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  1. Thanks! I am working on a parts list and exploded view for the model, and will send it via email when its done. I actually have three printers, but the gray parts were printed on my new Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K printer. I also have a Formlabs Form2 and an Anycubic Mono 4K that I use for clear parts.
  2. I saw your email, and did some checking. I will be re-printing your missing parts and sending them over ASAP.
  3. The model is $14.99 USD, and its 3D printed to order, so we will never run out.
  4. Well, yes. I broke my printer that I use for clear printing, but I have a friend printing the clear parts on his, while I get mine fixed. Should be shipping the first 4 skyfox orders as soon as those come in. Waiting on decals to arrive for the most recent two Skyfox orders.
  5. Thanks! That was really interesting!
  6. Yep! Printing clear resin parts is a bit if a different beast than printing in the gray resin...I am doing a bit of trial and error to get the part orientations right.
  7. Not at the moment, but If I expand to offer 1/48th, I absolutely will.
  8. Very soon! Just waiting on delivery of clear resin today or tomorrow so I can print the canopy parts.
  9. Here is the first print of my new Boeing Skyfox! The Skyfox was an idea from the 1980's to give new life to the venerable T-33 shooting star by converting them to Skyfoxes. Boeing saw the potential and purchased marketing and production rights for the conversion. Although Portugal was interested in 20 units, no other country showed any interest, and Boeing cancelled the project with only the prototype produced. The prototype was given fake USAF markings and used in a Episode of Airwolf as well. The Prototype skyfox was converted from Former RCAF CT-133 Silver Star RCAF21160. It was converted
  10. I wanted to share the new Windecker YE-5A Eagle from Out of the Box Models. The Eagle was purchased in 1973 by the US Air Force to study the Radar Detectability of Composite Aircraft. The sole YE-5A was given USAF serial Number 73-1653. The YE-5A was destroyed in a crash during a classified project in 1985. Below is the first test print of the kit. It also comes with 3D printed clear parts (not shown, waiting on clear resin delivery) as well as decals for 73-1653
  11. I wanted to share the first test print of the new Thomas Morse MB-3 from Out of the Box Models. This the the prototype version that was tested at McCook field for the Army Air Service. First flown in 1919, this aircraft is considered to the the first domestically designed US Fighter. The kit also comes with decals for AS.40093, the 2nd prototype, which was also McCook Field project P-66. The Main production version, and Boeing MB-3A are in the works as well.
  12. Gents, I am in need of some assistance. I am working on decals for the US Army's Boeing 767-200 Airborne Surveillance Testbed, in the later gray and white scheme, and I am having trouble finding clear images of, and identifying all of the emblems along the side. I a have already finished developing a 1/400 scale model for 3D printing, and am currently working on a 1/72nd version since my new 3D printer i have on order will be large enough to print the wings in single pieces, and the fuselage in halves. I really hope that somebody can point me in the right direction, so I can get these decals d
  13. Thanks John, I really appreciate that. I have some ideas for some other aircraft models as well, down the line, once the Yaks are all done. I made the poll public on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/57343137 No commitment necessary
  14. Ah, the "artists" strike again! Its a little sad how the Buran is just left to decay in there.
  15. That is a very tiny picture. Its incredibly hard to see what you did with the model.
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