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  1. So the Marines demands for STOVL for the JSF program makes for major design compromises and additional costs on the F-35 as a whole and now due to a restructuring of the Corps, they don't want it any longer? -Gregg
  2. Hey, my surname is Irons, I have nothing to do with crossing growlers and such! I'm offended ... -Gregg
  3. Funny story... Ironically, that "coal burning" F-4 is faster than a F-22... -Gregg
  4. Awesome shots of CAG9 A+ Tomcats! Thanks Whiskey! -Gtegg
  5. Mr Whipple is my Copilot ... Stay Safe Steve!!! -Gregg
  6. I hope this link helps you out: >>> Prime Portal Hornet/Super Hornet Pages <<< >>> Another Walk around <<< >>> Here's Another <<< >>> Most Helpful? <<< -Gregg
  7. Terry, you and yours have my prayers and sympathies. -Gregg
  8. From late last season: #5 jet. #5 jet has it, #6 appears to not have it ... -Gregg
  9. Anyone ever notice the yellow band across the aft belly of the Blues before? I've never noticed it before. -Gregg
  10. He did have an advantage facing the Leafs since he has practices with them. All in all, really cool though! -Gtegg
  11. Beautiful Spook and setting! -Gregg
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