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  1. For me its the YF-23, that whole plane looks like it came from the future and still does.
  2. I didn't think about the C172 Skyhawk and the Cessna 150! I have flown both several times although I never went for my pilots license. They where easy a lots of fun to fly.
  3. Me too, But I also love the T-37/A-37 and the Monogram kit
  4. The Monogram kit has noting to do with the older T-37 kits or the Aurora A-37 kit.
  5. Since we are doing odd and favorite threads how about your favorite trainer. Something different for the "Fighter Mafia" My top three: t-37 T-6 Yak-130
  6. NM, that's for the main cheatline
  7. In the NASA graphics standard manual it does list it as FS15102.
  8. I noticed it wasn't sold, do you still have it?
  9. Now here is a really bad two seater to single seater , The Hawk 200. couldn't they just take a standard hawk and replace the rear seat with a fuel tank or something?
  10. To slightly mirror the topic about what plane looks strange with it's landing gear down, How about this? What planes look bad as a two seater, or what plane plane looks better as a family model? For me I like all twin seaters ...... well except the TF-102, that looks way off.
  11. I give another vote for the Wolfpack kit. I've built 4 of them. I was ordering the kit from South Korea. I was getting the one with South Korean markings cheap.
  12. Errrrr, This is what I get for drawing airplanes in English class in school. Plus I'm a bit LD.
  13. Crap, I just looked through my Trumpeter kit and it has two sets of wing spruce and no fuselage spruce !!🤬🤬
  14. Also the dorsal hump is molded to the fuselage on the Trumpeter kit. On the Monogram kit, there is a slight raised area for it.
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