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  1. Why would a South Korean helicopter be in CO??
  2. As mentioned already, it was a great show. I wish I could have taken more pictures, but I shot till the batteries died in my camera. But on to the photos. The whole album can be seen here
  3. I have been looking high and low for that sheet for my F-104D
  4. Give me a day or so and I'll upload my pics on photobucket. Right now I'm out in the middle of nowhere Texas visiting family. Tomorrow I'm goi going to take my daughter back to Dallas to see what we can see and hopefully meet a friend for dinner.
  5. I almost brought my RAF F-86, but I didn't get the drop tanks done in time. But I did take a close look at yours. Was the Orange and bare metal F-104 yours? .
  6. My daughter was helping Mike with Vagabond decals at his table. Like a shark, I had to keep moving and hunting for kits.
  7. The C-130 wasn't mine. I entered the Charcoal lizard F-16, the F-2A, L-29 and my OH-6A which won 2nd place. In Armour, I had my M1070 tank transporter, M9 bulldozer and my M42 Duster.
  8. I was there too, Great show. Honestly we should have a ARC name badge we could download so we can identify each other.
  9. you could fill them in a get a reasonible look with shading ,but unlike most planes we build, the SR-71 appeals to a broader market. Most of the people that are going to build it will same it together, put the decals on bare plastic and call it a day. Italeri/Testors have more then paid for the molds and more off that kit.
  10. To answer your question about being the kit corrugations being in scale,they are not. But if the did mold them in scale, they most likely wouldn't scale well and the wing would just look like a flat panel,No one would stand for that. The corrugation would have to be exaggerated for it to even show up in 48th scale.
  11. Not wanting to be morbid,my condolences to the family, But yes, the plane looks to be in good shape. If it is structurally sound, will it ever be repaired and put back into flight?
  12. I have been working on decals for that plane on and off for a couple of years, Since the decal company I draw for wants to do some C-130 sheets there is a good chance it might make one of the sheets.
  13. My Aunt live in Blum Texas and I have cousins in Kopperal. They may not be right outside of Dallas , but close enough. I'm also planing on visiting a couple of car shops. Anyone that watches discovery channel may know the two I'm going to.
  14. In my 40 years, the farthest west I've ever been was the western edge of New Orleans. But, thins summer I'm going to see family in Texas outside of Dallas. Is there anything airplane of hobby relater that I should check out while I'm there? Vince
  15. Trumpeter as announced a PAC-3 and showed CAD shots on their Facebook page. It looks like they are going to sell it with the the tractor.
  16. If you want it now, then its Trumpeter all the way since Dragon's kit isn't in the shops yet. I have built the trumpeter kit and I really enjoyed building it. Now that I've built the Trumpeter kit, I'm not going to even bother with the Dragon kit.
  17. Drawing those decals would be a nightmare.
  18. I'm not a huge F-14 fan, But, yes, I want this, I just hop the price is south of $100. BTW Fightertown's Top Gun sheet has marking for a Iranian F-14 on it.
  19. photosSome nice pictures here of the show, including the Hobbyboss 1/48 SU-27
  20. Did anyone notice the airliner in the background of the F-14 in VF-2 markings? I guess Tamiya is getting into the airliner market
  21. Let's start the campaign for Tamiya to produce a 1/48 T-37. Can they Handel the mighty Tweet?
  22. Don, Judging by the last link, the truck your going to need a a M54 5 toner. But once again, I don't think there is one in 48th scale. Some of the old Revell trucks a around 1/40 but that might not be close enough.
  23. I wonder if that would work? For the rear canopy to fit the F-16XL, I have to cut the rear tip of the framing off, I may just have to go with that. I've had the worse luck with Kenetic clear parts, and its not all their fault. I have a E-2 that came with a cracked windsheild, I broke my SU-33 canopy polishing it out and now the dog issue with the F-16XL. Errrrrr
  24. its for the Skunkworks F-16XL, but any Kinetic F-16A/C canopy would work.
  25. I have no idea how he got a hold of it, but my dog chewed up the rear canopy on my kit. I have some Hasegawa canopies, but they aren't a direct fit. It might be a long shot, but is there any extras out there without having to bother lucky models?
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