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  1. Thank You Alexander ..! Still on the mend but getting better ...! -Gregg
  2. Awesome shots Collin, I love how #700 had the squadron markings on the wing pylon also ... Love them Hoover's ..! Thank you Andy ... Ill be trying to get more Navy Pics posted ... 👍😎 Much appreciated ... -Gregg
  3. Sorry for the absence Folks ... Been going through some health issues ... (All photos: US Navy) -Gregg
  4. An excellent view for bird watching ..! -Gregg
  5. This is sort of the modeler's "There I was ..." ... Some good stories here that I've committed some as well ... -Gregg
  6. Thank you Geoff and Gene ... (All photos: US Navy) -Gregg
  7. Wow, very beautiful piece John ..! I feel fortunate that I saw the Canadian Air Force 409 Squadron fly a four ship demo in 1982 at March AFB ... Only time I got the chance to see Voodoos fly ... -Gregg
  8. Great googly moogly ..! 😳? More evidence, Gwen ..! As to Fruity Pebbles, yes, very similar to Froot Loops but crispy rice instead of "O's" ... -Gregg
  9. The Dark Star was a re-skinned Blue Angels #6 also ... -Gregg
  10. Oh definitely Gwen ... 👽 There is a new helmet cuing system coming along soon but I don't know if its going to look much different ... Boy that Pooch sure wants that Frisbee ...! 🤡😳 -Gregg
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