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  1. USAF....... 75-0510 I'm a F-5E USN..........100575 Then I'm a F8F-1 Bearcat which is the mascot of the Middle school and High school I went to. go figure
  2. I can't find anything for 10-05-75
  3. It's Trumpeter, the Box will say Mig-31 but accounting for their mandatory shape errors, it might be closer to a Mg-25! At least at first glance they look alike.
  4. For years I have wanted to build a testors kit and build a display for it ,just like is on the box.
  5. I am not a Me109 expert but,there is so much wrong here don't know where to start. landing gear is too short, props are not long enough to be noting more then a high horse power fan, That canopy may be big enough to fit the pilot's head and the nose is so big that is the engine n it was that size it would nose over on the ground!
  6. A few years ago I was heading north on I-65 in North Alabama and I saw a truck carrying one heading south, I figured it was going to Fort Rucker and it might have been at Redstone arsenal.
  7. I went to my Aunt Bonnie's wake this evening. I have to say the place was packed. What surprised me was the NASA artifacts that where on display in the funeral home which included letters signed by Wernher von Braun and Jacky Kennedy. As I was growing up Bonnie never bragged or talked much about the things she did or saw or the peope she met which included four Presidents, She was very low keyed and humble. Here is the Obituary in my local paper this morning, it really was a great read Read On There was a ot there I didn't know. I also got word that one of von Braun's daughter will be at th
  8. Since we are having fun with box art how and translations, over the years I have seen some bad and funny ones. Here is a coupe I noticed on the kit I'm building now. Look at part F34 oxy bombe?
  9. OH that Revell box art really makes me want to build that kit.....
  10. Hey Jennings, just the fact you heard of here is very cool. I think the Space and Rocket center needs to have some mention of her.
  11. The T-50 kit ONLY exists because of national pride since the kit and the real plane are made in South Korea.. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  12. I know there is no connection, But the day she passed away, The Orion made its successful launch and recovery, Marking the hopeful return to manned space flight for the U.S.. In a cosmic way, it is very fitting.
  13. http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2014/12/bonnie_holmes_long-time_assist.html Please take the time to read this. Our fans of space travel might like knowing Ms Bonnnie Holmes. She was a great person and I was so proud to call her my aunt.
  14. Now for some cool and unexpected box art
  15. This is my third F-16 this year. I need to build a different jet next :rolleyes:/>/>/>
  16. Got my sheet today, I already have the plane painted and ready to go!
  17. There has been several decal sheets put out buy Super Scale and bu Aztec decals, I also think ZOTS did a sheet. They where made for the Monogram 1/48th scale kit, but I'm sure they will work on the Trumpeter kit since. The trumpeter decals are so wrong anyways.
  18. The Blues Brothers Good Morning Vietnam Hot Fuzz
  19. I know the T-28 was used, But I've never seen photos of T6s
  20. Ken, I built my F-21 with just the Kinectic kit, Furball decals and a brass pitot tube. I built a really nice model for way under the cost of the Wingman's kit. Like you I have felt that aftermarked resin needs to add detail to the kit, not look like something that was injection molded. I just can't justify the cost for resin parts that doesn't look too much different then what is in the kit.
  21. For whats it worth, I met and made friend with Col Fager, he is the Deputy Commander of the 53rd Electronic Warfare Group. He works an flies the F-35As out of Eglin. Just goes to show you you never know who your going to meet in the real world.
  22. I listen to The Phil Hendrie show pod casts, The still untitled Adam Savage project, Different NPR shows. Then I was different shows on Netflixs (doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Sherlock and the Blacklist) I don't listen to music too much when I work, it makes me want to leave the bench and grab one of my guitars play.
  23. I need a HTS Pod for my Hawegawa F-16C that I am building as a CAS jet. I know that the F-16CJ kit comes with two of them, does anyone have an extra they can part with?
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