Knights F-35Bs getting weathered at sea... (Sort of.) -Gregg
  7. Schweet BLACKSHEEP Bird! -Gregg
  8. >>> Clicky <<< I remember seeing the YF-17 perform at the 1977 or 78 NAS Pt Mugu airshow and being touted as the F-18 demonstrator. -Gregg
  9. Yeah, that's some intricate mill work in full scale, must be really difficult in 1/48 Darren! I'll bump up the thread for you👍 -Gregg
  10. We've discussed this I believe in the F/A-18 thread in the Research Forum. I think Nikko, a Super Hornet maintainer with -213 had said the engines with both old and new style feathers was because they'd replace them as necessary and new engines have just the new style notched feathers. There are quite a few photos on the navy site showing engines with both styles on the same engines, it does make for an interesting detail on models! -Gregg
  11. Rest in Peace, Sir. -Gregg P.S. Andrew, thank you for keeping us in the loop.
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