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  1. The only one I see doing another 48th B-58 is Trumpeter, and I'll be willing to bet there would be shape issues, mistakes in the decals and 200.00 price tag!
  2. Chases are that those where painted in a civilian paint burn and not painted following any FS standards. Just go with that looks right to you.
  3. MIKE, Athought I agree with you there have been many NASA subsets over the years, I think there is room for new ones. Take the 1/48 F-104. There are kits out there which include decals for a NASA they are not so great. The the decals in the Hasegawa NASA F-104 kit was brittle and nearly on usable. Plus I haven't seen a sheet that covers the TF-104G yet.
  4. Small world! Ive always said Model building eventually lead me to architecture. I really get enjoy the projects work on and I'm always blown away to see them when they are built.
  5. Actually I draw for an architectural firm designing buildings. I mostly taught myself how to draw planes using AutoCad and Photoshop. Also I draw for Vagabond decals.
  6. Thought I'd throw in something I drew a few years ago
  7. That does it, Once I get settled into my new house, this will be my next project!
  8. I'm saving everything I can from this tread for my next B-58 build!
  9. btw, if it helps other, I found that I could get the upper wing to fit the fuselage better by cutting the upper wing in half, and gluing then to the bottom wing. it prevents fighting with the upper fuselage/upper wing fit
  10. I had the TF-102 conversion. you had to scratch build the the wind vanes on the canopy and there is a lot of them.
  11. Not a 3D print. but a computer rendering. The give away is the missing right main gear. Vince
  12. That's exactly what I'm saying. Yes some would say its band-aid, but I see it as some electric cars could aspire to,at least range wise.
  13. I had an idea , why not build cars like diesel electric locomotives. Have a motor turn an electrical generator at the wheels. if its done right you could run a gas motor sightly above ideal and still have plenty of power to drive with. With the lower RPMs you'll save a good amount of fuel and increase the MPG and range without having to plug up your car.
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