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  1. Andrew,

    I did some research on VF-161 F-4S sometime back.

    After looking at various photos, I'm quite sure that the anti-glare panel is FS 35237 - same as the tail and the rest of the markings.

    I do not believe that it is either FS 36118 or FS 36081, although FS 36118 suitably weathered probably would be pretty close.


    (edited to correct typo)

  2. A new 1/72 F-106A from MENG is exceedingly good news!

    I bought a trio of their F-102A, and am glad they are bringing us more century series jets.

    On a separate note, I've been building a Revell-Monogram 1/48 F-106A these few weeks, and am impressed with the kit apart from the tricky parts breakdown of the upper fuselage - lower fuselage & wing components.

    Personally feel that the old Monogram kit is hard to beat, detail wise until MENG came along.

  3. Hi all,

    If anyone is still looking for an issue of Reid Air Publishing's Modern Viper Guide and Modern Phantom Guide, F-4DableModels still has some copies available at the original U.S. retail price of USD 39.95 and USD 41.95, respectively.

    Take advantage of the strong USD to benefit from lower postage rates to anywhere in the world!

    E-mail me at f4dablemodels"at"gmail"dot"com

    (replace "at" and "dot" accordingly)

    Jason C.



  4. Rob,

    The Malaysian F/A-18D Hornets have been upgraded in the last few years, and also have the bird slicer IFF antennas on the nose.

    The Wolfpack late F/A-18C/D update set will provide what you need for this build.

    Generally speaking the Malaysian aircraft were more or less equivalent to USN/USMC Lot 17 or Lot 18 jets. I've been told that the only difference hardware-wise is the radio sets installed.

    What probably makes the Malaysian jets stand out would be the overall FS36118 scheme, and the weapons initially operated - AIM-9P-4's, AIM-7M's, CRV-7 rocket pods, AGM-65's, AGM-84's and GBU-12's.

    I contracts for newer armaments like the AIM-9X and AIM-120 have been signed, but it is rare to see a Malaysian jet armed.

    The usual airshow static display load-out were a pair of AIM-9L/M (training rounds only), an AIM-7M and either a AGM-84 or GBU-12.

    I should point out that the jets appear to be in the process of being repainted. I'm not sure of the FS number, but it is probably the same gray as the Malaysian Hawk 108/208, MiG-29N and Su-30MKM's.


    Jason C.


  5. Gene,

    I did read the first page of this thread when it started.

    What I meant was that there weren't any more recent photos in Z-M's latest old man blog posting on the Nats., which had photos of their stand.

    But I take your point that I'm jumping the gun in this.



    Did you read the first page of this thread?

    As stated above, no pics yet from the (US) Gnats where ZM will have it on display starting tomorrow.

    Gene K

  6. I just read on the Z-M website in one of 'the old man's blog' that the new 1/48 Phantom is a F-4J.

    However, there were no photographs of the mock up included.

    Anyone got any photographs yet?

  7. Mike,

    Thanks for the input.

    I'll be in the Mission Bay area most of the time for a work-related event at the San Diego Convention Centre.

    Understand that the USS Midway and the aerospace museum at Balboa Park are probably walking distance from the SDCC.

    At this point, I'm not sure how convenient it will be to venture out from that area.

  8. I would go with the Hasegawa F/A-18A/C/D kits as far as possible.

    Although the Hobbyboss kit looks impressive at a glance, the undercarriage especially the main landing gear units are pretty dismal, with many incorrect details incorporated.

    I suspect this is because Hasegawa kit's landing gear was cast in white metal, which may have made it difficult for HB to render.

  9. The mood over country during the weekend has been pretty sombre.

    Kind of difficult to say anything that will be meaningful right now.

    We are thankful to the countries who have extended a helping hand in the search operations.

    One of my modelling buds saw a USN P-3C on approach to Subang airbase yesterday in the early evening.

    Understand that the RAAF are sending two P-3C's to assist too.

  10. Pat & Dave,

    Merry Christmas!

    I've still got Afterburner's SR-71 Part 1 decal sheet (48-078) available.

    It'll go for normal retail of USD20, but shipping from Malaysia will be on the high side.

    PM me if interested.

    Jason C.


  11. F-4DableModels is offering to Aussie & Kiwi modellers for a limited time only, a combo deal for Reid Air Publishing's:

    1. Modern Super Hornet Guide (RAP008)

    2. Modern Hornet Guide (RAP011)

    The cost? Only USD 99.90 including postage by registered airmail to Australia or New Zealand.

    Payment by Paypal only.

    Anyone interested, please PM me, or e-mail me at: f4dablemodels(at)gmail(dot)com

  12. Hi,

    Czech Models made a mixed media kit of the T-34C in 1/48 scale.

    Was pretty common at shops like Squadron a few years back, but less so these days.

    This reply won't necessarily help you, but guess you could check out eBay or the classifieds here.


    Edit: Sorry, failed to read your post carefully about the T-34C not being the variant you're looking for.

  13. I reckon it's a fairly good idea.

    There's room for plenty of spin-offs too - aircraft handling vehicles, deck crew sets, etc.

    Hope it's not too off-topic, but back in 2008, I scratch-built this rudimentary 1/72 elevator section out of Tamiya & Evergreen plastic sheet and other structural shapes.



    Since it is a matter of cutting a lot of plastic sheet the thought crossed my mind about producing a model kit which provides pre-cut plastic sections for the deck pieces, bulkheads, etc. and a few resin parts for elevator tracks.

    Bear in mind that it is rudimentary. A lot of plumbing and more structural pieces could be added.

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