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  1. I won a started, Trumpeter P-51 from the Goodwill auction site. It has no cockpit. No panel, tub, seat, no anything. Any help on sourcing replacements? thanks
  2. duck

    CMK XP-55 resin kit

    I fixed my post. I am looking on any info on this XP-55 kit, be it instructions, reviews or build ups.
  3. duck

    CMK XP-55 resin kit

    Normally, resin kits are rather simple. This one is set up differently. http://imgur.com/FreSnKV This might be what was intended as instructions. http://imgur.com/RyiAMvN This is the box . http://imgur.com/3w0VjSd
  4. duck

    CMK XP-55 resin kit

    I recently bought a 1/72 resin kit of the XP-55 Ascender. The label says CMK, but the box has Aviation Usk Nebraska . It has no instructions and is not listed on the scalemates site. Anyone know where I could find a set of instructions? Thanks Dennis
  5. Got this kit from a Facebook auction. Detail sucks and the tracks don’t seem to fit. ‘Anyone know of correction products for this kit or how to fix the tracks? I tore one trying to wrap it around the road wheels.
  6. Take a picture of it and then resuze and post.
  7. Would any existing kits have compatible tracks for the Esci Jagdpanzer?
  8. Are there any 1/72 Jagdpanzer aftermarket tracks out there? I have a Esci kit I want to improve.
  9. duck

    B-26 builds

    I have a very rough 1/72 Airfix B-26, a Revell 04325-0389 B-26 and a Monogram kit. The Airfix is deing rebuilt with the Eduards photoetch as well as some resin parts. I just can’t find anything oline about working on the Revell or Monogram kits pr which variant they build into. Any help?
  10. I’ve aquired 2 Tamiya 1/32 F-14’s from online auction, one 1994 and one Blacknight. The 1994 was mostly assembled, but very poorly. It included a set of Eduard photoetch, aftermarket ejection seats and wheel, all of which were not used. The Blacknights kit was also started, but oly the cockpit/ front fussalage and main body with some painting and photoetch used. It was also missing the instructions, which i printed from Scalemates.com, and decals. The 1994 kit has aftermarket decals plus the kit set, so I have everythinng I need to build both kits. Who has built this kit using Eduard photoetch and what advice do you have? Thank you
  11. Does anyone know if the Scale Aircraft Conversion ser for the Trumpeter Wildcat would work for the Revell kit?
  12. Looking for a set for above kit. Mine broke and are not liking my repair attempts.
  13. Thanks for the tips. Between school work, going through the sruff i salavged from the house and everything else, i hope to try some of these before the months out. I’ll update with results.
  14. Back from PA and mostly caught up on what needed caught up on. There was no will. To do anything with the estate, for lack of a better term, requires a will, but since there is noe, we have to probate one. One of my cousins volunteered to probate the will and act as executor for the purpose of demolitioning the house. The taxes were up to date and we had the county come out and re-asses the propertys value. It went from 10,500 to 500. Yes, that bad. The house is not so much as condemed as we will jot allow anyone to live in it. The sole brother that was living there is being put up by his church until he can get his own place. The dogs my mother had, but neglected went to Blue Chip farm animal rescue and are available for adoption. The problem now comes doen to clean up, clean out and demolition. Nothing more can be down until the probate process is finished. The lone sister who has nothing to do with us might not sign the papers surrendering claim, just because she has nothing to do with us. If not signed within 30 days of notice, its the same thing as signing them, just takes longer. We had a contractor come look at the house. He believed he might be able to salvage it. However, the roof is giving way, so now there is extensive water damage to the south side. The west side is covered in wisteria. So much that its causing structural damage. Add to all this the lack of maitenance, accumulation of tradh, rodents, and waste, human and animal, its too far gone. Compounding the demolition is that the siding is asbestos shingles. I still have the gofundme going, but geared towards dealing with the costs for the cleaning and demolition. If you can give, please do. If not, please share. https://www.gofundme.com/Cleanup-and-Demolish-the-House&rcid=r01-152859924241-dca6201ba1d143f8&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w thanks
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