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  1. Hi again Last update before a short tools down period. I've not really spent as much time on the bench as I thought I would but did still manage some decent progress The front end is as busy as I want it now. Just need to start filling out areas around the hull. I won't go to crazy as I want to try keep to the grand scale and immensity of the ship. At the same time, most of this detail will likely be obscured by the paint. Well, that's it for now but feel free to share any thoughts you may have Till next time Si
  2. I'm re-posting the last update as it screwed up the page somehow. I have been working away on this since this was last updated, but no pics yet sorry as there hasn't been enough done worth while taking pics of yet I've started work on the "nose" as you'll see. I steered clear of cutting it off and dropping it like others before me. Fair enough if I was replicating the studio build but it's not necessary here. I realised I had cut out the backing board where the front roof sits thinking there would be something sitting in front of it - there is, but it's not what I thought. A quick sheet of styrene fixed that and I shall add some detail to it in due course. My intention is to have some pipes running back over the edge up into the cavity above it. Time will tell if that will be something that could work as the roofs will be the last thing to be glued on after the fibres have gone in. Still lots of detail to add to the rest of the surface but I am getting there slowly but surely The rear side roofs are also completed and ready to go on. They were a nice quick and easy job - well, in consideration of everything else they were Well, that's all I have for now, but hopefully the next update will be better As always, thanks for stopping by and having a look Si
  3. removing the content and will repost as the page has screwed up.
  4. The clear parts are supposed to be done like that for better light dispersion and to let the light out of the windows after paint, you can use a drill bit and do a small turn to lift the paint off, but to me, that seems to be a waste of time and you may as well not do it in clear to start with. Im sure there would be an easier way to go with that. Hope to see your Venator build one day. I made a start on my second one a couple of years ago but stopped after halfway through detailing the longer of the 2 engine tubes. I must pick it up again and finish it but my current build is consuming all of my bench time. Lol, I've lost count of my unfinished projects
  5. Thanks very much Ken for both the kind posts and the video. I saw a built one on Britmodeller and thought it looks nice and is well built there is a lot of light leakage at the base of the superstructure. I'm sure if its an oversight on the builder's behalf or an overall issue with the kit. Looking at it, I'm almost prepared to state its a kit issue but without having one I can't be sure. Bandai have done a fantastic job on the details though but its too small for my tastes
  6. Yeah I saw a video of a guy who's started the unlit one and its a lot smaller than I was expecting. Nice details on it though which is to be expected Hope to see a WIP from you soon then! 🙂
  7. for those of you who think 1/144 isn't big enough for you: https://www.72news.eu/2019/05/modelsvit-225-mriya-release-date-buran.html
  8. I wonder of they'll be cheaper than Revell then? At $200AU its a bit rich for a 1/144 scale kit
  9. Yeah, I'm seriously considering trying to create an engine start up/ run/ shut down sequence and some flashing LEDS around the ship and base.
  10. hey guys I've started the roof panels now and added some details onto the body to try and blend it al in a bit better. It's slow work but quite rewarding (well, to me it is) I'll start making my way forward now and finish off this side and then mentally prep myself to start all over again for the other side! Joy I only took 5 pictures before the light ran out, so that's it till next time. Which incidentally won't likely be until I have finished most of the other side, so another few weeks away. I'm also going to take the plunge and teach myself how to use Arduino boards, which ought to be interesting. There's heaps of forums about how to do it, so I reckon I'll pick it up easy enough. (famous last words) Thanks as always for looking. Feel free to comment - good or bad. Cheers Si
  11. Still looking the part Mark. Very impressive I have an odd aversion to replicating a prop in it's exact entirety (see my Star Destroyer for example). I prefer to make models for my own tastes rather than trying to be screen accurate. However on the flip side, I've had cause to reconsider my rather narrow view point on that and have been very impressed by people who have replicated a prop correctly and to me, this is one of those builds that by passes that weirdness and has peeked my interest. Can't wait to see this all come together Happy building! Si
  12. bloody awesome mate! You've pretty much made me want to buy this kit. Where's the daylight shots?? Post them bro - they're absolutely worth every hour it's taken you to build this Can't wait to see your next build - what ever that may be
  13. fantastic job on that console Mark. You should stick an LED behind it
  14. nice work Janne! Looking awesome. I like that pen idea. I thought it was ultra fine maskol or something like it at first Hope your knee gets better - nothing makes you feel older than walking with a stick
  15. Thanks Chris. I must admit, I'm actually both looking forward to that stage so that everything becomes more uniform, as well as being terrified I'll screw it up because painting is not my strong point.
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