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  1. Here are a couple of pics of the start of my base. Doesn't look much now but these are just detail tiles which will form a much bigger area later on Yes, there will be a trench for X-Wings to run down 🙂 This base idea is nothing new, but I have always wanted to have a go at building something like this and this is the perfect time. If it fails, then I'll just stick to a pole and mirror (with something built along the sides or similar. I have a back up plan!)
  2. hey guys Well, the cursed COVID continues and so does this build. Over 2 years now and lots more to do. I've slowed down a bit lately due to other things on the go but there is some progress - probably not as much as you'd like. but there is some I spent a few hours on the dome thing on the bottom and I am pretty happy with how it's come out (one 1 side anyway - haven't done the other yet). I've added stuff to the man hull plates and now I'm concentrating on the raise edges along the center of the ship. I'm going to do concentrated pockets of details here and there but lessen it as I
  3. Hi again everyone So, time for a small update. Things are progressing slower than I had hoped as I had to fix my screw up with the hangar bay installation. I've got one side sorted and I just need to finish the other side later on. I forgot to grind down the existing surface detail before slotting in the hangar bay, but it's fixable. You can see the gap that mistake left in the first pic if you look where it goes in. Then on the pic below it, you can see my fix for it which is working well. It looks very busy up here but the paint will b
  4. Thanks Janne! All being well, I'll have a decent update next week
  5. Wow, you don't see many of these online much nowadays. I've often contemplated getting one of these kits but I didn't realise how small it is. Not that its an issue mind you I like the base markings. The fighter could use some weathering though, just to break up the solid yellow but other than that it's really cool! Do the clamps/rests that the ship sits on come with the kit?
  6. You should try posting your request on Britmodeller for a greater chance of finding someone more local.
  7. Hello once again everyone. It's been few months since this was last updated and sorry to say, I haven't done as much as you might hope I had, but I have finished off the top section - well, mostly. I still have the SMD's to add for the trench spot lighting but in regards to detailing, that's all done So here is the top section shown as finished. I added some of the bits that sort of frame some of the lines to balance it out. You'll catch my drift if you look at the last picture in the previous update and look to the left of the ship and you can see some chips that run down the mid-
  8. yeah do it! My back up was black with red trim or you could even make one a Virgin Galactic one or Air NZ/ Qantas / Ansett - the list is endless! 😉
  9. thanks very much for the warm reception guys. I was wondering if it would be quite divisive with the hard core fans Hal, I have to say, I found the actual show to be quite rubbish really. The acting was abysmal and some of the plots were pretty off but like many others, I was only ever watching it for the ships Bill, thanks so much mate and yes - I did think of markings too but I'm not sure how I would grey one out. I have the symbols that come with the kit. Maybe the black and white one might be the go? TBH, I only gave the briefest thought to markings and even then it wasn't unti
  10. Hi everyone I've been a bit quite on the forums lately and that's because I've been spending more time building and less time writing. I had to take a break from the relentless detailing of the Star Destroyer (which I will go back to because I want to see it done), and so for the past month or so, I have been away quietly building my 48th scale 199 Eagle. I've long loved the design of this ship and have dreamed of having a kit of this as a boy when I saw it in an old Airfix catalogue but just never bought one until a couple of years back when I saw one of these going relatively che
  11. no worries - hope to see your build here as it's one of my favourite WW2 Battleships and that scheme is just awesome
  12. The video looks interesting. I originally thought horror movie involving a modeller would maybe amount to just someone gluing their finger to a model but from the looks of it, its nothing like that at all. I'm keen to see the final movie for sure! Great 229 BTW! Will it appear as a cameo at all?
  13. hey hooter sorry for the late reply, but I used Intermediate blue for the one I built recently which seemed to be right. Or you could use Blue Grey (both Gunze)
  14. That is freaking AWESOME!!!!! I may not be the Falcon's biggest fan but I do appreciate a very well built representation of it. The effort gone into duplicating it is clearly evident here. The dio looks fantastic! The photography is brilliant. I haven't used so many superlatives in a single falcon post before, but they are warranted here for sure Thanks for sharing and congrats in being published too
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