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  1. I think it looks sharp! Here's a link to an article with a couple of more shots... >>> Clicky <<< -Gregg
  2. If I head up to the St Louis area anytime soon, I'll drop by Mark Twain Hobbies. We've had a Hobby Lobby near us for about 3 years now so its handy for certain supplies, etc ... -Gregg
  3. An F-35A stumbled the other day ... -Gregg
  4. A trend I've noticed of late is the removal of the pylons at stations 4 & 8. -Gregg
  5. Note the further Rhino has the IRST equipped centerline tank. -Gregg
  6. It doesn't appear to be a pixelated form of any of their previous tail logos. Maybe it is just random? -Gregg
  7. The pixelated tail of the Warhawks CAG jet looks like something from a Mattel Intellivision video game circa 1980! - Gregg
  8. She put Soul back in the Del Sol ! -Gregg
  9. Not an all black Super Hornet, this did last for a short time back in 04-05... >>> Clicky <<< -Gregg
  10. Beautiful Hornet, Eric! Really nice paint, weathering and finish ... -Gregg
  11. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... I think the Super Hornet has some beautiful lines ... -Gregg
  12. Glad the driver got out OK ... -Gregg
  13. Prayers for her family, friends & colleagues ... -Gregg
  14. If you go with just two Sparrows and a centerline tank, load them in the rear wells. -Gregg
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