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  1. NATO codename: FELON. -Gregg
  2. Where's the Ring doorbell cam footage of your Tomcats being delivered? 😘😍😍😍😍😘😏😄😁 -Gregg I don't know why all those emoticons showed up, I just used the first "shrug" one!
  3. My prayers and condolences Wayne. Dean reached out to me a few years ago to help him post photos of some of his models on these forums... I'll miss him on here ... -Gregg
  4. HA HA! And they ask you to comeback just as you are! -Gregg
  5. Welcome Aboard Nick! Thank you for Service . -Gregg
  6. Wow, Beautiful models! Wonderful show report! Thank you for sharing ! -Gregg
  7. Could this be a difference between a rebuild F-14D and a new build F-14D? -Gregg
  8. Here's a fairly clean Growler (yes I said that!) ... -Gregg
  9. Beautiful work Dave! -Gregg
  10. >>> Clicky <<< Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the Stingers earliest photos. HTH... -Gregg
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