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  1. Its VFA-211's radio call sign. Each squadron has one, like -103 is Victory, -105 is Canyon, etc... -Gregg
  2. Yes, great shot shion! Shows the staining on the upper surfaces very well! -Gregg
  3. I hope LOKI doesn't mess with it! -Gregg
  4. >>> VA-46 Sea forces page <<< Scroll down to see the aircraft you're building, it appears at least twice. It appears to be FS 36320 to me also. HTH, -Gregg
  5. Glad to have you here, John! That's some beautiful artwork! -Gregg
  6. I know all three of the then El Toro based A-4M squadrons(VMA-211, -214 & -311) would do CQ from time to time in the 80s. -Gregg
  7. Excellent and imaginative work Shawn! Nice to see the diversity of subjects... Happy New Year! -Gregg
  8. Having grown up in Southern California, I know how devastating brushfires can be! My thoughts and prayers are with everyone Down Under. Stay safe ... -Gregg
  9. >>> Go Navy <<< Both Sea Forces and Go Navy should be helpful ... -Gregg
  10. I think the next one should be called "Carbon Eagle" ... -Gregg
  11. May everyone have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! -Gregg
  12. Looks like they did four F-15s... I'm not positive but I think you're right about the unit Fred. -Gregg
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