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  1. yeah do it! My back up was black with red trim or you could even make one a Virgin Galactic one or Air NZ/ Qantas / Ansett - the list is endless! 😉
  2. thanks very much for the warm reception guys. I was wondering if it would be quite divisive with the hard core fans Hal, I have to say, I found the actual show to be quite rubbish really. The acting was abysmal and some of the plots were pretty off but like many others, I was only ever watching it for the ships Bill, thanks so much mate and yes - I did think of markings too but I'm not sure how I would grey one out. I have the symbols that come with the kit. Maybe the black and white one might be the go? TBH, I only gave the briefest thought to markings and even then it wasn't until I'd finished painting that it occurred to me that it has no identifiable markings or symbols on it. I should find some serial numbers from something and use those. I did draw up a little skull that I cut out as a mask to add to the side pod but I thought in the end that it could look tacky, so I passed I fixed up the paint issues I'd missed prior (plus... one's I think I may have added in the process of photographing it .. ) so it looks more finished, but now that you've brought that up, I may have to look into doing something about it. I'll take another photo if I do
  3. Hi everyone I've been a bit quite on the forums lately and that's because I've been spending more time building and less time writing. I had to take a break from the relentless detailing of the Star Destroyer (which I will go back to because I want to see it done), and so for the past month or so, I have been away quietly building my 48th scale 199 Eagle. I've long loved the design of this ship and have dreamed of having a kit of this as a boy when I saw it in an old Airfix catalogue but just never bought one until a couple of years back when I saw one of these going relatively cheaply instead I clearly grabbed one. Naturally, me being me, I also was never going to paint it like the show. Then I saw The Admiral's build (http://resinilluminati.com/showthread.php?t=17378 ) and it's inspiration from him that got me going on mine. So I naturally borrowed/stole his cockpit idea and subsequently made my own poorer copy. However, it reinforced my previous desire for a non standard white Eagle, so I came up with the most obvious option: paint it in black! Everything looks good in black right?! Painted in Tamiya NATO Black, flat black and German grey and something else to. The engine stuff is all painted in bare metal just because I thought it would look cool. That general concept is prevalent throughout this whole build really I'm going to blow my own horn here and state that I am super happy with how this came out. Yes - after taking the photos I realised that there are some paint issues to fix that have alluded me prior to now but they are easily fixed and TBH, I'm not going to take another series of shots to show them fixed. It's been hard enough to get enough light to take even these pictures. Love Melbourne weather! At any rate, you'll get the idea from the following pics 😄 and this is my rudimentary cockpit which I shamelessly stole from Bill. Thanks again mate!! I can't paint faces to save myself, so I sprayed shaped pieces of masking tape silver followed by clear red and a mist of clear orange. It looks much better to me The screens behind them are decals which I cut up and stuck onto the back wall with a hole behind it where fiber optic stubs had been inserted into the side panels - all lit by a single SMD each side. The red cockpit glow is a standard but sanded 5mm LED. It looks good against the black. Well, that was a fun build in so far as that I didn't have to make details for anything. Like I said, I'm super happy with this. I think it looks seriously cool, but that's just me Anyways, thanks for stopping by and having a look. Si
  4. no worries - hope to see your build here as it's one of my favourite WW2 Battleships and that scheme is just awesome
  5. The video looks interesting. I originally thought horror movie involving a modeller would maybe amount to just someone gluing their finger to a model but from the looks of it, its nothing like that at all. I'm keen to see the final movie for sure! Great 229 BTW! Will it appear as a cameo at all?
  6. hey hooter sorry for the late reply, but I used Intermediate blue for the one I built recently which seemed to be right. Or you could use Blue Grey (both Gunze)
  7. That is freaking AWESOME!!!!! I may not be the Falcon's biggest fan but I do appreciate a very well built representation of it. The effort gone into duplicating it is clearly evident here. The dio looks fantastic! The photography is brilliant. I haven't used so many superlatives in a single falcon post before, but they are warranted here for sure Thanks for sharing and congrats in being published too
  8. Great birthday present! Very nicely done indeed. Where did those figures come from?
  9. That is awesome Ray! Like the others, I love the forced perspective and the base. Brilliant work. Makes me want to do mine
  10. I love a good splinter scheme and this a fantastic example! Did you use a mask set or freehand?
  11. thanks very much for the kind posts guys. It's my third ship so there's definitely room to improve. I'm off to a good start on the Konigsberg so hopefully that'll be better
  12. Hi guys I am a massive World Of Warships fan, and I recently built a 1/570 Scharnhorst for my friend who is also an avid player. I had a blast making it, so decided that I'd build a ship for myself. I bought the Flyhawk Konegisberg as well as this, the Trumpeter 1/700 Richelieu. In the game (XB-1 / PS-4) this is the top tier French Battleship (alongside the John Bart) and I love it. It's fast and maneuverable for a battleship and it just has that French beauty to it with its raked funnel and those awesome secondary batteries on the rear end. I used the Flyhawk PE set and the Artwox Wooden deck set. I think PE is wasted on me really. I'm not that good with it, which some of you may find surprising given the small nature of my other stuff, but PE is a very different animal to styrene. At any rate, it looks like the ship from the game, so that's all that really matters to me there The stand was just an exercise on rusting effects. I cut notes out of the top bits to try and make them look like hard rubber. I am not the best boat builder as you can see. This is only my 3rd attempt at a ship so it's not too bad. Suppose I'd better go back to the SD but I am going to finish off the Konigsberg first. Besides, I don't have enough bench space with me working from home now. My work stuff takes up the rest of the space Anyways, thanks for stopping in and having a look Si
  13. Whoa! That's one chick you don't want to mess with Great digure painting and sculpting skills on display here. I'm keen to see the space ship for sure. I like the design a lot. Kind of has a German feel to it. Don't know why but it does (to me anyway). Looking forward to the next update
  14. Wow that's cool. Nicely photographed too. Great weathering
  15. mate - that looks awesome! Makes me want to build my C- 130 Gunship What I like most of all is that it isn't weathered to all heck and back. It emphasizes the 130's lines to a degree Looks fantastic next to the A-400 as well. Really fantastic work on both Ray
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