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  1. Hi all im building the big tamiya f4J phantom and decided to go aftermarket with the exhaust nozzles. However think i bought the wrong set! Need sone guidance. The nozzles look correct but not sure about the other parts. Can i use parts for fan for intake and exhaust or are they a later version j79?? Set i bought is the eduard brassin Usaf late set https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153426358485
  2. Hi im used to weathering kits but ive been previously using spray cans n now made the switch to airbrushing but had some issues. Im using tamiya weathering powder and noticed that it was harder to remove the weathering mix. It also seems to have left a shadow where ive painted either side of the panel lines. Anyone had similiar issues? I waited probably a day or 2 after painting to weather.
  3. Well i had been thinking about it for a while and now ive taken the plunge and bought a Revell airbrush for about £60 based on your recommendation!
  4. Hi all looking for a little bit of help here. I dont have an air gun but have been using spray paints on my last few kits so this is now my preference to brush painting. Im looking to do a couple of phantoms one in the dark green/dark sea grey and the other in Barley grey/medium sea grey/light aircraft grey. I was wondering if i could get some recommendations for nearest matching spray paint colours. For spray paint I can get Tamiya AS/TS colours, Mr colour, revell, humbrol and model master. Any help much appreciated thanks.
  5. Hi no i dont think its just inconsistency. Ts-32 is a lot darker than the colour ive used. Im still sure it was as-28 i used before having checked through my amazon orders from last year i ordered as25/26/28 not TS32 i gave ts32 a go but it doesnt seem correct. I know there arent any other paints that match directly the FS but are there any othere that might be close to medium grey?
  6. Hi sorry this makes sense now just had me a little confused. Im still struggling with this as ive checked back at previous paint orders i made online and ive consistently ordered AS25 AS26 and AS28 as the colours. The fact that i sprayed most of the top half of my f14 and now cant get a colour match is bugging me and i was sure it was AS28 i used. I tried ts32 but it is a darker colour than the one ive previously used on the model! Does anyone else do a match in spray paints?? Im in the UK but can potentially order paints online if anyone else
  7. Hi ive checked and AS-28 is Medium grey and there is another tamiya colour that is neutral grey so what you have said doesnt make sense.
  8. Well here we go, this is my attempt at the special hobby Tempest Mk V. Painted using AML models camo mask and tamiya raf spray paints.
  9. Hi having some issues with tamiya AS paints. Im sure ive used on my last 2 tomcats AS-26 light ghost grey for undersides,AS-25 dark ghost grey for front under cockpit and tailplanes and AS-28 medium grey for topside. However ive part painted the topsides with what i was sure AS-28 and came to paint some other parts and the new cans of AS-28 are a different colour. Do these seem like the correct colours im using?? Ive also read elsewhere that TS-32 haze grey may be a good match for Medium grey.
  10. So building yet another f14, spray painted most of it sure ive used Tamiya AS28 medium grey. The paint ran out and when ive tried to spray the air brakes with a new can of AS28 its came out a different colour! Can someone please help?!! photo below shows the surrounding colour which im sure was AS28 (and the air brakes painted with new can) which im sure are same colour but totally different! https://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y139/stephen182/1A5D66B2-ADC4-4A96-8918-BFC120CCB89D.jpeg
  11. Hi just looking for a little help with what the colours are here as it is a weathered and retouched TPS scheme on 114 used as Mavericks jet in topgun. From the photo is the part highlighted in green and left hand side of yellow light or dark ghost grey?? Its a bit confusing because with the part highlighted in yellow there is a demarcation line but the colour to the right of the line isnt quite medium grey but looks maybe too dark for dark ghost grey. Lastly are the touchups highlighted in red light ghost grey or dark ghost grey too??
  12. Are there any other manufacturers that have a match in spray cans?
  13. Hi all im going to be building a 1/32 f4u-1d in fleet air arm colours. Its going to be the grey/blue like the one here im looking for a tamiya spray paint to match this. http://www.mccrow.org.uk/England/FAA%20Museum/P7040184.jpg
  14. Ive just picked up some 1/32 decals for the f14As from top gun. Just wondering if anyone had any good pics of what was mavericks jet as that it the one i would like to model. So far ive only seen shots of "104" which is icemans jet.
  15. I modelled my "100" black tailed vf-31 jet with a mixed loadout of one jdam and a LGB. I believe it was more common as it meant being able to drop ordanance whatever the weather or target. Laser guided bombs couldnt be used depending on cloud cover as laser wouldnt penetrate. Jdams being satelite guided could still be used but werent as good at hitting moving targets. A great reference book that i got this from was the osprey book tomcat squadrons of OIF.
  16. Hi im building the trumpeter superhornet and some of the main decals broke up when i tried to apply them. Wondering if anyone in the UK has had any luck contacting trumpeter about getting replacements?
  17. Wondering if anyone has had dealings with getting replacement decals here in the UK. Im building the trumpeter superhornet f-18E and the decals have been rubbish, breaking or curling up very easily!
  18. hi im currently building a raf phantom in grey/green camo....ive printed off decals onto decal paper but the decals seem too thin and the surface colours seem to show through. any suggestions??
  19. hmmmmm seems like very good timing this!! im just finishing off a 1/48 sea harrier and a 1/32 lightning f6 and next in line to build is my hase raf phantom. im going for the grey/green camo from the 70s with 56 squadron markings! ive done two grey phantoms already including the one in my signature below!! ah well didnt realise start date was so late!!!!!
  20. I wasnt blaming hasegawa per se i was interested to know if anyone knew the reasons for it and everyone here has discussed the reasons in detail. However i still dont get why the increases were mainly on 1/48 th kits ie 1/32 kits like the f16 were priced at 60 pounds which is about the same price they have been yet Some 1/48 kits were raised upto that price. Anyway thanks guys i will leave it there!!
  21. So ive been out of modelling about a year now and just returned but even before my absence prices on hasegawa kits had really rocketed up!! Few years ago i remember paying 35 pounds for a tomcat then it went up to 45-50 and now its upto the 60 pound mark. I think its a really unbelievable move given the economic situation!!! Its pretty safe to say i will be staying away from any of their kits given that revell/academy/airfix prices are more or less the same - an academy tomcat is still the same 20 pounds it was two years ago. I could understand a price rise if it was market wide or due to im
  22. F14SRCOOL


    does that mean its that height measured from the aircraft or from the ground??? i just figured out that if i can get a size i can convert it to scale and calculate the size i need to remove, just not sure if the measurements are from where the tail join the body or ground level.
  23. F14SRCOOL


    Hi im currently working on a conversion of my 1/72 revell b-52D to a H using an old conversion set by DB models. Unfortunately it doesnt include any part or guidance on what to change the height of the tail fin to. Wondering if anyone could give measurements or a photo to demonstrate where to cut the tail. Thanks for any replies!
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