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  1. Hi everyone, Just a brief update to say that Sprue Brothers will very soon be stocking the full range of F-4DableModels products. It should not be long before the order arrives - maybe another 10 days? Regards, Jason C. F-4DableModels
  2. If I'm not mistaken, all three models originated from Ace - a Korean brand, and are based on the Hasegawa kits. A long time back, one of my buds bought the A-6E kit separately, and I bought the A-7D which was based on the Fujimi kit, but did not have any intake trunking.
  3. Hi, I'm Jason of F-4DableModels - have e-mailed you direct.
  4. Jake, These are the remnants of the last carton I received back in 2010. I really don't have many left, though - thanks for the referral. Jason C.
  5. F-4DableModels in Malaysia has a handful (or so) copies left. As a regional distributor, we will charge the normal retail, but the problem is that we are in Malaysia, and shipping will likely be costly. If you are interested, please PM me. Regards, Jason C. F-4DableModels
  6. F-4DableModels in Malaysia still has them in stock. PM me if you are interested. Jason C. F-4DableModels
  7. I will be starting a new marketing drive after Christmas. F-4DableModels needs a U.S. retail outlet. Will post the developments here. Regards, Jason
  8. Mrvark, I have pm'ed you, and updated the post as well. Jason C.
  9. Thanks, Jake. The credit goes to the 'old' F-4DableModels team.
  10. Andy, For the moment, we will be supplying direct if payment can be made by Paypal. The item isn't widely distributed yet, although we are working on it. Regards, Jason C. F-4DableModels
  11. Dear all, It has been over 5 years since F-4DableModels released their 1/32 F/A-18C/D Chaff & Flare Dispenser Set (Product R32001): The last of the 400+ sets cast by Aires in 2006 sold out very early this year, and I have ordered a new production batch, which is now ready to ship. The price of each set is USD 15.00. Some brief details of the product: Product R32001 is an update set in 1/32 scale for the Academy F/A-18C/D Hornet, and is a MUST for late Lot aircraft such as those operated by the Swiss Flugwaffe, Finnish Ilmavoimat, Royal Malaysian Air Force and several USN & USM
  12. I saw one set at the local hobby shop a few weeks back. Will check again and revert. Bear in mind though, that I'm writing from Malaysia.
  13. The Classic Warships book entitled "USS Midway" by Pete Clayton has a photo of one of the F-14's about to leave the USS Midway, along with more details on the incident. I have a friend who flew E-2B's with VAW-115 'Liberty Bells' was there at the time, and did relate the incident to me as well.
  14. Hi, F-4DableModels in Malaysia still has stock of ABD48-030 available at the original retail of US$20.00. PM me if you are interested.
  15. Mark, 72-047 would be a reasonably good candidate to consider for a 1/48 version. Hopefully one day it can happen.
  16. The Esci 1/72 F-4 series was probably the best around when it first came out in 1983-84. There was a F-4E/F, F-4C/J & RF-4C/E. The only problem with the kit was it had a mish mash of features from different F-4 versions. For example, the air-conditioning intakes on either side of the nose, are actually the variety you would find on short-nosed F-4 versions. And, then you had main wheels which had hub patterns accurate for the F-4J/S, and catapult bridle hooks molded on the lower wing parts. None of this are major issues, and can probably be fixed quite easily today?
  17. Steve, The stencils on F/A-18 aircraft are usually in FS 35237 or FS 36081. It could be either colour, or a combination of both, therefore some research on the specific aircraft will have to be done. FS 35237 is Gunze 337 or H337 FS 36081 is Gunze 301 or H301
  18. The stencils for the Swiss option is in English, through and through. The stencils for the Finnish option is a combination of English and Suomen.
  19. The F-4DableModels Export Bugs A decal sheet 32-001A has gray stencil data. Although intended for Swiss & Finnish F-18C/D's, the stencil data for the Swiss option is standard and applicable for other F/A-18A-D in the TPS scheme. If you are looking for black stencil data, then Export Bugs B has black stencil data for Malaysian & Spanish aircraft. Check out the website HERE Regards,
  20. Missing Link did this item for sure. I bought a couple pieces 3-4 years back from Roll Models.
  21. Scoob & Phantom, I confirm that I still have 2 pcs. of ADM48-006 in stock. One for each! Please PM me if interested. Regards, Jason
  22. Scooby & Phantom, F-4DableModels does push AirDOC decals out the door in Malaysia. I'm sure there is at least one sheet left ..... atleast (maybe even two!). I'll check tonight and get back to you guys. Regards, Jason C. www.F-4DableModels.com Malaysia
  23. Hi, I have a Black Box Combat Series 1/32 F-15C Cockpit (CS 32023)which I no longer need. Item is new, only opened for inspection. US$40 including shipping anywhere. Paypal only. PM if interested. Jason C
  24. I've seen the kit upfront at a local hobby shop. It's essentially the F-111A kit with new sprues for the vertical tail, and the main EF-111A features, such as the canoe fairing, 2 blade antennas, 2 tear drop antennas and a new instrument panel. Most of the weapons sprues have not been included. The EF- specific parts are akin to what Academy did in their of the EF-111A. The decals look nice, but can't speak for accuracy.
  25. F-4DableModels (Hi-Decal dealer for Malaysia) will probably account for another 18-24 sheets. So that will bring down the national average to around 47 sheets?
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