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  1. achterkirch

    Sea Kings? Sikorsky and Westland

    Oh god please do!
  2. achterkirch

    F-16A Plus canopies

    Oh ya auto correct is good for some zingers. Ha Ha.
  3. achterkirch

    F-16A Plus canopies

    The one pic that I have from that unit when the flew F-16A plus. It looks like the canopy isn’t tinted and the seat cousin is olive drab.
  4. achterkirch

    F-16 ADF

    If you don’t want to buy another kit and save yourself some money you could always ask for those parts in the spares box forum under the classified section her on ARC. That might be able to get you what you need.
  5. achterkirch

    F-16 ADF

    Stab’s and landing gear yes vertical tale no. The F-16A ADF has the early tail with a buldge on each side. It’s different than the standard F-16A tail. The F-16C block 25/32 kit has the standard F-16C/D tail that has a longer base.
  6. I’m looking for hasegawa’s newest Rae’s of their F-111E kit, number 02060. The kits is this one https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10234926 if you have it PM me and we can work out details. Thanks for looking!
  7. achterkirch

    F-4E w/ Pave Tack

    Well I must thank you all. It has been a great help on a few projects so far!
  8. achterkirch

    F-4E w/ Pave Tack

    Your the one responsible for dstorm.eu? sorry for going a bit off topic.
  9. achterkirch

    F-4E w/ Pave Tack

    I found where I read the info at. https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/en/usa/f-4e.html
  10. achterkirch

    F-4E w/ Pave Tack

    I think it was planned but they signed the cease fire before it could happen so they cancelled it.
  11. achterkirch

    F-4E w/ Pave Tack

    https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10581608 eduard is coming out with a resin pod just for the F-4 with its pylon.
  12. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/25327/marine-f-a-18-and-kc-130-collide-during-refueling-sending-both-into-waters-off-japan
  13. achterkirch

    494th Expeditionary Panthers

    Twobobs is making decals in all three major scales
  14. achterkirch

    Possible new topics?

    How about some nasa subjects? Maybe some recent ones?
  15. achterkirch

    F-4E Europe 1 sharkmouth 1/72

    Try and find the Wolfpak ones. They are the newest and best quality.