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  1. bloody awesome mate! You've pretty much made me want to buy this kit. Where's the daylight shots?? Post them bro - they're absolutely worth every hour it's taken you to build this Can't wait to see your next build - what ever that may be
  2. fantastic job on that console Mark. You should stick an LED behind it
  3. nice work Janne! Looking awesome. I like that pen idea. I thought it was ultra fine maskol or something like it at first Hope your knee gets better - nothing makes you feel older than walking with a stick
  4. Thanks Chris. I must admit, I'm actually both looking forward to that stage so that everything becomes more uniform, as well as being terrified I'll screw it up because painting is not my strong point.
  5. LOL, I think I'll be as koo koo as the guy in my signature GIF 😄 I'm thinking I may not go so crazy on the bottom hull plate but who knows? I am shuddering on the inside about having to do that as well as the top. I know I will, but it's still a daunting thought. I have also been eyeing off my Korbanth SSD and I know it needs some work but I don't think I'll go as nuts on that as I have on this. Maybe just a few details here and there. A complete rebuild of the drive engines too....
  6. Thanks guys The greeblies are 1/700 ship kit parts that I made casts of so I don't have to buy more sets as they're expensive. The sets are from Pit-road. The rest of the parts are from various other ship kits I've collected over the years
  7. Thanks Mark. I have yet to add the FO lights but I have a plan in mind for that to get them a nice glow as opposed to a harsh light. All will be revealed one day... Nah, joking. I'm just going to sand the LED's which will produce a nice even glow 😉 Righteo, onwards and upwards It's that time of the fortnight again - yup: update time! I've been plugging away at yet more side walls and naturally, there is still a heap more to do yet. I did say this will be a loooooong build (ticked over the one year mark already with so much more to do). I sometimes wonder why I do this to myself but for the rest of the time, I love it I have to remind myself that I still have the other side to do yet as well as the bottom and then the sidewalls. Maybe by 2021 it'll be done..... As you can see, I still need to add some details to the hull to tie in the sidewalls but that'll happen soon enough. Anyway, that's all I have for now but I will be back again once I have done something worth showing Thanks for looking and if you have any suggestions for details etc, I'm open to them Cheers Si
  8. I got as far as securing the Yuunagi but have yet t finish the Gamillian Cruiser. I keeping looking at it each night and keep thinking I should get it done, but with so many other things on the go at the moment, I haven't really given any thing else other than a thought.
  9. Thanks guys. Bit of a Blast from the Past this one. Good to see you again Tanis, its been a while.
  10. LOL - there's a snow flakes chance in hell I will be counting all the chips, strips and plates that I've added but if I were to guesstimate it, I would say in the 500 > 1k mark. Maybe more. I also reckon I've spent nearly 40 hours or so on it so far. Again, maybe more. It is testing my patience - that's for sure
  11. Thanks for the positive feedback guys Ray, yes mate I do make my own resin bits. In fact, I popped some fresh bits out last night . No chance of me counting the bits either! 🙂
  12. hi guys Well, time for another update. Not sure how many more I'll do for a while as I may take a break from this, but not just yet. I keep looking at how much I've done versus how much is left to do and I start shaking inwardly. Definitely a long term build. As you can see, I have made a start on the port side. I've installed the mini hangars and they look alright. I tried to dial down the brightness but may need to do more. And something I haven't shown you yet - a lighting test of the rear engines: Well, that's it for now but as always, thanks for sticking around and having a look Till next time Si
  13. Nice build Mark! I don't see too many of these subjects much now a days, but it's great to see someone paying it the attention it deserves. Keep the updates coming
  14. just caught up with your pic stream and I can only echo what the others have said in that it is quite an amazing build!. I also spent an hour or more going through your relatively recent ST dry dock build - that is severely inspirational! Thanks for the link and it is now book marked
  15. nah - I never saw it as stalking. I've often wondered if there is some kind of forum etiquette surrounding the time taken between a post and a reply. If there is, I've never adhered to it from day 1.
  16. Yeah I just reread what I'd written and it does come across as arrogant but it definitely wasn't meant that way. I think it was the addition of the smiley face that makes it look bad. Whoops
  17. Lol, don't getme wrong, there are times when I would like to have a magnifying instrument but I don't have one, so I have to make do with my eyes. I wasn't trying to be cocky 🙂
  18. If it makes you feel any better, I don't use a magnifying instrument of any kind 😁 I reply solely on the ol' MK1's thanks guys - I appreciate the kind posts. Hopefully, I'll up date this again very soon as I have got through a fair bit over the past couple of days
  19. Thank you Artistar - I hadn't really given those points much consideration before until now. Quite the compliment, so thank you again Hi guys Well, it's been 3 weeks and I've done 5/8ths of bugger all. I have made a start on the back end of the top hull plate which you'll see in a sec. I've not really touched it in this time as I have been building a Tarangus Viggen but that's stalled because I just can't bring myself to do the complex paint job. I have however think I have settled on a suitable base. It's also going to take some work but it'll be worth it. I just can't bring myself to do all this work on this and cheap out on the base. I certainly won't be making the same mistake as the Venator. [ I was blabbing on about some small side hangars in one of my last posts somewhere. I don;t think they exist on the filming model but I can safely say I think we're well past that.... You can see why I would think to have them though - those spaces look like they're meant to be like this, although I am wondering how much artistic license Zvezda used when tooling this kit Sorry to say but this is all I have for you. Till next time Happy modelling and thanks for looking in Si
  20. Mate, that's looking absolutely awesome! The weathering is great and not over done. Im still seriously considering buying this kit because of your build. I'm not a trek fan but I do like the design of this ship. Looking forward to seeing the finished ship
  21. I keep looking at this aircraft and the more I do, the more beautiful it gets. Awesome build
  22. Hey there You're quite right, I add details to my own tastes, with no references to plans or even the filming model. I just add what I think looks good.
  23. This build is really making me want to get one of these kits (and that is not something that happens much for me these days) but I just did an eBay search and they're over $280 shipped! I'd like one but I don't want one THAT much. I shall enjoy watching you build yours instead
  24. Very cool subject, and one you dont see many of. Are you going to make a reduction gear box for the main blades? I've not really had much luck motorizing models in the past so im interested in seeing how you go about it for my own references
  25. That's looking smashing ! I keep looking at those side bits on the wings and my OCD is screaming it should have more detail. The sensible side of me just says to shut up and enjoy looking at this awesome build.
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