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  1. The Madhatter

    Revell 1/144 AN-124

    thanks guys. Like I mentioned earlier - it's not my best work by any stretch but it'll do. It looks like an AN-124 and that's good enough for me 🙂
  2. The Madhatter

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Thanks Bill, it'll be a long labour of love I think before she's done
  3. The Madhatter

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Update #1 - playing with the back end So this is what Zvezda give you in terms of detail OOB Nothing wrong with that at all. Once those bells go on, you don't see much unless you're looking I removed the molded on pipes in the middle here because they don't even meet up to the parts at the end. They seem pointless and half done, which on a ship this size is noticeable Now here's what I've added to the surfaces (bear in mind I have only just started and there is a LOT more to do yet! I am just winging these details BTW) The white bits are all cast resin pieces of bits I use a lot of As you can see in those last 2 pics, I've gone outside what is on the filming model and added an insert to make things a little more interesting. I'll be adding some pipes going in later Anyways, I'll update again once I've finished the other sides which will be a while away as I only build 3 nights a week Thanks for stopping in and having a look Si
  4. The Madhatter

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Hey Bill I ended up getting the Falcon set as it came bundled. It also comes with a MF and a blockade runner. Still trying to work out how to light the BR though without messing it up.
  5. Hi everyone Well, time to bite the bullet and start on the "smaller" of the 2 Star Destroyers I have in my stash (well really, the Bandai mini SD's are the smallest I have but they are not ones I am going to detail). The bigger one is the Korbanth Super Star Destroyer which measures out to be about a meter or so long! The Bandai ones are to go with the SSD. I will build the monster one day but I want to tackle the one that requires the least amount of work first. I'll have to clear some room on my display shelf even for the standard SD but I think this will be worth it. This kit needs no introduction as there have been a multitude of these built online. I bought this ages ago but just haven't had the mojo to put in the effort it deserves. I will be adding details and of course lighting (which goes without saying really). To go with this kit, I have the Falcon 3D printed hangar bay, rubbish chute, shield generators and engine bells - all of which are beautifully made and smooth as a babies behind. I might even go to Shapeways and order a set of gun turrets too. No pictures as yet as I have only just started but I'll add some soon enough. As always, your feedback will be welcomed throughout the build - good or bad. If something looks wrong, say something. As nice as it is, I don't always need a "good job" and constructive critique is a good way to learn and be a better modeller. I will be starting with the engine block and have already removed the smaller molded on piping as they don't connect to the parts that they're meant to. It just looks weird See you all again soon Si
  6. The Madhatter

    Bandai T-65 X Wing...Rogue One?

    looking good Brett! With the engines, you could try a darker base colour like Tamiya's Dark Iron (XF-64 I think). I love it myself - its a great starting block and looks good as it is. Or even Gunze Steel Red? Either one is a good engine starting point and work lighter as you go. BTW - It's a welcome break to see an X-Wing that isn't Red 5 for a change
  7. The Madhatter

    ID4 Alien Exoskeleton

    your paint work is fantastic! Not sure about the pose though - kinda looks like he's doing the Haka but it doesn't matter really. It still looks awesome
  8. The Madhatter

    SU-17 M4

    man that is nice! It's great to see one that hasn't been weathered to hell and back. I'm one of those on the list that has one of these kits to build one day and am not put off by the negative reviews Great job you've accomplished on this Si
  9. The Madhatter

    ModelCollect 1/72 B-2A Stealth

    The kit was an infinite improvement over the Testors one in term of accuracy and fit but it still had it's challenges. The lack of locating pins etc can lead to ill fitting parts in the wrong places and the instructions are OK and on par with say Kinetic. The parts count is low as well and some etc attention to detail like the bomb bay wiring wouldn't have gone amiss. TBH, I don't think it's worth the price I paid for it. If it were cheaper then yes definitely but @ $200AU (now seen as 'low' as $170 from BNA) it's a bit of a rip off. Still, the main thing is that it produces a great looking 1/72 B-2 that you don't have to rescribe or cover with putty
  10. The Madhatter

    Some cool Sci Fi from Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

    LOL! Yeah - I do. I had TFA in my head for some odd reason
  11. The Madhatter

    Some cool Sci Fi from Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

    Thanks for that link Els - there are some pretty cool things there. I love that crashed X-WIng on Jaku diorama - that's very cool. I've seen a few things there already on a Japanese blog I follow The 3 headed dragon was also pretty cool with great explosion effects in play there - also like the Escape from Jaku in a U-Wing The fully ripped Godzilla like creature was also pretty gnarly! Great find mate
  12. The Madhatter

    ModelCollect 1/72 B-2A Stealth

    thanks heaps guys
  13. The Madhatter

    Iron Man Mark 24 "Tank" from Iron Man 3

    I'm not a huge Iron Man fan but I LOVE that tank! That is some seriously awesome painting right there! Well Done
  14. The Madhatter

    SBY 2202 1/1000 Andromeda

    Thanks guys. I've almost finished the base with 1 more ship to paint and attach. Pics soon
  15. The Madhatter

    ModelCollect 1/72 B-2A Stealth

    thanks very much guys. It's all done now in the Display Case Si