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  1. MRP280 for FS36170 gray. MRP278 for the special Matt varnish
  2. Well MSRP for their new release original boxing of there 1/48 F-14 is $115 but scale hobbyist has it for around $83 dollars. My guess it’ll be decently below MSRP but I doubt it’ll be as cheap as the meng kit. But then again I’m beating the quality of the tamiya kit will be superior to meng offering. Time will tell though.
  3. I believe the F-35I is externally similar to the F-35A. Only difference is Israeli avionics. It won’t matter modeling wise.
  4. Welcome. I hope they do too. Looking forward to their P-8A. I heard good thing about their 737 kits so I doubt this release will be any different.
  5. For you decals needs. https://camdecals.com/p48-001a-7e.aspx or https://www.ebay.com/itm/353800277250?hash=item526023cd02:g:s-EAAOSw~~Vhrw~G&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoJ9hxjGHo6M8qqgb3oc9TtGoNwVKcbADdiDGxemb6BB62SiXy9KGft0HGGcZjI96awswjox7TymLvMo6vyZOVLjNXOLp6CA22zRq9IbHxjOdJtk7ymd2lBB4Vsfmhj3fqwmF9rlmJhz6vS04RHuNeHrN5Z2G%2FMzIZBzAm2LJK%2Fvs8tHO1Mrt5zxmZvRZ2Bpw1%2B8o00xpVsGVh0mpdLTWgUk%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR8DyjI3tYA the cam decal sheet I think is sold out but maybe some one on here would be willing to part with it. as for that specific jet carrying a LANA pod during OD
  6. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02YkX65hbmghP2aChq3bpp9Lsef1NTx7R6RRfnbt6E1ifT1MFCgZmgYPaFkWK6pckYl&id=1509837872627284
  7. https://bigplaneskits.com/shop/big-planes-kits/poseidon-p-8a-172-7222/
  8. Since BPK’s 1/72 P-8 is due out in September maybe we could see a Poseidon sheet?
  9. Eurofighter would be sweet. I wouldn’t mind some NATO oriented sheets
  10. I know in 1/48 eduard has one with the pylon specifically for the F-4. https://spruebrothers.com/edu648449-1-48-eduard-brassin-an-avq-26-pave-tack-pod-set-for-f-4/
  11. For when you make that CMV-22B sheet. I think this is the first time I seen one with a full color tail.
  12. Sead load for VA-81 during operations against Libya in 1986. Looks like a shrike instead of a harm though.
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