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  1. They might. Maybe contact them? I know they do a lot of subjects.
  2. https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/bma48008.htm These might work for you if you can’t find them or something else for the early 80’s. I know the time period is during the gulf war but the scheme is the same and who can say no to mig killers?
  3. I guess today VP-40 came home from their last P-3 equipped deployment marking the end of 57 years of active duty P-3 use in the USN. Of course theirs some reserve squadrons that use the P-3 still so it’s not like they are gone yet but the writing is on the wall.
  4. Sheet I’m looking at is 48-068. I’m just looking for the portion for F-4E 71-0237 from the 3rd TFS during 1987. I’ll take that or also the whole sheet if your willing to part with it. PM me if you have it and we can work out some details Thanks for looking.
  5. http://www.f-16.net/g3/f-16-photos/album38/album70/91-0361-1744476994 Looks like it wasn’t. Though some parts like the missile rails and drop tanks look they are in Have glass. It looks pretty dirty.
  6. Experts choice sheet 48-58. Either a full sheet or at least the Wisconsin portion of the sheet. Thanks
  7. Did they ever change over all the versions, including IDS, ECR, ADV and the British versions?
  8. That’s what I use Acrylics and water nothing else unless it’s something I can only find in enamels.
  9. While the reduction of F-35B being purchased by the marines may spike the price of that variant the slack maybe be picked up by other nations like South Korea, Japan and Spain, among others that are looking at purchasing the B model for one reason or another.
  10. The nose cone has embedded lightning strips in it. Also the main wheels are different. Though not sure if any of the lakenheath jets got the AESA radar during that time period but they did switch to the newer style wheels. https://imgur.com/a/E1cMprN
  11. I usually thin my paints heavily and brush them on. I like to do really thin layers and build them up so this might work. I’ll have to get a couple bottles and try them out
  12. It’s that much better? I been using MM brands since I started this hobby long ago and dabbled in a few other paint brands but haven’t found any I like as much as MM paints
  13. That’s what I get for being in a hurry and skimming the post before posting an answer.
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