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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv1ZN8c4_Gs Although names of planes are not mentioned in the song, the video says it all
  2. don't have a pic, but Aeromaster did a decal sheet for that, I still have one and I'm planing on building one one day,
  3. OMG, I have to build that, But shouldn't the Poe jet have a BB-8 droid?
  4. if its any help, I got to tour a faculty in Gadsden Alabama that import, services and sell L-39s here is a like to my photo album. L-39s
  5. I wish someone would make another B-50 conversion, I want to build one
  6. I'm trying to get my OA-4M ready for a show on the 2nd, I lost my boarding ladder and I never filler the mounting hole for it before I painted it. Anyone have one in their spare parts box? Vince
  7. I love it. You should look up twisted toons on Youtube. Winnie the Pooh as Darth Vader
  8. Nice to see a fellow CAP member here. I'm a mission observer myself.
  9. Mr Chung, I'm working on your SU-33 kit and I will admit, I made a mistake on and I am going to have to strip and repaint my model. But before I do , I am wanting to know if there is a way I can get a copy of the decal sheet.

    Thank you

    Vince Maddux

  10. There was a hobby shop in Westwego,La that a friend of mine owned, He had a F-15 horizontal stabilizer on his back wall of the shop. I asked him where and how he got it and his reply, "I can't talk about it" . I have collected some airplane parts over the years. I have the spinner from a Cessna 172, a panel off the bottom of a RF-4 and another panel from an unknown plane.
  11. My nephew works on D models in the Army, he handed it to me and said don't ask,lol But honestly he told me how he got it,but I've already forgot the reason,but in the end, its all legit.
  12. Its not much, but I got a Pitot tube from a CH-47D! A few million more parts, I'll have my own Chanook
  13. I want a SkyFox conversion for my T-33, said no one...........
  14. Its not really all about charging a high price to make a bigger profit. There is a whole string of people involved that has to be paid, from designers to mold makers also artists and print companies. But really, cost is subjective to everyone. There are kits I wouldn't pay for because I don't think its worth it, but here are others that I pony up and pay retail for when they come out (Trumpeter's Patriot system) I decide where I want to invest my money in the hobby. Complaining about the cost of a kit is pointless. Also, just wait a bit, your bound to find it a a good price. But if you absolu
  15. One of my inner afterburner parts R2 was short shoted too.
  16. I have to look at it this way. The last T-33 I built nearly cost me that much when you add up the price of the kit and all the aftermarket parts and decals I put into it. But yes the price is steep at Dragon, but give it sometime and you'll find it cheaper at places like Lucky Models.
  17. I didn't know they ever made a sheet with those markings. whats odd it they have a different tail number then the references I have and the model I built.
  18. Being that I live in Alabama, I had to build that one, I had to make my own decals. Even though I didn't have an APLS printer, I was able to use my inkjet by printing there the red tail, with the white markings "cut out" , then I painted the tail white and applied the decal, instant white text. Vince
  19. Yes,I did, I posted photos in the display shelf area in the forum. I built N38FT. It was a fund and different project. Vince
  20. Need I say more.... http://www.cybermodeler.com/catalog/pages/icm16_09.shtml
  21. The Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary ) flies them still in Alaska. These plans are owned by the Air Force, But Civil Air Patrol personal and pilots fly them as unpaid volunteers. CAP does 80 percent of inland missing aircraft searches in the US.
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