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  1. Some may remember but a good friend of mine's grandfather is a survivor of the USS Indianapolis disaster. Tragically he passed away early this morning. I'm not certain how many Indy survivors there are but there can't be that many left. I feel for his family and I'm honored to have known of him. I never actually met him but have been good friends with his grandson and have held his great granddaughter who shares his name. Albert Oliver Morris. A great American hero.
  2. I gave up beer for a month to see if it affected my weight. I'm about 200lbs and should be maybe 175 at most. I love beer and everyone calls me a beer snob. I'll drink a 12 pack a week easily. Anyway getting off beer for the month made me gain weight. So back to beer I went. I have noticed that if I drink too much beer I do get rather cranky. Liquor usually makes me silly.
  3. MAPS is definitely worth a visit. They've grown immensely in the last 15 years or so. Even have their own decommissioned F-14 that was flown in and then disassembled. Up by the airport theres the 100th bomb group restaurant. Ok food, kind of pricey, but the decor is neat. Most of the the local shops have been closing lately. I'm not even real sure what's around anymore. I don't think anything very close to downtown Cleveland. Marvin20 is your guy for local shops though. Theres also a nice museum in Port Clinton about an hour and a half west o
  4. Unfortunately the GB has come to an end. I must apologize for my total lack of involvement. I've just not been much into modeling in the last year and a half. It's hard to get motivated to build anything. Even sold off a large chunk of my stash. Congrats to to those who completed builds and to those with builds in progress keep it up. Everyone wants to see the completed works. Hope to be more active in the future. Nice work. Kris
  5. Can't wait to see more. Always wanted to build this one. Keep it up and finish it.
  6. Some good work here. Can't wait to see it in the test colors. Keep it up even though the GB is finished.
  7. Some great work on this. Just because the GB is over doesn't mean you have to stop. Can't wait to see it finished.
  8. Wow that's awesome nice job Pete!
  9. Unfortunately no there's other GBs that need to get processed. Doesn't mean you need to stop your build though. Keep it up and get it finished.
  10. Almost forgot. The national Infantry Museum is at Ft Benning which is about 2 hours southwest of Atlanta. I've never been a huge army guy but when we visited the museum when our son graduated from basic it was truly an awesome museum.
  11. Seconded Warner Robbins if you have a rental car. It's about 2-3 hours from Atlanta depending on what part of Atlanta you're staying. Excellent museum and free since it's a national Air Force museum. Believe here's some cool aquarium in downtown Atlanta but I've always avoided downtown. (Family lives about 45 minutes west of downtown) Also if you get a free weekend or something Savannah is about 4-5 hours away and they have the 8th AF museum. Not free but also a very nice museum. Also Savannah is supposed to be real nice. Wasn't our cup of tea when we were there with our kid
  12. Bought a new car and discovered a new money pit hobby so I only built two last year. 1/48 Eduard Spitfire MkIX (or VIII I can't remember) added an additional pe set then what came in the box and chose a scheme from the kit. Really nice build. see more in the Spitfire GB. Finally we have a 1/350 Revell U-boat Type VIIc. Got it in my club's "build the same kit" contest. Added a small pe set that replaced the thick plastic railings. Really a. Ice kit and very easy. Start to finish took me 9 days. Then it won our contest!
  13. After 18 months or so I'm happy to say the Indy is complete. If anyone remembers I started this in the Iron Men group build in 2005. Actually started the build on the 70th anniversary of her sinking and just finished it last week finally. This was my first foray into building a ship and I got turned around several times. Kit is from Tamiya and is a really nice kit. I took the plunge and added a Toms Modelworks pe sheet which added railing, stairways, and many other things. It greatly enhanced the kit but not was it small and fiddly. I could only do so much at a time before my eyes and brain co
  14. This was the second and last kit I completed last year. this was my local club's build the same kit for the year. Really nice kit that's fairly simple but well detailed. I added a small pe sheet that replaces the railings with pe. Really made a big difference in the result. It shows as it won first place in our build the same kit contest. Only just now was able to take pictures of it. Hope you enjoy. Kris
  15. Finally asked him. He was there 69/70. Have lots of cool pics at their house as well. Don't think he's ever made them digital.
  16. When using Photobucket I always used to just copy the image and paste. That doesn't work on here now I have to copy the "direct link" and it works. Not or sure if that helps with the format you're using but maybe.
  17. First year modeling he says. Ive seen most of these in person. Yup they're that good.
  18. He was in communications and also did the standard guard duty. Think he ran telephone lines around the base or something. I forget the specific years I'll have to ask him again.
  19. Also added the flags hopefully they stay. Not really sure how you were supposed to do these. Final pics later. Little Aly-gator is over a year old now. And Alfred Morris her namesake is still with us as well. Not many survivors left. Kris
  20. So it's been a long time coming with no updates but I'm happy to report that the ship is basically done. I have to decide if I want to dirty it up or leave it clean. It's going to go in a case when I find one so it won't be closely scrutinized. Painting the deck by hand was awful. Missed a few places but overall I think it turned out ok. Not sure I'll do something this small or ambitious again.
  21. Thought it would be simple but it never is. The fit of the engines was completely devoid of an area of the upper fuselage. Looked terrible. So I added some cut pe metal with some epoxy and will have to sand and fill and sand again later. Should look much better. K
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