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  1. Beautiful work, Sascha! Your work has both a modern and retro feel to it, love your medium of choice! -Gregg
  2. Sure, there were many units that flew A-4E/Fs in the Adversary role. TOPGUN, VF-43, -45, -126, -127 to name a few. Lots of great schemes too! -Gregg
  3. "Here there be Pirates!" Excellent job on Victory 102, Michael ! -Gregg
  4. They look nice, thanks for the head's up Curt! >>> Link <<< -Gregg
  5. Fantastic Scooter, Nige! -Gregg
  6. Wow, that's just goofy! Here's info about the latest BD release: >>> Click <<< Apparently it only has Spanish subs ... -Gregg
  7. Wow, looks fabulous Shawn! -Gregg
  8. Fat Albert arrived a couple of weeks ago... -Gregg
  9. Top Gun Maverick I believe, has been pushed back to July, 2021 now ... -Gregg
  10. The EX has the outer wing stations, GE F110 engines, new cockpit displays, new AAM racks. Probably more external differences than I pointed out also... -Gregg
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