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  1. The Madhatter

    Roden C-141B Kit

    Els - your work never disappoints and this is no exception. Awesome build mate - in my favourite scheme no less 😄
  2. Hi, I was wondering about the Zvezda 1/2700 Star Destroyer Shield Generators you created. Would you be able to sell me a pair of those little beauties, please? Thank you.




    Edit; Don't worry, I've seen them on Shapeways and the ones you've made appear to be for the type 2. Type 1 (Devestator ANH) doesn't have the pylons which go beyond the generator housing, which is what I'm looking at doing once I've assembled everything required. https://vimeo.com/296208223

  3. The Madhatter

    Anigrand 1/72 VC-10

    Hi guys This is my second to last project for a while before I take a much needed modelling break. I've had this in the unfinished pile for ages and decided to get it done. It was originally going to be in the RAF 20th Anniversary scheme but I got tired of looking at BOG, so I decided to liven it up somewhat into this. I went with the Landor scheme as I thought it would suit it nicely. I used a custom mix of paints and the decals are a mix of Draw Decals for the BA writing, 26 Decals fir the windows and a friend of mine did up the tail logo from an image I found. Kit very kindly offered to do it for me, however, my other friend jumped in and completed them for me I had to do the doors myself using a custom mask based on the dimensions of the 26 set (British Caledonia). They aren't the best but they'll do Anyways, enough talking, here it is - my Landor VC-10: That's it for now, but thanks for looking Si
  4. The Madhatter

    1/72 Anigrand C-17A Globemaster - work continues

    It's great to see this getting some bench time again Ray! That nose job is seriously awesome and the internals are looking great. Looking forward to the next update next year 😉
  5. The Madhatter

    B-wing Fighter, 1/72 Bandai

    I am not a huge fan of the B-Wing - but that looks awesome Jan!! The weathering is perfect for that scale Is that the stand that comes with it?
  6. The Madhatter

    Space Assault Ship Toranaga

    yeah I was but I guess you don't always need launchers like the Yamato has on it's rear end. I just thought it could be another bit of equipment for it to have. In my mind, they would retract underneath the deck
  7. The Madhatter

    Space Assault Ship Toranaga

    that's looking awesome! Great work!!! What about the possibility of launch rails shown in the raised position on the rear deck? I personally feel there needs to be something on the rear deck, but I'm sure you have something in mind. Either way - I am really enjoying this one Keep the updates coming and I am looking forward to seeing what you'v done for the nozzle!
  8. The Madhatter

    Space Assault Ship Toranaga

    I can't speak for the makers of SBY but I like it. Don't forget to add some raked fins 🙂 Keep the pics coming!!
  9. The Madhatter

    Academy 1/48 Hughes 500D TOW Helicopter

    You don't see too many of these built and you've done a great job on it. There's nothing wrong with a clean build instead of looking beaten up. I have a 1/35th Nightstalker from Dragon to do one of these days and I hope mine comes out as nice as this Great work
  10. The Madhatter

    Questions About The Bandai Star Wars Kits

    What everyone else has said is very true. Press to fit doesn't equal crap when it comes to Bandai. The only negative I've heard of is that the plastic on some kits can react badly to oils and subsequent thinners. But thats it really. They're fantastic kits and they pay a lot of attention to detail. Well worth it IMHO
  11. The Madhatter

    Revell 1/144 AN-225

    As does Anigrand
  12. The Madhatter

    Revell 1/144 AN-225

    I so want one but I just can't justify the $200au price tag at the moment. I just hope Revell keep making it for a few years to come 😄
  13. The Madhatter

    Space Assault Ship Toranaga

    Are you scratching the main superstructure base shapes? If so - that's so bloody awesome I want to cry. I like those sensor ideas too, but I reckon a small viewing platform could look cool: sort of a sleek gun turret shaped window dropping midships between the 2 sensors? Like a mini third bridge but more in profile with the hull as opposed to sticking right out. I like how your keeping that WW2 theme going as well Great stuff all round Thom! Can't wait to see more
  14. The Madhatter

    Corvette C-7R

    Hi guys As a side project to my Star Destroyer, I have been building Revell's C-7R for a bit of a change. However, I didn't go down the yellow road, I went down the black road. Thankfully, I didn't have any issues getting my body to fit on or have any interference in the engine and the hood areas. I am painfully aware of the paint bleed at the rear and the other finish issues it has - I will try to fix that up soon. The rear wing is also slightly off which is of course something I fixed AFTER I took the photos. Opps. I took a couple of shots to show the interior before it went in as you don't get to see it all now Well, that's it. It was a fun little side project and I'm glad I did it. It looks like a Corvette and to me, that's what matters Thanks for looking Si
  15. The Madhatter

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Thanks guys, im currently working on 2 other projects at the moment and will resume the SD soon It is pretty out there isnt it I use a standard razor blade and my mark1 eyes to cut the styrene into shapes. Nothing fancy im afraid 🙂