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  1. Kevin I am looking for some colourful 1/32 F-14 decals. Do you have any or know where I might locate some?
  2. I was gifted the Tamiya 1/32 Tomcat kit when a friend passed away. Unfortunately the decals are in pretty rough shape. I am wiling to pay for a decent set of early F-14A decals (partial sheets are OK as long as there is enough for 1 aircraft. Thanks for looking. I am in BC Canada.
  3. Thanks Rider Fan! I can see that the tanks and panels on the intakes are different coplours than the horizontal stabilizer from your photo. Colour photos, especially in books, can be deceiving when it comes to fluorescent colours, in my experience.
  4. Thanks John. I am doing an 1963 AETE 104 either 701, 702, 703, 704 or 705, There is a great black and white photo of the 5 of them in the Bashow book on page 14. I have seen colour photos where the tanks look orange and others where they look red...
  5. I am finally getting around to painting a AETE (Test) CF-104 in the natural metal scheme. I am wondering if the horizontal tail and the tip tanks (on occasion) are a fluorescent red, fluorescent orange or just plain red? Thanks for any input. Regards, Don
  6. I pooched my last canopy. Does anybody have a spare that they can sell to me? Regards, Don Weixl
  7. I meant CYANOACRYLATE (super glue/crazy glue).I have forgotten the proper short form name....brain fart...
  8. I built my spray booth using plywood and an exhaust fan that I bought surplus at Princess Auto supply for about $50. I believe it was an exhaust unit from a DC-9! It has an electric motor the size of a furnace motor and sucks like crazy, although it is noisy as a Harrier in a hover (very noisy). Don Weixl
  9. I am contemplating building a couple of Hobbycraft kits that feature out of scale recessed panel lines. I was wondering what would be better..fill in the panel lines with thin styrene rod or to use ACC before rescribing? Regards, Don Weixl
  10. I have one and never use it....I prefer other options to hold small parts such as small alligator clips on the end of bamboo skewers which I can stick into a foam block.... You use to be able to buy them at Radio Shack.
  11. I have heard of modelers checking seams by using silver paint or even a silver sharpie. Do you remove the silver before your topcoat or just paint over? Any comments would be appreciated. I am trying to avoid priming the entire model to prevent hiding very fine surface detail. Regards, Don Weixl
  12. I am interested in learning how to scratch build wheels and tires for aircraft models. I am amazed when I see resin aftermarket wheels and tires..I know somebody had to create the masters. I am guessing a lathe would be required for the basic shapes, but the wheel hubs are often very complex and symmetrical. Regards, Don Weixl Jr
  13. Those look amazing. Could you be so kind to enlighten us on how one makes the masters for something so difficult and complex looking? I don't plan on starting a business or anything, just intrigued on how you produce such "perfect" masters. thanks, Don Weixl Jr.
  14. Hello, Can anybody direct me to information on what type of Corsair Hampton Gray flew and if decals are available? I have the 1/48 Tamiya F4-1A kit bit I suspect Hampton Gray used a F4U-4. Thanks! Don Weixl Jr.
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