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  1. Thank you guys and cool hand that i did not know..:)
  2. Hello just a few pictures of my FW190-A4 diorama article that should be on here soon :)/>
  3. Sorry to hear this steve , your wife will beat it m8.
  4. Thanks again everyone, Helidriver i did`nt consider blur props on it, im going to have a look into that. Matthew this B29 was based in india & i wanted to do a different paint scheme than the usual Bare Metal finish. Joel the painting was not hard just very awkward, but because of the wall mounting pole i just stuck it in a piece of board, and the it was not to bad to work on, i could even spin it around the angle i wanted so that worked out quite well but i had to use the table in the spare room to spray this beast.:)
  5. That`s a cool looking cobra, an excellent build.
  6. Thank you for your encouraging words :)
  7. Great looking paint scheme..
  8. Amazing looking birds, such detail & i really like the displays for them..
  9. This my last bird i built ,1/48 B29 Old Battler of the 444th BG/58th BW, It took about 2 years to finish ,i worked on & off it between builds but i did enjoy making it :)/> Full Article http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal14/13001-13100/gal13049-B-29-Coppin/00.shtm
  10. Really like the camo, and its a great build...
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