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  1. The day we find out the Stealth tape is nothing but duct tape we are are going to have good laugh,,,
  2. There is a hump right above the windscreen on the FR models that the USAF KC-135s do not have, but its easy to sand off.
  3. Out of stock. I ordered my sheet from Luckymodels
  4. Good new, we can make a Phatom go Mach 3 Bad news, you only carry enough fuel to get to the crash site at that speed
  5. From Hobbyboss https://www.cybermodeler.com/catalog/pages/hobbyboss18_15.shtml
  6. lets start a betting pool on what the MSRP will be, the winner might make enough to afford one from the winnings
  7. I'm happy with the wheels. SAC's metal gear. I've never seen anything but the plastic gear recast in metal and they bend easy. I've had no problems with the gear in the Monogram kit.
  8. For some reason I have two sets. I think the tread pattern looks great . I do agree they may be too weighted but that don't look flat either.
  9. I'm building the kit now. yes its better then the Testor's kit, but it doesn't really take much to do that. The photo-etch is a hair wider then the parts that go on and I couldn't make heads or tail of the control sticks. also there are no positive location points for the the cockpit to the lower fuselage (?). The fit of some parts are hit or miss but the main parts of the wing fit really good and will need a touch of filler. the one thing I felt let down on was the separate flaps. They are molded to be in the up position and will require work to lower them. As for the engines, intake a
  10. I wish I could have jumped on the pre-order price, but I went ahead and ordered it from Lucky Models..
  11. I want one, just don't like the idea of painting it.
  12. If the marking is going to be on a white background, you can print them at home
  13. I could actually build a model of this plane and it would be more realistic then the actual plane!
  14. Long shot, but you never know, I stepped on mine,errrrrrrr
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