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  1. The full color F-14 in the pics I attached is 162711. I believe that’s the last F-14A ever made.
  2. How about some VF-202 F-14’s? I don’t think anyone has done them before at least in 1/48th scale
  3. The first F-35A for the 115FW is under construction. They should get their first lightning in May. https://www.ang.af.mil/Media/Article-Display/Article/3254884/115th-fw-gains-firsthand-knowledge-during-lockheed-martin-visit/
  4. https://www.scramble.nl/military-news/dutch-f-16s-back-to-europe They might have at least one still in service. Look likes J-067 flew back to the Netherlands from Arizona on December 13th.
  5. Yup. I just looked at my modern early vipers guide not to much of a difference but there is some.
  6. J-248 was a 1978 F-16 block 10A. There would be some modification work to be done to the kit to make it correct for the 1998 time period. By that time she was upgraded with the larger stabs and newer style ECS vent by the main gear bay. but still had the blade UHF antenna and that box like radar warning receiver under the air intake and also had the air data probe on the side of it. Also had the original F-16A IP in the cockpit. Oh also need the two blade like antennas deleted just after and below the radome.
  7. Mine was pretty similar just replace info about your post with the intro from my post asking for certain decal sheets.
  8. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/this-is-the-b-21-raider-stealth-bomber
  9. You get a message saying to email that guy too?
  10. Pretty sure the left one is for the F-16C/D the right one is for the F-16A/B
  11. I think the 23rd TASS might have had OA-10’s during DS but not 100 percent certain.
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