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  1. Nice find Niels ... Love the look of Harpoons on Hornets ... I'm not a FB member and I was able to view the pics just fine ... -Gregg
  2. (All photos US Navy) Interesting load out on the Growler ... -Gregg
  3. Great shots 11bee ..! That PBY looks like a speckled egg ..! -Gregg
  4. Schweet ..! Really nice paint work Jon! Love those Roadrunners ! "Beep Beep!" -Gregg
  5. Diiggen' that Viggen ..! Always a pleasure to see your work, Janne ..! -Gregg
  6. Nice work Shawn ..! -Gregg
  7. Just going by the box art, it seems to be influenced by the Hasegawa kit with heavy emphasis on the raised serrated edges ... -Gregg
  8. Thanks Stalal, yes the Marines still have a few Harrier squadrons left. That Blacksheep photo above was just from last week !. -Gregg
  9. What may be your "run of the mill" might be someone else's "ah-ha" piece of information... I don't repost every photo from the navy site just for the sake of it, I try to select pictures that show a detail or more that is not always seen... Sometimes its just the dirt and grime or shoe scuffs on the wings, etc ... Other photos, it's the environment, the crew, etc ... Just look at the way the AESA radar seems to affect the radome coating on the Super Hornets, they seem to darken the radome and there's a fairly clear demarcation line yet I haven't seen any modeler depic
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