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  1. Amazing work in tiny scale! Well done!!!
  2. Very, very nice. Well done!
  3. Honored that mine was even in the running. Thanks, guys.
  4. Just getting around to posting pics here. Thanks for the kind comments on the build thread.
  5. Sorry about the pedal towers. Pump, radiator, and tank look great. Your new hobby areas are amazingly nice. Congrats on that! Are you playing drums in a band at present?
  6. Got the spare set of decals from Revell yesterday, so I worked today to finish her up. This is what the side panel looked like with just one decal: The second layer of side panel decal helped a lot in obscuring the color demarcation line. Overall, the model was fun to build, although the body doesn't sit down on the chassis like I'd like it to, so I'm going to display it open, which will show off the motor anyway. Thanks for looking and for the encouragement along the way! Final pics: Andy
  7. Just sent a request in via Revell's website for a "replacement" set of decals. Thanks for the idea, Dave. Maybe that will take care of (or at the very least minimize) my problem...IF they send me the decals. :) Andy
  8. Well, the white wasn't opaque enough. The red/blue demarcation line is quite visible through the side panel decal. I'm pretty bummed right now, but I guess I'll go ahead and finish decaling. Pics to follow soon. Should've known better than to expect it to cover...
  9. Nice paint work. It will really pop with clear on top. Great job!!!
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