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  1. Looks awesome Ray! I like that 3 tier grey scheme much more than solid.
  2. hi guys quick update. I've finished with the top side of the nose section for now and won't be adding any more surface detail to it until it's joined to the rear section. I'll be moving on the the main superstructure sidewalls and finish those off plus the roof sections and then add the last of the surface detail to the right side. Sorry for worktop pictures, but I couldn't be bothered getting out the photo tent tonight - too much effort It's current rest place: Well, that's it for now but as always, thanks for stopping in and having a look Till next time Si
  3. That's certainly a unique ship. Could be detrimental if it got shot in the engine though. The lighting is simple but really effective. Not over bright or out of scale. Great work all round!
  4. cool subject Ray! I like what you've done with it so far mate. Looks really good One day I should bust out my Gunship version of this bird. I will enjoy watching you build yours in the mean time 🙂 Got a scheme in mind?
  5. Hi everyone - happy new year! Hope we all managed to get some bench time in. I know I didn't So I have not long gotten back from holidays and decided it was high time I expended some time into this project. To be honest, I spent a lot of time thinking about this build and the things I could add and by the end of it, was busting to start back onto it. Also, finally, I have settled on the base layout and how it's going to be displayed. It'll look pretty wicked if I get it right. BTW, does anyone know of a way to bend brass tube to an angle of 90 degrees whilst still maintaining the structural integrity of the tube itself, as in, not collapse in on itself? So, I got home and promptly got bored of detailing the main body so I decided to move onto something else for a while. In this instance, I chose the top nose piece to play with. Better than my own one right? Zvezda have created these rather large, blank protrusions from the top surface which just look like blocks. They appear to have no function what so ever. They're just sit there like a zit. Can't have that, can we now. So, dress it up with some strip shelves, add some various piping and you have something much more interesting. I'll even try to stick in a fiber optic or 2. There's just some more plates to add then I'll look at the undersides of those edges and add some detail to those as there are woefully lacking. Then it'll be back to the main body and finish that off before moving onto the bottom half. Anyway, here's where I currently stand: And I just couldn't help myself, and took a pic which it joined up - just to remind myself of how big this ship is of course Well, that's all I have for now, but I will be back in a while once the nose is done. As always, thanks for sticking around and having a look Si
  6. So it's finished then? If so, where are more pics?? 😍
  7. I've pondered getting this kit but can't swallow the price tag that comes with it. Its great to see one being built though and I will be tuning in for sure Hows the fit looking?
  8. Well, I'm just glad to hear your in good health! Its awesome to see you back here again and I look forward to seeing your next build! As for the SD, im yet to go back to it but I shall be returning to it soon
  9. Jesse!!! Mate, great to see you back on the forums again! You've been missed Hope your well? What have you been up to for the past 4 years or so?
  10. Welcome to the forums Greg, and thank you very much for your kind post! I really appreciate it I look forward to seeing some of your work here soon Thanks Brad! Haven't seen you around much lately? Hope all is well I must admit, I am also looking forward to seeing the end of this but I have a very long way to go yet! Does make it sound like it'll be never ending but rest assured, I'll get there I haven't touched it since the last update as I've been working on another project that I'm doing as a gift. Once it's done, I will be coming back to the SD before a short Xmas break Thanks to everyone who is watching and posting on this thread. Si
  11. I'll be honest here and say it looks like the original falcon. Aside from the dish, i can't see anything different to the ROTJ falcon but then Im not an expert on these things. It looks like the original falcon to me. In TLJ the guns got knocked about pretty bad on the salty planet but after that I wouldn't know the difference between that one and the falcon in ROTJ .
  12. I really like this Bill - that's a really great job on the cockpit - or cabin, or what ever its supposed to be called. The control consoles look awesome and well worth the time and care you took getting the decals on. They also look prime for lighting - almost seems to go with out saying though. I also like the worn look of the floor too It's pretty big - hope you have room or it! Looking forward to seeing more of this rather interesting subject
  13. Hi again Last update before a short tools down period. I've not really spent as much time on the bench as I thought I would but did still manage some decent progress The front end is as busy as I want it now. Just need to start filling out areas around the hull. I won't go to crazy as I want to try keep to the grand scale and immensity of the ship. At the same time, most of this detail will likely be obscured by the paint. Well, that's it for now but feel free to share any thoughts you may have Till next time Si
  14. I'm re-posting the last update as it screwed up the page somehow. I have been working away on this since this was last updated, but no pics yet sorry as there hasn't been enough done worth while taking pics of yet I've started work on the "nose" as you'll see. I steered clear of cutting it off and dropping it like others before me. Fair enough if I was replicating the studio build but it's not necessary here. I realised I had cut out the backing board where the front roof sits thinking there would be something sitting in front of it - there is, but it's not what I thought. A quick sheet of styrene fixed that and I shall add some detail to it in due course. My intention is to have some pipes running back over the edge up into the cavity above it. Time will tell if that will be something that could work as the roofs will be the last thing to be glued on after the fibres have gone in. Still lots of detail to add to the rest of the surface but I am getting there slowly but surely The rear side roofs are also completed and ready to go on. They were a nice quick and easy job - well, in consideration of everything else they were Well, that's all I have for now, but hopefully the next update will be better As always, thanks for stopping by and having a look Si
  15. removing the content and will repost as the page has screwed up.
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