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  1. Second this. Have glass with all black markings looks great.
  2. That’s a nice one. It’s even loaded with live weapons.
  3. I must have over looked that. My bad.
  4. 93rd at homestead as 87-0289 (former WI ANG F-16) painted up in full unit markers in HG5 https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/11176223
  5. From what I heard VFA-103 also had some E’s assigned to them https://www.reddit.com/r/WarplanePorn/s/12lGYKs6DH also in the photo I linked the tail appears to be black as well.
  6. Belgians first F-35 was rolled out Sunday. Serial is FL-001. https://fortworthreport.org/2023/12/11/belgium-accepts-first-f-35-fighter-jet-during-ceremony-in-fort-worth-cites-nato-unity/ they are actually using full viz insignia and tail flash.
  7. If you zoom in you can read it says 595 color 31136. Which I think means it’s flat insignia red. I know a red is one of the six (I think it’s that anyways) approved colors for the F-35.
  8. F-35 69-8701 from JASDF’s 301 squadron has some interesting 50th anniversary artwork.
  9. Is that the hasegawa kit? Or What did you use?
  10. Is this just for the 1/48 version or will the 1/72 be available for preorder too?
  11. How about a sheet for the 706th FS (now the 706th AS) during their A-10 and F-16 days.
  12. Ya. It’s still 313 squadron but I believe it’s a line jet. Seems like the Dutch have been using those badges to identify the squadron on their F-35’s.
  13. https://www.airliners.net/photo/Netherlands-Air-Force/Lockheed-Martin-F-35A-Lightning-II/7368355/L?qsp=eJwtjMEKwkAMBf8lZwVLwUNv9eBVD/5ASB61WN0lG9Cl9N%2BNi7dhBmYlSS/Hx281gwYqYJM77Siz8bPQsNID9Z1Mg%2Bm8P/RdxJLMTzWEsmMUQXbo319MYb%2BEIu0zxbcLgF0bU38Mr3PJC7cHnOeFtu0L0IYtog%3D%3D 313 squadron RNLAF
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