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  1. GreyGhost

    Dora9/Andre Dorian Passed away

    My sympathies and prayers. Rest in Peace ... -Gregg
  2. GreyGhost

    US B-1 Lancer flight and afterburner.

    Awesome video, thanks for linking it up Holmes! -Gregg
  3. GreyGhost

    Lucked Out

    Serendipity! -Gregg
  4. GreyGhost

    TELFORD(UK) IPMS Show 2018.

    Thanks for sharing the link Holmes! Some beautiful models there as usual. Sorry you couldn't attend this year. -Gregg
  5. GreyGhost

    Sad day in the Marvel universe.

    Rest in Peace, Stan and thank you for your service... Excelsior! -Gregg
  6. GreyGhost

    Italeri 1/72 Top Gun F-14 and A-4 set

    I remember seeing "Iceman's" tomcat in the VF-51/VF-111 hanger during the 1985 NAS Miramar airshow and asking a young sailor what was up with the Fist of the Fleet badge on the tail, his response was: "They're shooting some movie ..." -Gregg
  7. GreyGhost

    F-18 Landing Gear Retraction Sequence

    Maybe this might help? >>> Super Hornet MLG rotation <<< Although its a Super, the sequence is probably very similar. -Gregg
  8. GreyGhost

    1/350 Enterprise Tonkin Gulf 1967-1969

    Nice work on your Big E so far! -Gregg
  9. GreyGhost

    F-15C as bombing platform?

    I have a McAir poster that has an F-15C on the top half with the caption: " Shoots down what's up..." The lower half has an F-15E prototype with the continuing caption: "... blows up what's down!" -Gregg
  10. GreyGhost

    Italeri 1/72 Top Gun F-14 and A-4 set

    If I remember correctly, Scale-Master did the original Testors Top Gun kits decal sheets. -Gregg
  11. GreyGhost

    ready made cockpits

    Some people like to do a paint by numbers kit while others want to look at a blank canvas and paint what they feel. To each their own. I agree with what Bill posted right above! -Gregg
  12. VFA-136's namesake is The Knighthawks. Cool scheme! -Gregg
  13. I believe it said something about the Air Boss and the two LSOs were held responsible for the incident. I remember reading about it in the newspaper back when it happened but never seen the video until now. -Gregg
  14. GreyGhost

    Difference between ligth and dark ghost grey

    You can take Murph's word as gospel, he's a former Eagle Driver. -Gregg
  15. GreyGhost

    Pax River TPS T-38A Finished

    Excellent build Collin! Great choice of subject also. -Gregg