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  1. Academy hasn't released a E version yet, nor a dedicated boxing for the D.
  2. I was looking at the update on the main page and noticed that every model featured has homemade decals. Cool. I wonder if it was done on purpose or just a coincidence?
  3. cool, I started on the Airfix 48th scale Hawk 100 kit. It has decals for the RAAF 127s, I just have to update the kit's cockpit.
  4. I would love a King Air and some othe civil jets like a Gulfstream , Maybe a Star ship and a T-1 Jayhawk.
  5. Here are a few pictures of out meet a great with the crew. We got to go behind the show lines and go to the blue Angles hanger. I even got to talk to the Paint crew. Here is my daughter getting one of many autographs I will admit I am jealous of my daughter, she was picked to be one of 9 cadets to escort the pilots after the show. She watched part of the show from their hanger and rode to show center in their van and was with the ground team when they landed.
  6. Now, for the Blue Angles demo, I handed the camera to one of my cadets to see what she can do. Even though it was a overcast day, I think her pictures where great!
  7. I know everyone has seen the Blues and have been to airshows, but I wanted to post a few pics we took I didn't know there was some C-46s still flying
  8. I'm still waiting for Eduards to come out with a photo-etched sphere !
  9. Last week I was contacted by the local Community College. The Head of the art department told me that they are doing an exhibit spotlighting local artists. He asked me if I wanted to put some one my models on display. "Oh Course" I said and I brought several to the college. Due to space, I could only display two models, so I let him pick. That's all I am going to say for know. I will post more details as I get them. I am completely blown away with the fact that my models to them were thought of as art.
  10. If there are any ARCers there I would enjoy meeting some of yall. The Blue Angles will be there, F-22 fly bys, a V-22 demo and much more. Stop by the Civil Air Patrol display and ask for me. Vince
  11. Remember, everyone sees colors differently, so it might be a pigment of your imagination. But look at the photos of what your building and get as close as you can and go with it. There are so many variables in picking the right shade it will make your head spin.
  12. Looking forward to seeing them and meeting them in Alabama next weekend!
  13. I'm not going to highjack the post and turn it into an argument about we we need a 48th scale T-37 vs a new F-20. I like the idea of a new F-20 and I look forward to a up to date tooling of it. Its a sexy plane. Even though there where only 3 built in the model world it has been a great seller and the what if crowds are going to eat it up. As for the T-37, Form the 60's till up to a few years ago every USAF pilot and more than a few pilots from other Nato nations flew learned flying in a T-37. As it was said 1200 where built and there and many many decal options. The ARMY even had 3 of them
  14. Turning a A-37 to a T-37 isn't any harder then converting a F-18A to a F-18E , BAE Hawk Mk1 to a T-45 or a E-3 to a KC-135.
  15. Get you a KC-135R and a RC-135 and just swap engines, you can then build the never kitted KC-135E.
  16. I like it, maybe the Thunderbirds of the Blue Angels could change up their schemes a bit too.
  17. 1/48 T-37!!!!!!!!! After we get that I'll start campaigning for a TT-1 Pinto or a TV-2 Sea Star
  18. The F-5 doesn't look too bad. I know its not Tamiya of Hasegawa level, but if their T-37s look that good I'll be more then happy. You got to pick your battles.
  19. I'll be in for a few T-37s, but I believe it when I see it.
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