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  1. Lowe's has Seafoam Green in large spray cans
  2. I haven't had a reason to go to Jasper in a couple of years. With where I live in Alabama , Jaspers is a bit off my normal path. But, I know someone who lives there,so I'll see if he can take some pics for me.
  3. Honestly for the price of Shapeway you could buy a 3D printer for around 250.00 and make anything you want.
  4. I'm nervous about this but I have been putting this together for a year now. Join me live while I build my models and chat with you as I build, Ask question,make comments, suggestions and Make new friends in the chat. Anyone how knows me will tell you I'm goofy and have a razor sharp sense of humor, Come check out my channel, everyone is welcome and while your there like and subscribe. My first live stream will be tonight at 8:30 cst. And don't forget to hit that notification button so you'll know when the next live stream is!
  5. I have 1/1 scale drawings that can be scaled down.
  6. Not to long ago the Air Force had a training squadron at Fort Rucker. They flew TH-1s.
  7. I wish Maxwell could keep the C-130s and do the MH-139 training, there is plenty of ramp space and its not like Maxwell is a very active base, aircraft wise. Every time I went there on days that there wasn't an airshow, all the C-130s where parked in front of the BX
  8. I like it but I wish they took the blue all the was to the start of the radome
  9. For me its the YF-23, that whole plane looks like it came from the future and still does.
  10. I didn't think about the C172 Skyhawk and the Cessna 150! I have flown both several times although I never went for my pilots license. They where easy a lots of fun to fly.
  11. Me too, But I also love the T-37/A-37 and the Monogram kit
  12. The Monogram kit has noting to do with the older T-37 kits or the Aurora A-37 kit.
  13. Since we are doing odd and favorite threads how about your favorite trainer. Something different for the "Fighter Mafia" My top three: t-37 T-6 Yak-130
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