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  1. Preorder is available for the price of the new Phantom . https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2019/blackburn-buccaneer-s-mk-2-rn-1-72.html TanModel Buccaneer delayed ... http://www.aeroscale.co.uk/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=30879&mode=thread&order=0 This year may a happy year for the Buc funs.
  2. Hi Weasel ! That's what I've been looking for for a long time . Thank you very much in the name of the Phantom II fan's community for this exhaustive description. I think every IAF phantom builder is very happy now if They read this . I have never read a summary of this topic anywhere. This subject has always been a dark spot for me. It's difficult to find reliable information and pictures from this topic . I went down this description for future use I think. If you can put links with images, that would be the great too. Or do I want a bit too much ? 😋 Cheers from Hungary
  3. Thanks Whiskey ! The main question for me is : which IAF painted Phantom version (not early SEA) can I build with full english stencil (from Isradecal) ? I have hard and soft winged Phantom kits too . If You say that only hard winged IAF Phantoms wore original english stencils, and later when they was upgraded with soft wing, after that wore only Hebrew stencils, I will build an early hard winged plane. I difficult to find pictures from early IAF F-4E , only from upgraded Kurnass2000, which I dont want to build. I do not insist on a particular machine. No matter in which squadron flown
  4. Thanks for the replies. I forgot to write, that I like to paint model in the IAF colors, not the original USAF SEA. As I read, I can build the following plane with full USAF english stencils without Kurnass2000 modifications : hard or soft wing, original or modified gun muzzle, with or without IFR probe. Only I must find proper pictures from that plane. This is true ?
  5. Hi Folks ! I have the following stuff for a late 1/72 IAF F-4E slotted (soft winged) Phantom : Hasegawa 00790 F-4E Phantom II Phabulous Phantoms (slotted winged version), Isradecal IAF35 English full stencil set, Sky Decal 72008 with individual markings and Hebrew stencils, Maestro Models IFR probe , Aires USAF cockpit set and exhaust, Reskit wheels, Eduard 73201, FOD and mask, XMM seamless intakes. I like to build a late, slotted winged F-4E with full English stencils, but not a Kurnass 2000 plane, because I know, that those planes are with Hebrew stencils and modernized instrument
  6. http://www.72news.eu/2018/04/eduard-testbuild-mikoyan-mig-21mf.html Here is the link for the testbuild.
  7. Gábor ! It seems to me that the shape of the nose looks like RV wrong forward nose profile. Only at a glance, of course, but what do You think ? It's a little odd to me. Kálmán
  8. Hello SEANM135 ! Navigate to : https://buckiemodelcentre.com Open the the shop and select in the drop down "product categories" menu and go to the "ITALERI/MPC plastic kit" PAVE LOW 3 MH-53J “Stallion” – Italeri 1/72nd scale plastic kit £14.00 Super Stallion CH-53E Helicopter – Italeri 1/72nd scale plastic kit £18.00 A lot of old kits there ! I hope this help a lot. Cheers
  9. Thanks , but I need real photo from this paint shema. This drawing I found too, but real pictures not.
  10. Hi Folks ! I like to paint my 1/72 AMK L-29 Delfin in Egypt colours with red underside, but I didn't find a single photo from it. Please help me with a link or pictures. Thanks
  11. It is made for Hasegawa . https://www.eduard.com/store/Eduard/F-117-1-72-1-1.html?force_sid=5dd7d376112739f0abce46e8e0355da2&listtype=search&searchparam=cx108
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