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  1. Glad to have the forum back. I got desperate during the down time, I actually built models from my stash, socialized with the family,and got a job. I felt so lost..
  2. I'm sorry, but the photos this kit is as the modelers equivalent to gory crime scene photos. (not that your pictures where bad, it was the content of the kit.) Looking at the box art would turn me away, the nose gear is set back like a Falcon's' (SHIVER)
  3. They are going to be 32nd scale. which isn't a bad thing, Lots of detail and they won't take up a lot of room.
  4. I've flown out of the Wetumpka airport a few times.
  5. Surprised anyone hasn't said anything about this yet.test shots
  6. Wish I could muster up another trip to Texas to go.
  7. I'm still saving up to buy mine on-line!
  8. The first season was great, I liked how it kept you guessing about the situation for the first 3 or 4 episodes, I'm going to watch the the latest episode tonight.
  9. Graveyard cars is ok, Mark does get on my nerves, but he knows his stuff and can raddel off detailed car facts like we do with our knowledge of airplanes. I like Phantom Works, Dale (?) runs his shop with military professionalism. He is also a pilot and restores planes as well. Wheeler Dealer, I have nothing but good things to say about the show, I have actually learned a lot from it. Fast n Loud and Misfit Garage, I agree its cookie cutter but I like to see what they come up with in the end. And I will admit that I am a but bias because Tom Smith is a friend of mine.
  10. I have only a few shows I really watch. Discovery's Fast n Loud and Misfit Garage and the Velocity Channel"s Bitching Rides and Wheeler Dealers. Yeah, I'm a car guy. I have gotten into few other shows like Doctor Who, Sherlock and I currently watching Wayward Pines, Brain Dead and Mr Robot. I'm waiting for the next season of Better Call Saul. I recently discovered my cable company carries MEtv , Lots of great old shows like Rockford Files and Konjack.
  11. The Southern Museum of Flight in Birmingham has an F-4S painted in SEA camo with the 117th Recon squadron markings.
  12. The Ohio shaped stencil is on the sheet next to the armament block. Its hard to see because of the color of the background in the jpeg. I could use the WRAFB logo reference ,I can quickly add it to the sheet.
  13. Masks for the invasion stripes are a option in 48th scale. As for 1/144 That is a great option, but its all up to Mike on which direction we go with it after the 72nd scale sheet.
  14. 1/72nd at first. I have 48th scale artwork nearly done.
  15. I was asked to go ahead and post this tonight. We are also working on other C-130 sheets as we speak. There is a lot more to come...
  16. I went ahead and ordered a sheet and some Furball walkways. I know its a pain to put them all applied but I think it adds a lot of visual interest to the model.
  17. So I was decaling my Academy F-4J today and I noticed something. While I am using a old Areomaster sheet for the VF-92 markings I had plans to use the kit decals for the data markings. All was going well till I started on the wing and I notices the NO STEP/No PUSH markings where off. the text for the decals worked out to be 2.5 inches tall in 48th scale. decals 33 and 34 where suppose to fit each leading edge flap segment. but they are just too big. Anyone know of a good source of data markings for the F-4J, Maybe even a unused kit decal sheet for the F-4B? Or should I just skip the 100 or
  18. If you can't laugh at yourself, laugh at someone else.
  19. No offense taken, I was looking a the pictures when I should have been reading too,lol
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