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  1. Beautiful Scooter! Love the whole scene... Really, nicely done..! -Gregg
  2. Fantastic as usual Manuel! I love the look of Tomcats with dual Sidewinder rails... -Gregg
  3. Okay Marc, How about this sheet? >>> Click <<< Or this? >>> Click <<< Or this one? >>> Click <<< HTH ... -Gregg
  4. Yes, VFA-103 now carry the "Bones" . in 1995, VF-103 Sluggers took on the moniker of the Jolly Rogers after VF-84 was disestablished. -Gregg
  5. VF-61 was the previous name holder of "Jolly Rogers", when they were decommissioned, VF-84 "Vagabonds" took up the name and traditions of the Jolly Rogers. They had the stripes on their aircraft, the yellow bands with black chevrons called "Vagabond Stripes". The squadron carried those over to their new identity. The color switch was probably just the squadron making them their own ... HTHs ... -Gregg
  6. GreyGhost


    I remember seeing a VX-4 F-14A+ at NAS Pt. Mugu in 1988 with the bomb racks and inert Mk82s hanging from them. -Gregg
  7. I came across this on Pinterest, I don't know if it helps but there it is ... -Gregg
  8. VF-84 flew F-4Ns also just before switching to Tomcats ... -Gregg
  9. Nicely done, Shawn ! -Gregg
  10. GreyGhost


    I've seen some folks combine the Monogram F-20 & F-5F to create Tigershark Family Truckster models... -Gregg
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