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  1. Any noticeable exterior differences between the two models?
  2. NJJK


    I always eyeball it but then again I'm one of those people that notices crooked pictures all the time and straightens them. A jig would be awesome but building one for every model would suck!
  3. If you can find the Wolf Pack WP48062 F-14A Tomcat OIF Update Set it has the vents in it.
  4. Sorry man, I could only find the older one without the NACA ducts.
  5. Let me check the stash tomorrow. I think I might have one.
  6. Need the waist gun windows from the 1:48 Revell B-17F kit. Thanks!
  7. I've used spray cans (and bottles for that matter) that were almost 12 years old and had no problems with them. As long as the nozzle works and I can shake the sucker up real good, it works for me.
  8. Nice build! How did you dirty up the wheels/tires and what is your dried mud method?
  9. NJJK

    Anybody ever...

    Convert a Revell 1:48 B-17G into a late model B-17F? If so, any pics or info?
  10. Nice! Makes me want to go get another one and start building. I built my one and only in 1990.
  11. What I do is I take some Tamiya clear green and paint just the edges of the HUD "glass" after dipping in future. It kind has a fiber optic type thing going on where if you look at it from different angles the HUD will be tinted green and some angles it won't. ETA: The effect works better if you use pieces of acetate instead of the thick kit supplied HUD glass.
  12. What riveters are you guys using for 1/48 scale aircraft? I have a CH-53E sitting around that will be my guinea pig. I see some of them actually leave square "rivets" instead of round.
  13. Any new updates? Did you get a replacement daily/weekly door or did you fix the mis-molded one? Great work so far!!!
  14. NJJK


    Anyone know which version of the TOW HMMWV was being used by USMC CAAT platoons during the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan? I'm coming up with three possibilities - M966, M1036, and M1046. I believe the M1046 came about after OIF but might be mistaken. Any help would be appreciated!
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