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  1. I got mine on Pre-order with Internet Hobbies. I know its a Dragon Black Label kit and the Trumpeter kit will be light years better, but I still can't wait to get this kit
  2. Even if you had an ALPS printer, I've learned from experience that it didn't handle greys too well.
  3. But, but, it didn't look that big in the pictures, I'm sure that could lead to a few girlfriend jokes, or at least what we would like to hear from them.
  4. I can get you lots of pictures of the Alabama RF-84. there is one on display at the gate of the 117th base.
  5. OOH, who's going to do the Copyright- The Aviation Photo Company decals?
  6. yes,yes, Yellow and black, I had a brain fart.
  7. I just mix Testors Yellow and Sliver to taste. I'm sure that the shade changes depending on several factors in real life.
  8. As long as its a new tool, I'm all for it. If I remember right the MPM kits was nice, but there was a lot of room for improvement
  9. I picture one of two companies doing a 48th scale L-39. It would be a perfect subject for either Kinetic models, Freedom Models or Wolfpack. Anyone of these three would make a great L-39 kit and it would fit in nicely with the kits they already have on the market. Note to any manufactures that may read this post, I live only a hour away from International Jet I can easily go back and get more photos and references.
  10. And in the paint shop, there wasn't any room for L-39s with this in the works: Now THAT'S bare metal, note the reflection Need a nose gear or a flap? Here is a link to my Photobucket album, check it out ! http://s690.photobucket.com/user/vmaddux/slideshow/L-39
  11. Tuesday I had a chance to visit place in Gadsden Ala called International Jets will I was supporting The Alabama/Mississippi Wing Encampment (Civil Air Patrol). Here they bring L-39s into the country, refurbish them and repaint them and sales them for the low,low price of 250,000 with ejection seats ( not a bad price considering). If you like L-39s, this is the place for you. I took pictures of everything I could through my quick tour, I hope you like them. BTW We need a new L-39 kit in 48th scale. There were other another planes there too like these, which I never thought I would
  12. For what is worth , I have ordered a ton of things from Run For Cover Hobbies, Great guys to deal with.
  13. I just looked up the seller, Although I bought it from the states and it was shipped from Ky, the seller's Ebay profile says she is based in Israel. Plus it came in a box sealed with Amazon Prime packing tape. So she might not even know where it came from. It looks like a deep rabbit hole that I don't want to go down.
  14. Thanks for the replies guys, I would like to think there was an honest and good reason for selling it. I thought about contacting the seller but I don't know if I would get an honest answer anyways. I guess I'll do what I always do, build the model in the memory of those that served and to those that never made it home, Known or Unknown and build it the best I can.
  15. I bought a kit this week to add to my amour collection and I got the kit today, No issues with the kit,price or shipping. Very smooth transaction. But what bugs me is on the bottom of the box there was a sticker that said "this kit donated through Help Hospitalized Veterans" and a post cared for if the receiver wanted to write back. I don't know, but I feel kinda bad that some would sell it and I ended up buying it. I guess some people think about dollars of a gift more then the meaning.
  16. I got ya, I think the best place to look around Birmingham would be Oak Mountain Hobbies. He has a lot of old kits and maybe he has one.
  17. Hi, from Cullman. I don't have a Revell F-16 kit in my stash, but they should be easy to find on Ebay. I have to ask though, why the Revell kit?
  18. Airplanes aren't real! they all are models! , wait,wait, let me think this through. or Model companies make model kits that are designed so they can't be built and we will by more to find the non-existent build-able model
  19. I have built the Kinetic F-21 kit, it was a good kit. I didn't get the Wingman's boxing but from what I have heard the resin isn't the greatest.
  20. If I recall the show stopped because one of the main guys passed away.
  21. I forgot about that one, and yes, it is D
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