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  1. I noticed the other day that it doesn’t even have S ducts. Just a straight shot to the compressor fans. How stealthy can it really be. Just seems to me to be a 4.5 gen aircraft. Not really a true 5 gen. My guess the F-22 would eat it for lunch.
  2. Evidently the luftwaffe has decided to replace their tornados with a split buy of more typhoons and get this a mixed fleet of super hornets (most likely F models from what I read) and growlers. Should be interesting to see what they look like in German service. Should be starting to show up in the father land by 2025.
  3. Good looking stuff. Now you just need to do an F-14B and super hornet to finish it off
  4. South Vietnam operated early F-5A’s and also later the got F-5E’s. When the south fell some F-5E were captured. The united Vietnamese government gave at least one captured F-5E to the USSR for testing as you stated above. The USAF Never operated the F-5E in Vietnam.
  5. Damn I thought it did. Oh well. That’s my bad.
  6. That was for a navy contract. The Air Force one is way way bigger and includes, I believe, seven companies provide a large amount of red air services across several bases in the states.
  7. I know they have released other kits with it included. Also I believe that The new academy kit comes with and also the Great Wall kit has it as well.
  8. Fantastic. Good news. Do you know about when these will be available?
  9. Was just killing time and found this gem for an A-4M drop tank late in the Skyhawks life with VMA-131
  10. Looking back on some pics I took at OSH 16 I have a pic of an A-10C with a tinted front canopy like that (the side panels that is. The front one is still tinted blue/green). I wonder if this is going to be a thing with tactical aircraft with in the US armed forces
  11. They are reversible from side to side. Most likely a replace that was on starburst side of jet then got placed and put on this jet on the port side making it look upside down.
  12. Specifically looking for Wolfpack set 48006 F-16A/B Block 5/10 NATO Conversion set. PM me if you Have it and don’t parting ways with it.
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