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  1. Mike is right , It is song 2 from Blur, but on a side note, The Gorillazs lead singer is the same guy from Blur! Vince
  2. http://users.frii.com/dawog/vaq132/e199903...er_accident.htm I found this on the S-3 and EA-6B accedent Vince
  3. You know, It kinda looks like an F4D, but on the other hand, it also looks like a white Testors F-19, maybe they knew more then they let on to Vince
  4. I'm sure that "they" know of that it was in the statallite photo and probley thought nothing of it. IF it was an ultra top secret project, they would have edited it out. Vince
  5. Well, this could explan something I found while playing with Google earth a couple of months ago. I was looking at the Area 51 imagetry and found this. Could it be part of the Blackstar project? Granted the image is grainy,but it makes since.
  6. OK,OK. I will, but its going to be three of four sheets down the pipeline. screen printing can be expansvie so I have to make sure i can put a decal sheet togeather I now will sell. BTW, you got a tail number on the Auburn plane, I didn't get a chance to catch it when I saw it. maybe when I go to B'ham on the 9th I can get it again. Vince hang in there
  7. YUP! It was me! Bad news is that I can't make them anymore since the ALPS printer burned up But I have seen the Arburn one and I'm thinking of revising the AL ANG -135R sheet and haveing it screen printed. Vince
  8. OK, Yes, I have made some mistakes and I have mad so people mad at me, I am deeply sorry for that and I am working on turning things around. I'm working on speeding things up and trying to make amiens for things I've screwed up. I'm not perfect but I'm trying. Brian, I'll say it here in public, I'm sorry for the mess I made fout of Jerry's decals. Maybe I should have learned abit more about what I was doing before I took on that project, I thought I knew it all at the time and I didn't, Now, many more decal sheets later I've learned ten times more about printing decals. I alos learned not
  10. Go to www.airliners.net and plug "Paris air show 2005" in the search engine. Not much news, but great photos. The DC-10 water bomber is cool Vince
  11. I've been spraying the cheap white spay paint throw my airbrush with no problems. I can't think of the name but heck, its 98 cents a can! Vince
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