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  1. Need I say more.... http://www.cybermodeler.com/catalog/pages/icm16_09.shtml
  2. The Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary ) flies them still in Alaska. These plans are owned by the Air Force, But Civil Air Patrol personal and pilots fly them as unpaid volunteers. CAP does 80 percent of inland missing aircraft searches in the US.
  3. Rolling in money?????? A lot of us aftermarket decal folks do it for the love of the hobby,not to get rich.
  4. Torcon is a scale that they use that measures the chances of tornado. Higher the number to bigger the risk. It goes up to 10. So far I just had some strong wind gusts and some heavy rain, but I won't be in the clear till 4 am
  5. Not really. Even for the south 70 degrees in December is way too warm. I'm in Alabama and currently under a Tornado watch and so far the storm has taken the lives of 4 people in Mississippi.
  6. I'm sure that a lot of us are under the gun today for very bad weather. Today my town is under a Torcon 8 for tornadoes today. We have the tornado out break of 2011 fresh in our memories when we had three come through Cullman,AL If possible those that are in the path of the storms, please check in when possible to let your fellow friends, brother's and sisters of the modeling community that your OK. And has always, take care of your family first, your neighbors and people around you first.
  7. No,no, no. They got it all wrong, the glass bubble needs to be on the belly of the plane so you can look down and actully feel like your flying. That I would pay extra for.
  8. Now its my new desktop wallpaper. For what its worth, I have the decals drawn for the two red tail jets, just need someone to produce them.
  9. When I'm in the workshop, I hook my laptop to my stereo and listen to different podcasts in itunes and I got an idea of putting together a model builder's podcast. I don't want to just sit there and talk about the latest model kits, but talk about anything in a modeler's life. Things like history, science, aerospace,etc. One thing that would be key is that I don't do this alone, having an extra person or two would help. what do you think???
  10. I did some research and for the the markings in the KA-3A kit can also be used to make a VAQ-132 EKA-3B. its like a hidden option in the kit.
  11. Thanks. I'm going to take a look at my KA-3 kit. I wanted to build it as a EKA-3 anyways. Correction Its the RA-3B I wanted to build
  12. Yes, Thank you, that's the tread I was looking for, I'm going to try to build one myself.
  13. Not to long ago, within the past couple of years. There was a guy building a 48th B-2. I have used the search function and I can not find the tread. Can anyone help?
  14. If I may suggest, I have been in search for decals for a F-104D, there is nothing out there for USAF F-104s anymore, much less two seaters.
  15. Quick!! Runaway walk away from the runaway balloon..
  16. I'll take a couple! Maybe even a couple of two seaters if you make them.
  17. Well, I did like the Orange and Sliver D model,it was the last D model in the profiles, but any one of them would do.
  18. I need some decals for the above plane, does anyone have any suggestions for USAF birds or maybe parts of the old Victory Models decal sheet?
  19. WOW, he has grown up. Yes I just finished packing my models and I an leaving out early Saturday morning.
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