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  1. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9451984 hopefully this helps. They use the ones used on USAF F-15C’s.
  2. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/21081/the-usaf-has-quietly-added-large-multi-function-cockpit-displays-to-its-f-15c-fleet
  3. See if you can find this sheet some place. http://www.hyperscale.com/2020/reviews/decals/ed32126reviewbg_1.htm
  4. I’m pretty sure as of now every front line USAF/ANG F-15C squadron uses it. I don’t think there is any external way of seeing what jet is capable except when a Sniper pod is attached to the middle pylon
  5. What year? That way We could help you figure out what features you will need. good choice by the way!
  6. Like others have said you most likely need to figure out what airframe and time frame you want to model. The F-16C block 30 went thru some upgrades over the years.
  7. Jacobson vs Massachusetts (1905) and Zucht vs King (1922) might very apply to what we are experiencing today.
  8. An Aires exhaust would work for it with little effort but the intake would Be a completely different story that would require some effort.
  9. Tamiya kit has the parts to do a non CCIP bird as well.
  10. First C-130J for the luftwaffe just rolled out.
  11. I like the Eduard seats. They look nice and also come in the early and late versions. Wheels eduard is nice too. Also royale resins are great too. just incase you want those. exhaust nozzle I would say stay away from Aires on this one. I think I have gotten a couple for the PW powered F-16’s and damn near every one was broken in some way shape or form. The ones from reality that I got weren’t bad. Only grip is the price with the exhaust pedals on one of the sets was distorted but that’s it. Pretty good detail though I haven’t checked them for accuracy.
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