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  1. Hi guys, it's that time of month again! More eBay listings now live. 150 today, 150 to come tomorrow (thurs 26th May). Majority of these are aviation. As usual, many rarities. Everything starts at £0.99 regardless of rarity or value. There are also some rare, collectable Battle of Britain signed photos and a few kits this time around. All items located in UK I combine postage and ship to most places World wide. Please take a look. Any questions please ask http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?item=322116341170&hash=item4affa14db2%3Ag%3AqxAAAOSwciVXQFDj&_dmd=2&_ssn=sirskunkalot
  2. Witold - this is one of the most fantastic things I've seen, even though I don't understand half of it. What I do appreciate though is the details you are revealing. I'm detailing a 1/18 SBD-5 at the moment, and your research has revealed one or two things I've gotten wrong, so thank you. Perhaps you'd like to see it: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=53741 as I am approaching the build from a different perspective, perhaps I can be of assistance. For example, I have collected several hundred photos of every aspect of the airframe, so if you need anything in particular,
  3. Hi - thanks for the comments! In answer to the queries - I used the bucket seat provided in the Trumpeter kit and basically scratch built the Yankee seat around it. This is Trumpeter's early USN AD-6 kit, and at the time I had no idea they would release the A-1J (which only came out a couple of months ago), so I scratch built everything necessary for a USAF machine, which included the Yankee seat, the rocket motor and all the stuff on the turtle deck behind the pilot. It turns out that their 'J' is basically a re-boxing of this kit with different box art - so no real big deal. The kit that
  4. many thanks for the nice comments, glad you like it!
  5. Some more images of the model... I found out too late that the kit's windshield (and the windshield of every other Spad kit that has ever been released by the way) is wrong - the glass is simply butted together with a sealant between the panes - there is no framing in the centre. I wasn't too fussed, but it's worth noting if you are building your own Skyraider! Thanks for looking & feedback is most welcome! Rich
  6. Here's a 'washed out' rudder - a FUBAR with the dullcote. I think it looks kind of cool! hand painted commander's stripes - they look better to me than decals, but 3 mil too far forward compared to the other side - uh-oh! Nice red dive brake interior. Dragon's head decal a little too far forward. Zotz decal originally had a small red square just ahead of the dragon's tongue. I finally figured out that Zotz must have thought it was part of the marking - it isn't. In fact, the little red mark is the red reflective strip found on either fuselage side.. behind the dive brake you can just
  7. Hi - here's my latest project, a 1/32 A-1H Skyraider from the Trumpeter kit. This one took a silver in its class at the IPMS UK Nationals at Telford a couple of weeks ago. The Trumpeter kit is very nice, with one or two notable errors (cockpit too wide, canopy, windshield and prop wrong shape, very poor engine) but I added a lot of details to it. Most notably I scratch built the engine accessory compartment and replaced the terrible kit engine with a resin cast of the Zoukei Mura one. I also removed one of the wings, scratched the area behind the cockpit (on the turtle deck underneath the c
  8. Hi guys - many thanks for the kind words! In answer to the question re: paint. I've always used Humbrol enamels. In this case I mixed Humbrol Olive drab with a little yellow and a little green and just experimented really. Shading was done with progressively lighter shades of the base colour. Real Fortresses seem to be different colours depending on the light conditions, who you ask at the time, the age of the machine etc etc. Everything from a purple colour to a light-ish yellow to dark green, so i compromised like I say, a fictional machine, a compromise paint job, but it does the job.
  9. cheers guys, I"m glad you like it :-) Especially glad it passes muster with the American viewers. Just so you know, this machine never actually existed - the serial number is for a machine that was due to be made in 1944, but the contract was cancelled. That gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted with regards to the unit, nose art etc. I would love to bring this to something like the IPMS USA Nationals, but I can't see it ever happening - not unless I booked a seat for it on a transatlantic flight or something!! thanks for the feedback! Rich
  10. Hi guys - this is one I finished last year. It's a 1/32 Fortress, scratch built and based on the old Combat Models vacform. Total construction time was 18 months. The HK Models kit was released about a year into the project, and my build features a couple of pieces from that kit (like the tailwheel) but 99% is built from scratch. The model is fully detailed inside and out (apart from the bomb bay) and the entire thing is skinned in pewter sheet. The trailer is scratchbuilt, the Diamond T wrecker is from the Accurate Armour 1/35 kit and the jeep is Tamiya 1/35 with Eduard etched detail set. Fig
  11. *BUMP!* 24 hours to go on batch 1 err.....no, not really. that's about average for an A4 softback. For hardbacks it's at least double
  12. Hi everyone - my latest batch of books are now listed, ending next weekend. As usual, all start at £0.99 regardless of rarity. I combine shipping & ship Worldwide. Many rare items alongside some not so rare. take a look: CLICK HERE Luftwaffe Fighter Units Europe 1939-41 - Jerry Scutts Luftwaffe Ground Attack Units 1939-45 - Martin Pegg Luftwaffe Night Fighter Units 1939-45 - Jerry Scutts Luftwaffe Fighter Units Russia 1941-45 - Chris Shores Luftwaffe Fighter Units Mediterranean 1941-44 - Shores Luftwaffe Fighter Units Europe 1942-45 - Chris Shores PV Ventura / Harpoon Unit
  13. BUMP! 24 hours to go on batch 1...
  14. another awesome build so far chuck! What a shame - I was selling the very rare 30mm metal cannon by Airmo on eBay the other month - I would have happily sold it to you instead if I'd seen this in time... anyway I'm sure you'll be able to scratch something equally as impressive... watching with interest
  15. I have listed all of these on eBay - they're on my dad's account but you'll be dealing with me. I ship worldwide & combine shipping! http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/donricmodels/m.html?item=271259907015&pt=UK_ToysGames_ModelKits_ModelKits_JN&hash=item3f2859b3c7&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  16. *BUMP!* 24 hours to go on batch 1 - check em out...
  17. I have a large number of rare & OOP resin, white metal & etched brass kits, figures and bits to sell, bought from the estate of a deceased modeller. I've made a list, with prices. All item prices are NEGOTIABLE. Where possible, I've based them on the prices realized for similar or same items on eBay & the like. All items are original issues bought in the 1990's or very early 2000's. If you are interested, please email me: rich.carrick@gmail.com or send me a PM I can then send photos & discuss prices, shipping etc. - I'll ship anywhere at cost! All items located in UK,
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