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  1. Thanks for the encouragement Brett! I'm hoping it all comes out according to plan and so far it is but its early days..... he says a year later 😄
  2. Hey guys It's been a while since I last touched this but after numerous side projects (some successful some....not so much) I figure it was about time to get this going again and maybe even finish it this year - although being over half way through I doubt it. I'd just like to finish it all together really.. So, I have finished detailing the hangar bay and it is currently drying off the black base coat ready for the light strips to be attached. I am waiting on 2 new ones as I screwed up the first set by cutting it in the wrong place. I had the right number of LEDs for the amount of holes but the strip requires another 2 at the end for it to work properly, so the last 2 LEDs didn't light up. Good thing they're cheap! I'll have to black out the last 2 LEDs once I install the new set. As you can also see, there is a lot of artistic license going into this. None of this stuff is on the filming model but then I am building this for me and not a paying person so it's kind of irrelevant really The TIE hangar is installed and it actually works. Just need to tidy a few things up and then that's done. I had made a start on the side walls in Jan before I lost patience with it and they haven't moved since these pics were done I also painted (badly) the Blockade runner. This will need a lot of touching up before I'm happy with it Still a long way to go yet but hopefully I can keep up some momentum and get something done. I was looking at the photos I took of the Super Star destroyer and started to drool at the thought of starting it. Then I remembered it's resin and there is a fair amount of work to do on it and the drool dried up pretty quickly, but I will start it hopefully once this one's done - if I haven't over detailed myself out by then. Anyway, that's all I have for now but thanks for sticking around and having a look-see Cheers Si
  3. I love this even more now after seeing the effort you went to with the masking. Beautiful work!
  4. No, I had no issues with it at all. I actually quite enjoyed making this one. I've found that previously Revell's car kits were not always the best but these ones seem to be of much higher standards than the usual kits they make
  5. Thanks for the comments guys, and no Slartibarfast - I don't have any objections to your observations You're quite right, I would be very hesitant to drive it on public roads. 😄
  6. Hi guys Maybe this build might generate some interest here. My last build got no comments at all This is the latest machine off my work bench - Revell's BMW DTM done as a street machine. It's a hard to find now kit and I'm sure a few hard core car nuts have groaned at what I've done to it, but I like it. Its Tamiya Clear Red over Alclad Stainless Steel. I love the look myself but I leave it for you to decide. [/url Next car up will be Tamiya's new NSX with LB Worx Body Kit (once I've built it that is) Thanks for looking Si
  7. Els - your work never disappoints and this is no exception. Awesome build mate - in my favourite scheme no less 😄
  8. Hi, I was wondering about the Zvezda 1/2700 Star Destroyer Shield Generators you created. Would you be able to sell me a pair of those little beauties, please? Thank you.




    Edit; Don't worry, I've seen them on Shapeways and the ones you've made appear to be for the type 2. Type 1 (Devestator ANH) doesn't have the pylons which go beyond the generator housing, which is what I'm looking at doing once I've assembled everything required. https://vimeo.com/296208223

  9. Hi guys This is my second to last project for a while before I take a much needed modelling break. I've had this in the unfinished pile for ages and decided to get it done. It was originally going to be in the RAF 20th Anniversary scheme but I got tired of looking at BOG, so I decided to liven it up somewhat into this. I went with the Landor scheme as I thought it would suit it nicely. I used a custom mix of paints and the decals are a mix of Draw Decals for the BA writing, 26 Decals fir the windows and a friend of mine did up the tail logo from an image I found. Kit very kindly offered to do it for me, however, my other friend jumped in and completed them for me I had to do the doors myself using a custom mask based on the dimensions of the 26 set (British Caledonia). They aren't the best but they'll do Anyways, enough talking, here it is - my Landor VC-10: That's it for now, but thanks for looking Si
  10. It's great to see this getting some bench time again Ray! That nose job is seriously awesome and the internals are looking great. Looking forward to the next update next year 😉
  11. I am not a huge fan of the B-Wing - but that looks awesome Jan!! The weathering is perfect for that scale Is that the stand that comes with it?
  12. yeah I was but I guess you don't always need launchers like the Yamato has on it's rear end. I just thought it could be another bit of equipment for it to have. In my mind, they would retract underneath the deck
  13. that's looking awesome! Great work!!! What about the possibility of launch rails shown in the raised position on the rear deck? I personally feel there needs to be something on the rear deck, but I'm sure you have something in mind. Either way - I am really enjoying this one Keep the updates coming and I am looking forward to seeing what you'v done for the nozzle!
  14. I can't speak for the makers of SBY but I like it. Don't forget to add some raked fins 🙂 Keep the pics coming!!
  15. You don't see too many of these built and you've done a great job on it. There's nothing wrong with a clean build instead of looking beaten up. I have a 1/35th Nightstalker from Dragon to do one of these days and I hope mine comes out as nice as this Great work
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