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  1. I had the TF-102 conversion. you had to scratch build the the wind vanes on the canopy and there is a lot of them.
  2. Not a 3D print. but a computer rendering. The give away is the missing right main gear. Vince
  3. That's exactly what I'm saying. Yes some would say its band-aid, but I see it as some electric cars could aspire to,at least range wise.
  4. I had an idea , why not build cars like diesel electric locomotives. Have a motor turn an electrical generator at the wheels. if its done right you could run a gas motor sightly above ideal and still have plenty of power to drive with. With the lower RPMs you'll save a good amount of fuel and increase the MPG and range without having to plug up your car.
  5. I have two copies of that issue. the guy in the article used a conversion form Cobra Company . Here is some B-50D drawings. I've been thinking of doing a 3d printed conversion for my Monogram kit https://postimg.cc/dL2wByGV
  6. That is needed. Now someone needs to do the boarding ladders
  7. I'll to look be i have an old issue Scale Modeler that might help. I know it has a naked F-18 on the cover
  8. I'm working on figuring out how to draw panel lines in 3d. I'm sure there is an AutoCad trick to it.
  9. I hate to disappoint anyone that wants one but I'm really not making this for market. I'm still learning the ups and downs of 3D printing and drawing the plane in 3d took over 250 hours. plus the few parts you see took 11 hours to print and I still have landing gear,props and a cockpit to print. One big thing about 3D printing is it really doesn't produce a smooth surface , you can still see the layering of the plastic in that parts. Nothing that Mr Surface and or a thick primer and sanding can't fix. That's fine for me the model builder to do the extra work but I don't think its fair to sell a model with a rough finish to you the customer . Although, if I can make something good enough to market I would like to pair up with a resin caster. That way I can finish a polish the parts before they are cast and you would get a nice resin model out of it. But I do appreciate everyone that has shown interest in getting one. Vince
  10. Just thought I'd post my first test print of my 1/48 King Air project. I really don't know why I picked this plane, but I just had to have one in my collection. I still have some fine tuning to do on it.. Vince
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