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  1. thanks guys! I made a start on the side walls this week and thankfully, the areas to detail are quite small, so this shouldn't take too long (hopefully). I'll have to paint the wall details of the superstructure before adding fibers as I won't be able to trim the fibers flush once they've gone in without damaging the detail there in the process. I still have to work out exactly how I am going to mount this but I have an idea and that's a start. Better than not having any ideas on what to do! All being well, I should have an update soon Thanks for your continued interest guy
  2. I am happy to say that I have added all the detail I'm going to, to the bottom hull plate. I do have some stuff to add to the upper lips where the sidewalls meet the hull but that won't take long. All that's left to add detail too are the sidewalls themselves. I won't be going to mental there as the space is pretty short but enough to make it more interesting, and then it'll be the joyous task of adding the fibers. Anyway, that's it for now. I'm still casting pieces for the base and that is taking up a fair whack of time but the shi
  3. Thought I would show you where I'm heading with this. Got some good basic structure work done and am now working on the larger details before moving in to do the finer stuff. There are some casting holes here and there and will need covering etc which will be done with details. Most of this will unlikely to be seen but it's better to be safe than sorry and have visibly empty spots of nothing Anyways, that's it for now, but thanks for looking Si
  4. thanks guys! I am also quite keen to see the end of this project too 😄 I've added the plates to the lower left hand side of the base and am half way through the right. A few details here and there have made it look much more interesting. Once the lower plates are on, I'll make the wall behind them ready for the next level. Photos will make more sense once I take them
  5. Hi everyone Thought I would update this quickly while I had some spare time. As I have said previously, I have made a good start on the base. Most of my time has been spent making casts but I have actually cemented stuff together. The main service trench has been made and I am now making the lower level details. I've tried to make it look under construction but I think I may have made it also look like it's destroyed. Not sure which yet.naturally, there will be some lighting in amongst all this to give it more life. I've quite enjoying making the base so far and if it goes like what'
  6. Mate, I was so stoked to be finally allowed into a shop this morning. I spent a lot of time and money today but I did manage to get stuff I actually need. The main support brace was bent into shape the minute I got home. I should have a good update coming soon too
  7. Cheers guys The base idea is blossoming into something tangible and I feel like it's going to be really awesome if it goes the same way I envisage it I really need to go to the LHS for supplies though
  8. I was lucky to get some free time this afternoon, so I took some pictures of where I am currently up to I have been working on this as well as the Batmobile and have actually got quite a bit done. I have cemented my base plans and I'll show you a picture later on of what I have in mind. So, I have been casting multiple copies of my very expensive 3D printed DS tile ready to layout on the sheet and that has consumed a fair amount of time so far, but TBH, it's not hard to mix up a batch of resin and make a copy while waiting for the spuds to cook or what have you. The surface detailin
  9. OMG - those wing struts were horrendous! The instructions are as clear as mud regarding how they go in. I stupidly glued the interior to the body before I put the body on which made things even harder. In the end, I didn't add a couple of supports which in the end allowed for the installation of the wings. I got there in the end but man it was frustrating to say the least. Everything else had been easy to put together though.
  10. Hey everyone Here's my latest side project - the BM V SM Batmobile - without the guns and in a more fun paint scheme. I bought this a few years ago with this idea in mind to turn it into something less sinister and more interesting. I was going to do it in red and black, but I felt the metallic blue was better. I've always liked the basic shape of the Batmobile but prefer it without all the fenders and guns - and the roof. Anyways, it was just a fun build - except for the rear wing: that was a nightmare to get on. Oh, and ET cement ran right down the inside of the windscr
  11. thanks guys - don't worry, I'll keep updating when I have something worth while showing. I will say however that I am glad to see there are people still interested in this build. Ray, mate, your 10 year build is something of a legacy really. I remember seeing it when you first started it. Maybe one year you'll finish it 😄 At least you got some lighting into it! Alex, thank you for the kind post. The Anigrand it is more in line with one of the studio models as opposed to mine which is just free-detailing and not referencing any of the models used in the films. So if you
  12. All good guys - just wasn't sure if anyone was interested as it has been going for 2 years now I am top of the list of people eager to get it done already, but I just keep finding more and more to do I still have the lighting to install yet, and then find a way to mount it and do the base - not to mention the painting.... The finish line is there, but its still a fair way away yet
  13. I wasn't going to update this one as no one really seems interested anymore, so this is mostly for the people who are following it. While I wait for my new 3D printed tile to arrive, I have been quietly working away on the ship and have finally finished one side. Now I just need to start the other side.... I know it's getting old, but I am trying to get a shuffle on this one as I want it done for Expo next year (providing its on of course) Well,
  14. Hi everyone Well, my replacement grid sheets finally arrived last week and I have now finished my master which I will make a cast of tomorrow and hopefully, will be able to produce enough copies to cover a large area. Started off with this: Ended up with this: Will post the results of the casting even if it fails Thanks for looking Si
  15. Here are a couple of pics of the start of my base. Doesn't look much now but these are just detail tiles which will form a much bigger area later on Yes, there will be a trench for X-Wings to run down 🙂 This base idea is nothing new, but I have always wanted to have a go at building something like this and this is the perfect time. If it fails, then I'll just stick to a pole and mirror (with something built along the sides or similar. I have a back up plan!)
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