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  1. Sweet Jugs ... errr, Jug... , yeah, Jug! -Gregg
  2. Thanks Murph. Those of us that don't know don't know what we don't know! -Gregg
  3. GreyGhost

    Aim 260

    True, has the AIM-120's range increased through it's generational improvements though its size hasn't increased? I guess its mostly done through motor and fuel advancements. Maybe even warhead improvement also. -Gregg
  4. Sweet Photo Spook! Phantastic Phinish! Love those Fujimi Phantoms! -Gregg
  5. There will be a few Marine F-35C squadrons to fulfill Marine Carrier Air Wing duties. -Gregg
  6. My friend was onboard Connie in the late 80s during the fire she sustained. According to him, the ship was never the same again, warped decks, lots of doors that would not shut properly, persistant mechanical and plumbing problems, etc. I doubt they'd ever drag her back into service. -Gregg
  7. No, they wouldn't but when said aircraft comes up for repaint and they're at sea, chances are its going to be a less colorful scheme. I guess I just haven't worded myself clearly, sorry. -Gregg
  8. Yes, I realize that Dave , I just meant that maybe the Jolly Rogers' may have repainted their CAG jet in more subdued markings compared to the recent Anniversary markings due to possible combat ... -Gregg
  9. D'oh, I confused it with the -27 markings! It seems there's less formality these days on some of this stuff. -Gregg
  10. Yes but its a single seat jet with DCAG on left and CAG on the right. -Gregg
  11. Just a guess but the CAG might be a WSO . -Gregg
  12. Wow, great stuff Holmes! Thanks for sharing the links! I've saved them! -Gregg
  13. The only times Hornets have worn LGG over white was special schemes like during the 100 Anniversary of Naval Flight, etc... -Gregg
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