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  1. Nothing is right about that plane its odd and ugly which is why it's so cool!
  2. I have a Photon resin printer and a Creality CR-10 the uses the spools of filament. I have been using CAD for 25 years and I really good at 3D. but its as taken over a year of drawing to do the airplanes i want to print. Btw, I found a water washable resin made by Elegoo that makes it a part a lot easier to clean in post-processing . You can find tons of things to print on https://www.thingiverse.com/
  3. I was thinking the same, but it looks better with drop tanks on both wings The early Mig-29 and SU-27 prototypes with the nose gear way out in front look awful
  4. The F-5F is the two seater version F-5E, Another plane has a twin seat equivalent , is the A-4, this two seat jet is called the TA-4J. Great plane, just need more decals for it.... Does this help un-hijack this tread 😜
  5. Travel pod? at least that's what it looks like to me. But is also looks like a Napalm tank like the A-37 use to use. Maybe repurposed?
  6. I spent a week 3D printing about 18 of theses for my model master paints and I designed some stackable paint trays for Tamiya's large and small bottles
  7. ok, That's a new one on me. I may have to get a set
  8. To the best of my knowledge , no one makes a set of flaps and slats for the B-1 in any scale.
  9. I ordered that set too at the beginning of June. Last I checked it left Moscow on the 18th and no word since then.... I sure it will eventually get here.
  10. I almost wish that they went overall blue, But I'm sure the white will reduce heat in the cockpit. Any rate, It looks great.
  11. You sir have my undivided attention. Monogram's A-37 is my all time favorite kit.
  12. With the tip of the vertical stabilizer being yellow, I wonder if they did the wing tips and the tips of the stabs yellow like the team's jets?
  13. I could use a reprint too. Monogram never put interesting decals in their kit.
  14. How hard would it be to convert Hobbyboss's A model to an E without just buying and new kit
  15. https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/17/americas/snowbirds-plane-crash-kamloops-canada/index.html Rest in peace PAO Jenn Casey .
  16. I wished I could have got their TAV-8B conversion.
  17. I was hoping to see something new to the paint scheme too. but as it's been said its tradition. But its not like they haven't changed their paint schemes before (Panther to Cougar). Fat Albert is going to have a new look, why not the rest of the team?.... I have a crazy idea, get a T-6 and bring back Beetle Bomb!
  18. No one has made new update decals for it yet!
  19. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/33307/first-photos-of-f-a-18e-super-hornet-in-blue-angels-paint-emerges
  20. Its on my list to draw and 3d print one. Just have a BIG 3d project to finish first.
  21. Here is a crazy thought, I wonder if Su-24s refueling probes are compatible with NATO baskets? I think I read somewhere that the Russian aircraft work with western ground equipment.
  22. I have an idea, we need decals for the Mitsubishi F-1,T-2, F-2 and for the Kawasaki T-4. There are tons of paint schemes out there for them. I know there are some decal sheets out there but they are hard to find and harder to get.
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