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  1. Yes, it's Taz alright - there's a different Taz nose art for each side of the jet. Hasegawa seems to have recycled this SJ decal option from one of their earlier 'incomplete' F-15E releases, but in the earlier release, the nose art is only on one side of the jet.
  2. Of course this is not saying that other F-15E based variants won't be coming out in future. Would be interesting to see if they end up tooling GE F110 tailpipes and more detail parts for the I,K,S & SG versions.
  3. Just saw it myself. I think sprue K is separate so they can release a F-15C/D MSIP kit at some point. I'm happy with this kit, but would be happier if they included the LAU-128/ADU-552's.
  4. wh1skea, I've got a spare ESCI/AMT F-4E nose section and the associated fairing and muzzle. I'll be happy to mail it to you if you think it could help you save some time and/or work grafting the Testors E nose.
  5. Others have reviewed the HPM 1/72 Mirage IIIO model here before, and the contents of the IIIO are largely the same as the Nesher. Perhaps this in-box review of the Mirage IIIO might help give an impression: HPM Mirage IIIO In-box Review
  6. Latest update on the F-15E from Hasegawa's webpage: So do we have a winner here? I can see the bulged MLG doors, the clip load ammo fairing and the arrestor hook, but looks like no LAU-128/ADU-552 launch rails(?). I'm personally quite pleased with what can be seen in these latest photos. Interesting looking stand too....
  7. Jackman, It's going to be a standard production item.
  8. I wonder if Hasegawa is going to tackle the blanking plate for the removed beaver tail, and also the exposed arrestor hook? Would be good if they can address the pilot's I/P coaming, but I'm doubtful. Likewise, I don't think there'll be any fixes for the JFS exhausts or other E-model specific access panels.
  9. Just noticed that the box top has now been posted on Hasegawa's website: Hasegawa seems to have neatly touched up the 'interim' box art shown in the website: The prototype use only BRU racks have been painted over, while tangential pylons and wing mounted drop tanks have been added!
  10. Gary, Been looking at some photos, and I say "scratch my last comment". The position of the coaming is pretty much where it should be now. Sorry for the mis-leading comments. Regards,
  11. Gary, So sorry for the lack of response. I think the current position of the coaming is much better. I would suggest moving it still further back (if possible), closer to the point where the windshield bow frame originates, but I can also see how the instrument panel and cockpit side consoles (and thus the cockpit floor) are positioned, which pretty much decides what can or cannot be done. Great work, man!
  12. I concur with what the others have said. Just would like to add that depending on the period (probably 1983 onwards), L model Sidewinders were used on VF-161 (& also VF-151) jets.
  13. Yes, they're still there at the Meridien. It's a pretty old Hasegawa 'SP' boxing from back when the Norwegian F-16A was still new. There were 2-3 boxes available at a reduced price, and I bought one. Due to the age, the decals may be a gonner, though. Jason
  14. JackMan, The Hasegawa F-16C (V3, et al) do not include the vertical tail as an unused part. If you are looking for a F-16A/B vertical tail with the extended parabrake housing, maybe you can try checking out Central Hobby Plus. I bought a Dutch Lions F-16A there just over a month back for a pretty good price. Plus it includes the standard A model vertical tail as well.
  15. Here's a picture of NF200, which was used on the box top of a Hasegawa 1/72 F-4S release last year: It is as Geoff says, but it's really your call.
  16. Gary, This is a great reference which I'll follow with interest as I've a few of the Revell F-4E/F in the stash. I have a question about the position of the front cockpit instrument panel coaming/hood in your photo, though: Doesn't the coaming/hood look like it has been positioned too far forward? Shouldn't it originate at about the same point as the windscreen bow frame? Regards
  17. Neo, The latest boxing of Revell Monogram's 1/48 F-5E may have the markings you are looking for. RM 1/48 F-5E Sorry it's not quite an aftermarket decal sheet.
  18. Hi Mark, I reacted pretty much the same way. If i'm not mistaken, that box art is the same one as one of their earlier F-15E limited edition releases. Maybe it's just a provisional box art?
  19. Hasegawa just posted their August 2012 releases on their web site: Hasegawa August 2012 I'm really pleased to see this one: 1/72 Hasegawa F-15E Using Google to translate the description, it looks like there'll be a bunch of newly tooled parts for this release. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will be able to nail this one to a good extent.
  20. I have this kit accessible. PM me your e-mail address and I'll get it done for you.
  21. Thanks for sharing your build. I look forward to your work, and hope to buy one of these soon.
  22. Er, do you happen to be Henk van der Lugt?
  23. If I remember correctly, the deployment of new F-4E's with the LE slats to SEA was called 'Rivet Haste'.
  24. Gonzalo is correct. I have personally seen the 'Hasegawa' 1/48 F-5E kit, and confirm it's the Monogram one with the same decal options as the original 1/32 F-5E kit. There may have been more than one boxing of the Monogram F-5E by Hasegawa. I have also seen the 1/48 F-5F with the black adversary jet (with flame artwork on the nose and leading edges).
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