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  1. Hi, How about the Finemolds 1/72 F/A-18 PE Parts set? Here's an url to it: HLJ I have it and thought it might prove handy. The instrument panels & side consoles are for the F model, although there are a hodge podge of parts for C & D models. Jason
  2. Hey ARCer's, Having last churned out our Export Bugs series of decal sheets, F-4DableModels has been working on our next decal project. The subject matter will be the USN F-4S operated by a couple of units, and covers aircraft specifically during the '82 to '86 period, which apart from the CAG & CO's jets, saw most aircraft being painted in overall light gull grey and then the TPS scheme. Extensive research has been done, and our research information dossiers are now being finalized. Help us out by giving your opinions on such a decal sheet, before we go past 'last chance'. Being a re
  3. Kursad, As a F-4 Phanatic, I'm bound to say yes! May be helpful if it includes the engine dolly too. In fact, I've been envisioning robbing the Trumpeter RA-5C's J79 engines for a diorama. Jason C.
  4. Oops! Sorry I misread your review, Dave - must have been still have asleep. Thanks for clearing it up. Jason C.
  5. Dave, Thanks for sharing the details 'bout this kit. Since they've reworked the instrument panel with details for the analogue instruments, do you reckon that subsequent CJ's 'should' have it too? Regards, Jason C. F-4DableModels
  6. It doesn't look as if the VFA-102 Anniv. decals are printed by Cartograf. Usually there is a small red square with some Japanese characters on the lower LH or RH corner of the box top to indicate Cartograf decals. I would have expected this one to have Cartograf decals, so hope I'm wrong. Jason C.
  7. Thanks, Istvan. A lead's, a lead! Jason
  8. Trying to contact Dana "Smudge" Potts concerning some F-4S photos. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Any help would be much appreciated. Jason
  9. Make mine a Toyota. Knowing the keen rivalry, Toyota may just have an answer to this one. Jason C.
  10. Yesss! Hopefully there'll be one on the low vis F-4S of VF-161! Jason C. F-4DableModels
  11. I'll second what Virsago II said. I use powdered washing detergent to remove acrylics - works all the time. An old toothbrush will be helpful in scrubbing the parts clean. Jason
  12. Colin, Sorry for the late reply. I used the Monogram A-18A kit, and mostly parts from the Italeri F-18F, and some from elsewhere and scratchbuilt. I previously built one from the RM F/A-18C and Italeri F/A-18A/B parts(canopy & rear cockpit) - it's somewhere in the gallery on ARC. Was asked to build another, and since the Italeri A/B and F costs the same here, I went with the F instead.
  13. Thanks, Jeff & Gregg. I guess at some point in time, I'll just have to build a kit bashed F/A-18E with the parts left behind from this build. Here's another shot.
  14. Hello, Just getting the hang of posting pics here. This is my TUDM 'D' kit bashed from a Monogram A-18, using the cockpit, spine and canopy from the Italeri F/A-18F. Decals are from F-4Dable Models. The model has been donated to a warrant officer of TUDM 18 Sqn.'s ground crew.
  15. Hi all, Would love to post pics. Still trying to figure out how to do it. Testing with a pic of my TUDM 'D' completed in February.
  16. Hi all, Would love to post pics. Still trying to figure out how to do it. Testing with a pic of my TUDM 'D' completed in February.
  17. Hi, Can I join the Group Build? I'm building a 1/48 Hasegawa CF-188 using the Flightdecs 2003 TMOTA decals. Still working on the main fuselage.
  18. I don't normally post on this thread, but it looks like fun... I just received: from HLJ - the Finemolds F/A-18C/D PE sets (both 1/72 & 1/48) - highly recommended. from Sprue Bros. - a 1/48 Hase F-4EJ 501 Sqn. & a seamless suckers F-4 intake set. The local Tamiya distributor is having a big sale - 30%(and a bit more) off all Tamiya kits. My bank account hurts!
  19. I wish to express my thanks to everyone here for the much valued feedback - keep them coming. While there have been various sheets and kits issued on the subject, there are still some 'unchartered' gaps here and there. It is these gaps we aim to fill. We will have something out real soon, which will appeal to almost everyone who has given their 2 cents on it. Thanks again. PS - Hey Matt, I'm just trying to make an honest buck! As for US test squadrons, I guess we are not quite brave enough to tackle that one.
  20. MiFi, Yup, you are correct. But there will be some new twists to some of them, not previously covered.
  21. Hi guys, Can you all help out a budding decal co. gauge the market response for an 'Export Bug' decal sheet? 1) What would be your most sought after export Bug(s) from the list below? - Spain - Finland - Switzerland - Kuwait - Malaysia (any other not listed here) 2) What would be the scale(s) of your choice? If there are more than one scale, list in order of preference. 3) Would you expect a 1/32 scale Bug decal sheet to have a full set of access panel numbers as well? All feedback and opinions will be very much welcome. Regards,
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