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  1. She put Soul back in the Del Sol ! -Gregg
  2. Not an all black Super Hornet, this did last for a short time back in 04-05... >>> Clicky <<< -Gregg
  3. Beautiful Hornet, Eric! Really nice paint, weathering and finish ... -Gregg
  4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... I think the Super Hornet has some beautiful lines ... -Gregg
  5. Glad the driver got out OK ... -Gregg
  6. Prayers for her family, friends & colleagues ... -Gregg
  7. If you go with just two Sparrows and a centerline tank, load them in the rear wells. -Gregg
  8. Interesting markings on Gypsy 132 ... -Gregg
  9. The NAS Miramar shows used to do a mock dogfight between a VF-124 Tomcat and a TOPGUN F-5 back in the 80s. Change to the Blues and T-Birds shows are coming in the form of shorter shows. As for the Blue Rhino, I like it but like Darren and others have said, I would have liked a bit of change to the livery. Hopefully a 75th Anniversary logo of some sort will be added for next season. -Gregg
  10. I came across this photo on Pinterest, hope it helps ... >>> Clicky <<< -Gregg
  11. Who Wants To Live Forever by Queen Angel by The Corrs The Launch/Cool The Engines by Boston Amazing Grace performed by Brother -Gregg
  12. You don't see allot of love for VF-24, -211, -74 or -142 in their A+ markings ... I think they all look great... -Gtegg
  13. I have a VHS copy of Touch the Sky as well as Skyhawks to Hornets: a Blue Angels Transition! -Gregg
  14. I believe the only external difference the TA-4Js had was the addition of the parabrake housing. -Gregg
  15. Most shows scheduled thru midsummer are most likely going to be cancelled if they haven't already been. Maybe some later season shows can still be held ... -Gregg
  16. 480 gallons down to 330 gallons. Don't forget, Block III Upgrade gets conformal fuel tanks. -Gregg
  17. VMFA-134 Smoke was still flying F-4s up till 1989 out of El Toro ... -Gregg
  18. The engineers at McAir's PhantomWorks were doing the redesigns of the production models in case the X-32 had won. -Gregg
  19. Directed at no one in particular: Opinions are like @$$holes, everybody's got one and they all stink! -Gregg
  20. Just curious, did crew from any of the other ships in the CSG get infected? -Gregg
  21. Seems like a motorized cover could be adapted to protect the lens area during launch and recovery ... -Gregg
  22. Glad to have helped, Curt! -Gregg
  23. Easy to solve ... Just roll inverted ... -Gregg
  24. I'm not sure that story is fully correct. My brother works for a large restaurant food service company and they are having a hard time getting the commercial tp in stock for the last few weeks also. -Gregg
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