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  1. Honestly for the price of Shapeway you could buy a 3D printer for around 250.00 and make anything you want.
  2. I'm nervous about this but I have been putting this together for a year now. Join me live while I build my models and chat with you as I build, Ask question,make comments, suggestions and Make new friends in the chat. Anyone how knows me will tell you I'm goofy and have a razor sharp sense of humor, Come check out my channel, everyone is welcome and while your there like and subscribe. My first live stream will be tonight at 8:30 cst. And don't forget to hit that notification button so you'll know when the next live stream is!
  3. I have 1/1 scale drawings that can be scaled down.
  4. Not to long ago the Air Force had a training squadron at Fort Rucker. They flew TH-1s.
  5. I wish Maxwell could keep the C-130s and do the MH-139 training, there is plenty of ramp space and its not like Maxwell is a very active base, aircraft wise. Every time I went there on days that there wasn't an airshow, all the C-130s where parked in front of the BX
  6. I like it but I wish they took the blue all the was to the start of the radome
  7. For me its the YF-23, that whole plane looks like it came from the future and still does.
  8. I didn't think about the C172 Skyhawk and the Cessna 150! I have flown both several times although I never went for my pilots license. They where easy a lots of fun to fly.
  9. Me too, But I also love the T-37/A-37 and the Monogram kit
  10. The Monogram kit has noting to do with the older T-37 kits or the Aurora A-37 kit.
  11. Since we are doing odd and favorite threads how about your favorite trainer. Something different for the "Fighter Mafia" My top three: t-37 T-6 Yak-130
  12. NM, that's for the main cheatline
  13. In the NASA graphics standard manual it does list it as FS15102.
  14. I noticed it wasn't sold, do you still have it?
  15. Now here is a really bad two seater to single seater , The Hawk 200. couldn't they just take a standard hawk and replace the rear seat with a fuel tank or something?
  16. To slightly mirror the topic about what plane looks strange with it's landing gear down, How about this? What planes look bad as a two seater, or what plane plane looks better as a family model? For me I like all twin seaters ...... well except the TF-102, that looks way off.
  17. I give another vote for the Wolfpack kit. I've built 4 of them. I was ordering the kit from South Korea. I was getting the one with South Korean markings cheap.
  18. Errrrr, This is what I get for drawing airplanes in English class in school. Plus I'm a bit LD.
  19. Crap, I just looked through my Trumpeter kit and it has two sets of wing spruce and no fuselage spruce !!🤬🤬
  20. Also the dorsal hump is molded to the fuselage on the Trumpeter kit. On the Monogram kit, there is a slight raised area for it.
  21. Look over in the Jet section, I replied to your post there too
  22. Monogram. to make a T-37 you will have to: add a bulge in front of the intakes find make flat main gear doors remove the gun and the camera in the nose fill in areas where the intake screens go. fill in the pylon slots build wing tips. also the T-37 doesn't have the large trust deflectors That's the basics. For extra credit you can: fix the belly the engines on the T-37 and not as deep as the A-37 and the main wheels are thinner . That's all I can think of off the top of my head when I did my conversion. Alot of this, if not all woul
  23. I have both kits. I think the main draw back is the raised panel lines on the Monogram kit,but on the other hand I like the raised rivets on it, to me it just fits the model. Although I haven't built my Trumpeter kit ,I can tell a lot of the parts break down was inspired (copied?) from the Monogram kit. With the engraved panel lines , to me, it just looks too smooth, but that's just me. One major issue with the Trumpeter kit is the decals are wrong. its has an intake warning chevron that was never applied to the A-37. I've only seen it on a civil warbird.
  24. Yeah the Bennet has a face only a mother could love, if it was kept in the basement and rarely seen. I think the only way that plane could fly is it was so ugly the earth repelled it.
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