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    Wow, lots of beautiful models! Thanks for sharing the photos... -Gregg
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Clif/Jinxter13

    Happy -=B=- Day Clif! Miss having conversations with you and reading your funny posts on here ... -Gregg
  3. The Last Jedi

    The Han Solo movie is in post production now for release next year. I'm not a big fan of TFA and I loathe JJ getting Ep9 but I'll still watch it ... There is talk of an Obi Wan Kenobi stand alone movie coming some time after Ep9... -Gregg PS Really liked Rogue One
  4. The Last Jedi

    Disney spent more than 4billion to aquire Lucasfilm, did anyone think they weren't going to try to recoup that money spent? Who says they're going to stick to just 9 Skywalker Saga episodes also? They have thrown out large portions of the EU already to allow their vision of the SW universe plays out ... -Gregg
  5. The Last Jedi

    Disney isn't the problem, Kathleen Kennedy is ... -Gregg
  6. Rest in Peace, Charlie T. Jnr. . "Maybe somewhere down the road aways You'll think of me, wonder where I am these days Maybe somewhere down the road when somebody plays Purple haze" -Gregg
  7. Star Trek: Discovery

    Im enjoying The Orville so far. The amount of humor in it I feel, is good, I'm glad it's not a full blown comedy. One of the former Star Trek:TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise EPs, Brannon Braga is EPing Orville ... As for ST:Discovery, it's not going to get me to subscribe to CBS as ... -Gregg
  8. Star Trek: Discovery

    I think it's sad that I enjoyed The Orville more ... -Gregg
  9. Tragedy in Terracina, Rome

    Terrible ... My prayers to the pilot's family and friends ... It reminded me of the F/A-18 crash at the 1988 El Toro show crash, the pilot did survive that crash though and had to suffer through many surgeries in the years that followed. I believe he recently died ... -Gregg
  10. NFL 2017

    I agree, the game is so watered down now too ... -Gregg
  11. 1/32 Scale Trumpeter A-4E Scooter

    Beautiful Scooter, Joel! love your choice of markings... Congrats on an excellent build... A-4s 4-Ever! -Gregg
  12. Any Ma.K fans here?

    A live action Robotech movie is in pre/production .... -Gregg
  13. PAK FA

    Is it true that the production model is to be designated Su-57 ? -Gregg
  14. Vlado Lenoch killed in P-51 crash

    Sad to read ... May they both Rest and n Peace ... -Gregg
  15. Steel Beach preproduction F-14 set

    Looking really nice, Darren... some oft-overlooked early Tomcats can be done accurately soon ... 👍 -Gregg