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  1. Here is the new redesign based on the new drawings!
  2. I wouldn't say they were incorrect as much as they were distorted. Which we fixed, since we knew the exact measurements of the aircraft, so we "un-distorted" the drawing to match the dimensions. Here's the latest update:
  3. I'm not the one doing the CAD work, I hired this gentleman as a contractor. And he felt most comfortable using that program. He's done other work for me, mostly railroad stuff, and he's always been very accurate.
  4. Here's the latest update, its a bit of an older picture, showing the former mismatch we had with the measurements and the drawings. The mismatch has since been fixed.
  5. This is going to be the development log of the first 1/72 aircraft kit that my company, Out of the Box Models, has ever designed. Please feel free to weigh in if you see any thing we're missing or any errors we're making. This is going to be a 3D printed kit. printed in multiple parts, similar to a resin kit, for ease of painting and detailing. We are going to include parts to make the Yak-9T and Yak-9D in 1/72nd scale. CAD progress after day 1:
  6. I am by no means an RAF aficionado, but one of my customers is interested in commissioning a model of the Fairey Battle in 1/72nd scale. He didn't specify what version, but I was thinking why not include parts for the MkI, MkII, and MkV. I have been looking a drawings of the MkI and MkII, and honestly can't see much of an external difference. Maybe someone here can help me out by pointing out what I'm missing.
  7. All of the photos of printed models that I have are on the website. Maybe the development thread will help you as well, once my engineer gets the first screenshots of the CAD progress I'll post them...somewhere appropriate on here.
  8. WWII Era USAAF Markings would have really made it look better as opposed to the low-vis USAF markings.
  9. The short answer is yes, I can post some photos of our 3D printed products. They're all train models at this point, but I can show you two of our 3 printing options that we have now, still getting the 3rd one up and running. Let me put something together and post it later today. In the mean time, check out 3D Printing Options page for some photos of our 1/160 scale M88A1 Recovery Vehicle.
  10. I completely understand that, thats why we do 2 things. One thing is that we guarantee refunds to anyone who is not happy with the finished model, or gets cold feet during the process. The other is full transparency, with regular updates of the progress of the project, including screenshots of the CAD model as we go. Its very normal for our customers to review our CAD models and find issues, than we then go back and fix before even get close to doing our first test print. As far as examples from us, we're still working on our first aircraft project, a 1/72 Yak-9T That is just starting its CAD process this week. If it helps, I can start a thread here at ARC and show you the whole process.
  11. Absolutely. Lets start the beginning. With an idea for a kit. We have 2 options for people who want us to make a model kit. One option is the customer can pay the full price for a custom model kit, for the model to be made. Or, if its something that I am really passionate about, I may cover part of the cost of the commission. The the other option to to submit an idea for crowdfunding, which I explained above. We usually don't need anywhere near 100 people to commit to a model. Never more than 25 people are needed. If the person paid up front, or the crowdfund became fully funded, we would move on to the development phase. Most customers are very diligent about collecting their own references for their passion projects, so we usually have something to go for when we start doing CAD. We work with a number of freelance mechanical engineers who do all of our CAD for us. All of them are very thorough and detail oriented. In your example, we would collect as many drawings, measurements and photos as we could, and work from that. We are constantly iterating on the design and checking with the customer who started the project to make sure all of theirs needs are met, and we're not missing any details. This process usually takes a few months to complete. The main difference here, between a crowdfunded project, and a privately financed projects, is how we do status updates. For a private project, we would email updates and screenshots to the customer, where as for a crowdfund, we would post the progress on a forum, and listen to the input of the other members on what needs to get fixed and areas of focus. We see our customers mostly commissioning oddball subjects, or models that used to only exist as vacuform models, so I don't see us ever doing something as famous and well documented as a Phantom, but I also wouldn't rule it out either. We do try not to step on anyone else's toes, so we don't usually want to do a subject that has been done by a lot of other people, unless they all butchered it. Once we finish development, everyone who contributed to the crowdfund get their model, and then we put it up for sale in our web store 1 week later. Hope that explains things a bit better.
  12. That is a completely valid concern. And I totally get it. Thats why I guarantee refunds to anyone who funds a failed project, and anyone who isn't happy with the finished product. I want to reduce the risk as much as possible. And for the record, this isn't the first time that i've gotten this exact concern from someone. There definitely a lot of shady people in this industry, and with economics the way they are, I know a lot of railroad model companies are taking pre-orders for a product that isn't even developed yet, gage whether or not to produce the product, and more often than not, it does become vaporware. I'm not saying that Out of the Box is immune to that, because that would be impossible. We have two Crowdfunds that still have no bites, and a few that only have one funder. The way that I try to keep our crowdfunds from becoming vaporware is to keep the number of required funders as low as possible (25 or less), and keep the price as low as possible. We eat a lot of costs for our funders, like shipping and 3D printing costs. It helps that we have pre-negotiated rates for different types of projects with our engineers, so we know how much its going to cost to develop a given type of kit. Even if you don't feel comfortable making a financial contribution, if you come to us with an idea for a crowdfund, and we'll put it up free of charge, and do everything we can get it funded for you.
  13. Thats fine. I appreciate your candor. This is the exact reason I post all of my ideas on forums, so I can understand varying opinions on my ideas. If you don't mind elaborating about why you're disinterested? That would be really helpful to me.
  14. Hi guys. I think its been a while since I've been around here. I've been hanging out on a couple other sites experimenting with some new modeling subjects and trying to build up my crowdsourced model company, Out of the Box. I've been posting on a couple other sites with some success in crowdfunding model kit projects. Here's how it works: people submit their ideas for a model kit they would like to see produced. We post the ideas on our website and give them 30 days to sell x number of units. Generally, if at least half of the units sell in the 30 days, then we go ahead and produce the kit. If it doesn't get enough orders, we refund everyone's money at the end of the 30 days. All of our kits are 3D printed, and we have 3 main printing options for most projects. We just funded a 1/72 Yak-9T kit, and a 1/350 USS Atlanta CL-51 kit in under 48 hours, and we hope to have that up for sale to the public in a couple months. I was just wondering if you guys think about the concept? Would you like to be involved in future projects? Either by nominating new ideas or just by updating you guys when new Crowdfunding campaigns get launched.
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