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  1. I'm really impressed by your build, Cliff. Hopefully I can replicate the C to E mod one day. Definitely won't try the cockpit though! Jason C
  2. Yefim Gordon's book on the MiG-21 also went into some detail on the MiG-21 vs. an F-5. I recall reading the outcome being pretty much what Jennings quoted. There were also several photos of the F-5 and the Russian pilots included.
  3. Fabulous work, Jin! One of the most convincing paint finishes I've seen. Thanks for sharing this.
  4. SOLD items have been removed, and some more sheets have been added. The prices of some overstocked items have been reduced. Thanks for looking.
  5. UPDATE: Following items are spoken for: 48-092 A-4M Lo-Vis Mikes Part I US$10 48-093 A-4M Lo-Vis Mikes Part II US$10 More items to be listed soon.
  6. The very first F-4 I bought was the Revell 1/32 F-4J with VF-96 markings. This model has long been trashed, but it was the first of very many more F-4 kits. Jason C
  7. Hi, I've got some remainder stock of some discontinued sheets for sale at the original US RRP, with some reductions made to some overstocked items : 48-070 F-16C OIF Swamp Foxes US$9.50 48-072 F/A-18C/D Thunderbolts and Vikings (USMC/OIF) US$9.50 (2 available) 48-088 F-16C/D Big Mouth, Big Mouths Block 40 Part I US$10 (2 available) 48-089 F-16C Block 50 USAFE Big Mouth Vipers US$10 (2 available) 48-093 A-4M Lo-Vis Mikes Part II US$10 48-098 F-16C Golden State Griffins US$10 48-102 F/A-18E Rockin' Rhinos 1 VFA-22/143 US$8 - price reduced (5 available) 48-104 F/A-18E/F Rockin' Rhinos
  8. Netz, Thanks for posting the photos. I'm glad I made the right decision to get this! Looks like a VF-111 F-8C is now in the realm of the possible.
  9. The Hasegawa 1/72 F-4EJ kits would be very good for building early Vietnam War era USAF F-4E's. As others have mentioned, the EJ kit does not have slatted wings, but you will find the slat actuator fairings already provided on the sprues.
  10. I would say that the plastic is the same. However, the Hasegawa F-15 kit has undergone very minor changes to the sprues over the years. For example, parts for some F-15J specific antennas were added, as were the tail sponson ECM/RWR(?) antennas for the F-15E (Hasegawa's F-15E Dual Role Fighter kit). So some very, very early kits will not have those additions.
  11. In Hasegawa's latest boxing of their regular production F-15C which was released the last 2-3 months (kit no. PT49), the turkey featherless tail pipes and associated PE parts have now been included. Of course, this has resulted in a price increase.
  12. Hi everyone, This item is practically out of stock. There is literally just a handful left now, and I have been looking at having Aires cast another batch. Twobobs does not distribute F-4DableModels anymore. There is presently no US distributor. Jason F-4DableModels
  13. That would be outstanding. I have five of the Revell F-4 family sitting in my stash, and certainly would be very interested.
  14. I should add that 3,500 pcs. was applicable for an item not currently in production. If an item was in production, one could actually take fewer pcs.
  15. A long while back, Testors used to release the Fujimi F-15A under their label. Now, since they are the US distributor for Italeri, I reckon it would be a re-box of the 1/48 Italeri F-15A/C.
  16. Back in 2007, F-4DableModels studied the feasibility of obtaining a specific kit to be packaged with our own decals. I had the chance to speak to a representative of Revell Germany at an International Toy Fair and was told the minimum quantity is 3,500 pcs. The unit price will depend on a specific kit. It's been 3 years since, and things may have changed.
  17. Aren't Squadron and Revell-Monogram all owned by Tower Hobbies? If my understanding is correct, perhaps it explains the connection?
  18. I'd be delighted to find out what's the deal on the wings... Saw this on Squadron's website and was wondering if it was worth buying. Jason
  19. Great news! I hope to buy a few sets. Their web site hasn't been updated yet. May I ask how much did the set cost?
  20. I would recommend Wolfpack Designs 48-074 Late F/A-18C/D Update Set for all the mods needed to build a TUDM D model. Only thing to note is that the TUDM jets have not been retrofitted with the IFF bird slicer antennas (like the Swiss & Finnish aircraft). The TUDM aircraft have what is known as the 'missionized cockpit', and all have the stepped coaming. The information I have is that aircraft 01 to 04 have dual controls, while aircraft 05 to 08 have the side stick weapons controls. Regards, Jason
  21. Herbie, I'm afraid we no longer have a full range US dealer for now. Will be happy to supply direct if payment can be made by Paypal. Regards, Jason
  22. Hi Eric, Thanks, and yes, still clearly remember your F/A-18D built with the 'first generation' decal. The improvements are primarily in the comprehensiveness of the stencil data, and clarity of the instructions. And it seems the print quality is, well ..... sharper. Guess Cartograf has also made some strides here. There are no changes as far as aircraft markings are concerned, except for the TUDM reverting back to the original roundels which were applied by McAir at the very start. Jason
  23. Hi Gareth, Thanks, and yes the product name is a dead give away of what subjects might be expected in the time to come.
  24. F-4DableModels is pleased to announce the release of the following new products: Born in the U.S.A.!: U.S. Built Aircraft of the TUDM (Part 1): F/A-18D Hornet in 2 scales: F-4D 48-005: 1/48 scale - RRP US$ 10.00 F-4D 72-005: 1/72 scale - RRP US$ 7.50 Here are some images of the product jacket, instructions and decals: These two new products are new and much improved editions of F-4DableModel's pilot product from back in 2003. The decals are printed by Cartograf S.r.l, and include comprehensive stencils and both roundel styles used, as well as modelling information. F-4D 48-0
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