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  1. I looked into doing just this. It’s not going to be easy to do. The Hasegawa parts I don’t think will work. Your best bet is to use the Revell and some of the Tamiya parts to make a complete NSI intake. Now for the exhaust I dry fitted the Aires PW-100 to the fool end of the kit and with a little filler it’ll work just fine.
  2. Thanks for checking it out at least!
  3. Would you be willing to add RNLAF D’s to it with the low viz rundel?
  4. I’m looking for this kit if anyone has it stateside. PM me for details.
  5. What he said^. Thanks for taking the time to make the forum what it is. It’s a little special corner of the internet that I have enjoyed for a long time.
  6. They flew both. I believe they flew D’s for a short period before they switched to F-16’s.
  7. Well I’ll be damned. Where did you order these from?
  8. Ok so a little history. When the block 40 first came out in the late 80’s the main wheels looked liked like the did in this picture https://www.airfighters.com/photo/220099/M/USA-Air-Force/General-Dynamics-F-16C-Fighting-Falcon/89-2009/ Then I believe in the Mid 90’s they started changing them out with the same main gear wheels as found on the block 50 but the ones on the F-2 are the original block 40 wheels so unfortunately the ones you where looking at won’t work. I believe they where only done by Royal resins.
  9. The wheels are the same for an early life block 40. The block 40’s during the 90’s received the same wheels as the block 50.
  10. For anyone in the know was there a plug or something used on F-4E’s equipped with this system? Not to long ago I found a interesting picture of a spang Jet that looks like it had a black plug with a white smily face painted on it. Photo in link https://imgur.com/a/mcJAlor
  11. Oh thank god I looked at this. It was all sorts of messed up for me the past day or so. Thanks to who ever found the fix!
  12. Also would you ever consider An A-7D ANG sheet?
  13. Illinois, DC, Vermont F-4D’s and Missouri and New Jersey F-4E’s edit all in SEA or Euro I
  14. They might. Maybe contact them? I know they do a lot of subjects.
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