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  1. GreyGhost

    I sniff glue

    Glue? That's for wimps, I've heard that people are now addicted to RAID, the bug killing POISON! What the heck is wrong with people? -Gregg
  2. Updated formation lights designed to also work with night vision goggles. -Gregg
  3. GreyGhost

    Top Gun 2 Production begins

    From >>> here <<< Section N7 So TOPGUN still exists today -Gregg
  4. Excellent job on Blue Jet #4 John! -Gregg
  5. GreyGhost

    Monogram F-14 Adversary

    I concur! Schweet build! -Gregg
  6. GreyGhost

    Searching for a persons phone number. WTD?

    This may sound old fashioned, since you have their address write a letter explaining the situation with your phone number, etc . . HtH -Gregg
  7. GreyGhost

    Top Gun 2 Production begins

    >>> Clicky <<< -Gregg
  8. GreyGhost

    Exercise Cobra Warrior 2018

    Excellent photos as always Gary, thank you for sharing them! -Gregg
  9. GreyGhost

    F-15SA unique features

    Yes, those stations will be present on the QA as well. -Gregg
  10. GreyGhost


    Very nice! Excellent job on the paint and finish. -Gregg
  11. GreyGhost

    R.I.P. David Hannant

    Sad to see ... Rest in Peace, Mister Hannant. -Gregg
  12. Yup, saved some just for that purpose ... Fine here, hope all is well with you to my friend .... -Gregg
  13. GreyGhost

    Coming soon to a carrier deck near you

    That's going away in the KC-46 ... -Gregg
  14. Enjoyed! Those are some fantastic photos. Thanks for the links Holmes. -Gregg
  15. GreyGhost

    Gun Camera photos from World War II.

    Very true. Thanks for the link, Holmes... -Gregg