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  1. They look like 1000 pound Mk.83’s. Not sure of the fin type or fuse type. Maybe ask Dave from leatherneck decals. I believe he was at the air base this unit was at during desert storm and could tell you specifics.
  2. Air Force times is reporting that one of the pilots was part of the Montana ANG.
  3. Yes. the jet your modeling is a block 25 and those never got the APG-83.
  4. The early set is the APG-66 found on the F-16N and the later set is the APG-68 found on all F-16C’s until very recently when some ANG F-16’s started to get upgraded with the APG-83 (and some test aircraft that had it installed). The APG-83 has a very different looking antenna that has a fixed position unlike the earlier -66 and -68 mechanically scanned array radars
  5. The radome is has a rubberized coating over it and isn’t painted. When dirt and other things get on it it can look darker. I would just look at your references of the real aircraft to determine the actual color it should be on your model.
  6. Damn that’s looks nice. I think I’ll have to get me a set one of these days. Keep up the good work. This should be one hell of a model when your finished.
  7. The new academy kit comes molded with the slats and flaps molded up and you can fold them back. Though I’m not sure if that means in the over sweep position. Fine molds wings are the same and over the fully sweeped back too
  8. The Italians use The ECR and IDS versions. The IDS is I believe the same as the British GR1 version.
  9. Out of Italeri, Hasegawa, fine molds and Revell I would say fine molds has the best one. But that new Mold academy F-14 looks damn good too from what I can see.
  10. How’s the fit of the black dog parts? It looks amazing and I thought about doing a build with it.
  11. That’s a possibility but I’m not sure.
  12. So I was on airfighters looking at the newly uploaded photos and came up on this one https://www.airfighters.com/photo/236716/M/USA-Marines/McDonnell-Douglas-F-A-18D-Hornet/164870/ anyone know what the hell is on the underwing station next to the fuel tank? Kinda remind me of a MALD but I don’t think it is
  13. they are getting spike NLOS (not line of sight) Basically the can hide behind a hill or some other thing and shoot a target while being safely hidden.
  14. Eduard, their brassin line, has some good stuff like seats and wheels. I got a set of late style F-14A wheels and they look the part to me. Also quick boost has a ton of stuff (Like gun vents, beaver tail price with the ECM and fuel dump, lights, various F-14A/B pods for under the nose like TCS and the bullet fairing) that looks good. I got some but I haven’t test fitted it yet to see how well it’ll work. Also if you need decals I would suggest Furball aero designs or Fighter town decals.
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