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  1. Jake, Any hints at what we can expect to see on the Part 2 sheet? Scott
  2. Interested in the Meng Abrams but messages are kicking back saying your inbox is full. My email is: tman462@aol.com Thanks, Scott
  3. Thanks for the heads up ! Ordered ! -Scott
  4. Awesome work Todd .....very impressive ! Love the Su-30MKI !
  5. I got one from an Ebay seller in the U.S. https://www.ebay.com/itm/revell-of-germany-1-48-uk-air-force-tornado-f-3-adv-plastic-03925-/122898918458 -Scott
  6. Stations 2 & 7 had an integrated pylon with the tank (single unit) ..... there was a separation line on the upper pylon, about 2 inches below the wing where, when the tank was jettisoned from the aircraft, that stub of the pylon was what was left behind ....never witnessed that actually happening...... the tank with pylon was bolted inside the wing ...we would go out and assist the tank farm guys with the tank installations if they were short on people .....then we would run the voltage checks and stray voltage checks on the tank pylon and then connect the gas generator cannon plug and safety wire it so it could not back off or disconnect in flight. We were always told that if the wings were swept back past a certain point that the tanks would self-jettison ..... who knows? maybe they were pulling our legs :-) gullible weapons guys ....LOL ......I am sure as Mr Vark pointed out, that it would be the left seater's preference as to when to kick those big a$$ tanks off the jet. Stations 4 & 5 .....when the wings were fully swept back were veryy tight space-wise with the fuselage sides ....hence, the slant 4 configurations on stations 4 & 5 when flying a BRU-3 with multiple weapons. Never saw a tank loaded on 4 & 5, though I'm sure it was technically possible. Even if we had a SUU-20 or SUU-21 on 4 or 5 and the wings were pulled way back it was really difficult to get access to the inboard side of the pylon. I think on stations 3 & 6, when flying a tank, the fuel shop guys would have to install an adapter in the rear pylon area to provide a conduit for the fuel to flow up to the wing, I think it was nicknamed a 'milk bottle'. When I was at Lakenheath and we were tasked to install a BRU or a SUU on 3 or 6 and we found a milk bottle installed, we would have to request it to be removed before we could route and hook up the umbilical cables for the BRU or SUU. Fun times. Tanks on 2 & 7 were jettisoned via a gas generator that was built into the integrated pylon, whereas the tanks installed on station 3 & 6 would be hung on the MAU-12 bomb rack installed in the pylon and the loaders would install gas-generated impulse carts in the bomb rack. Scott
  7. I was stationed at Pease from 84-86 .....worked in the weapons 'systems' shop .....where we took care of the aircraft's weapons systems ...conventional and non-conventional ...... other weapons guys did the loading or worked in the back-shop, maintaining weapons bomb racks, pylons, etc. anyways .....I got to spend a lot of time out on the alert pad, in the event they ever had to launch and ran into a weapon's issue before taxiing out. Normal load was the toed-in tanks on stations 2 & 7 (station 2 & 7 pylons were in a fixed position, they did not pivot when the wings changed positions, when the wings were swept back about 1/2 way back the tanks would then be aligned straight along the fuselage axis line, if the wings were swept further back, the pylon with tanks would automatically be jettisoned from the aircraft) ....on the alert pad, stations 2 & 7 would have tanks loaded, stations 3 & 6 would have tanks (pivot pylons) and the inboard pylons, 4 & 5, were also pivot pylons. We normally saw two SRAMs in the weapons bay and either one each B61 bombs or one each B83 bombs on stations 4 & 5. I did see a four SRAM loadout on a couple of occasions ( two in the bay and one each on stations 4 & 5). off the alert pad, the jets normally flew 2 or 4 tank configurations. Hope this helps. Scott
  8. Order placed Dave ! Thank you for doing these .....much appreciated ! -Scott
  9. Hi Jake, Love your new F-15 sheet ......was wondering if you have any plans to release a sheet for some big Strike Eagles or variants? 1. Nellis F-15E Weapons School 2. Lakenheath 492nd, 494th, and Wing King 3. F-15SG with Mountain Home markings 4. Maybe a couple of F-15C Lakenheath options squeezed in? Wanting to do a Lakenheath E model but there are no current or even recent markings out there. -Scott
  10. Thanks Sabre .....I'm working on fitting the tail fin assembly to the fuselage ......I managed to do a poor job of fitting it and now I'm working on fixing the poor join. @Tobi .....I have that book ! It's awesome and a terrific reference !
  11. I am currently working on fitting the intakes .....trying to line them up to avoid any filling, at least on the sides as those are very noticeable. A little filler on the underside is not as easily seen. Once I have those done I should be ready to start fitting the wing gloves and then I can evaluate what is needed in regards to slat fit and clearance.
  12. @Lancer512 ...... most likely I will have to slightly reshape the wing glove to allow clearance for the edge of the slat. There's a build over on Britmodeller that covers the change
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