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  1. I have bought the 1/72 Revell Hurricane specifically to do one of Frank Carey's Hurricanes based in Burma. I've recently bought and begun to read his biography by Norman Franks and it looks like a promising read. However the pictures therein don't include a picture of any aircraft he flew besides a desert camouflaged a/c which I would prefer not to model in preference to a tropical painted bird, like say, Hurricane IIB serialed BM914 (I think). I've googled and come up with nothing. Also checked the relevant Osprey Aces title. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? If not pi
  2. Bill I don't have the magazine to hand, but I seem to recall there was a walkaround in the SAMI companion, MAM - maybe some pics there? James
  3. James Taylor

    FAA Avenger

    Building the hasegawa Avenger MkIV. Did the FAA MkIV and the Wartime MkIII's have the second seat behind the pilot, like the Avenger MkII's (rather than the radio rack of the USN a/c)? Thanks James
  4. I am putting together the old matchbox kit to produce, with the aid of aeroclub canopies and "bomb" bay, the PR34A Mossie, RG314. I have read in various magazines that I need to include enlarged wingtips, enlarged tail surfaces, redesigned cockpit etc. Is this true and if so, how do I go about it? Does anyone know whether the Aviation News Mossie plans cover the PR34A variant? Thanks James
  5. "i dont suppose you know if that was a stirling that they used for paradrops as well?" - JRallman I am unsure as to D-Day, but believe the 1st Airborne Div Pathfinders company were flown into Arnhem on 17 Sept '44 in Stirlings. James
  6. My mosquito prototype is covered in several coats of Tamiya aeresol Acrylic chrome (gloss) yellow. The coverage is uneven as I dropped it!! I need to remove the paint (which quite frankly is rock hard). I've used modelstrip and Mr Muscle oven cleaner, both have made minimal dents in the coats. It has flaked off in very small areas. I can't get hold of castrol de greaser. Any other suggestions, or should I be looking at sanding off all that lovely 1/72 Tamiya detail? Thanks James
  7. Thanks lads, on the basis Tesco is just up the road, Mr Muscle it is! James
  8. Please can you advise on any way to remove Tamiya acrylic chrome yellow? I have used modelstrip without success. Many Thanks James (in the UK)
  9. I have a spray can of Humbrol Metalcote Aluminium and am not afraid to use it! However I don't know whether to apply my £5 worth of decals with or without varnish first. Will a varnish affect the finish (grainy though it is) much? But is it necessary for decal adhesion, or is the surface of metalcote smooth enough? I'd appreciate some advice. Many thanks guys James
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