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  1. Captain, Thank you, after a couple of builds it starts getting easier and you really did a fantastic job getting everything where it should be plus having it look correct. If you’re on Facebook at all you should join Historic Space Models and post some of your pictures there, Vincent, Pascal, Dave Senechal, Mike Mackowski ,Ricardo Salame etc. are there . It’s a great bunch of guys and they would welcome your work, when you see Barry Ferguson’s 1/4 scale Mercury your head will 🤯. best, Steve
  2. Captain, I like what I see and it’s a testament to your devotion that you’ve stuck with this project to its completion. Thank you for sharing your finished work and you should be proud of the final result. The shade of green on the ascent stage is perfect and the wrinkles in your Kapton look great. Mr. Malaguti was referring to a build I posted here with an incorrectly represented MESA for a customer so I don’t know why he was hesitant to mention me by name.
  3. Mr. Wan I can check. Modelbuilder56 is my eBay username for feedback, I’ve also been a member here for many years but had to re-register recently.
  4. For sale 8 brand new hard to find Collect-Aire kits. email works best, roseanddon.stephen @gmail.com. Prices as listed, all lifting bodies and XB 51 are $275 plus shipping and the remaining 4 at $130 ea. plus shipping . Payment can be FF through Pay. D558-2 sold Thanks !
  5. Ricardo, I too enjoy our friend Ignacio’s work and I believe they are sculpted by him but both these vignettes are painted by me and were in SIM and on New Ware’s site showing the kit. Both of these vignettes are different, the one not pictured in Karl’s publication was recently built. It’s so difficult to paint a spacesuit with all the wrinkles and I use the oils over acrylics method which I believe you use also. This 32d Neil is not the best but shows the importance of outlining which was overdone. If you want to see more of him scroll down to my LM build towards t
  6. Ricardo I always enjoy looking at your work over at Historical Spacecraft Models whether it’s a figure or spacecraft and look forward to seeing more in the future. I’am a figure painter who likes to build models, a member of the Miniature Figure Collectors of America and New Jersey Historical Miniatures Associates so I understand your painting techniques perfectly. This vignette is painted with the same method not the time consuming crease by crease detailing and the regolith is a product that replicates the Lunar surface quite realistically sold by Stemcell Science center.
  7. Ricardo I’am assuming you drybrushed him rather than shade and highlight individual creases but whichever technique you used, the results are effective. I’ve built that kit on a number of occasions and still like watching Apollo 18 !😊
  8. Excellent build , that’s a great kit and you’ve done her justice, thanks for sharing .
  9. Now that’s an amazing piece of work!! , I knew by looking at the painting of your figures this was gonna look good when completed but I had no idea, thank you so much for sharing. Will continue to watch with great interest and I can’t stop looking at the pictures. Every minute detail has been addressed including the absence of any decal film, this is truly inspiring .
  10. Rostco nicely painted figures and details . Homer, exquisite upgrades for the shuttle !
  11. Ret thank you for your interest and posts, your comments really make those long days worthwhile and it’s nice to share the same interests with others. crackerjazz thank you too for your posts and interest, had it not been for that amazing start on your LM build I may never have started or completed mine. I think it may be time for you to revisit it soon because I was quite impressed with your work and techniques and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions. You may want to take a look at the 2 Facebook groups Space Modeling and Historical Space Models, the
  12. Thank you everyone and thanks bubble for taking a look and commenting on this build, it’s now complete and this is the last entry into the build log. Base was fun but quite a bit of research went into it also. The descent stage engine distributed 1k lbs of thrust out of a bell that had an area of 2730 square inches which translated to 6 oz’s of pressure per square inch that meant not much scorching on the landing site. I also read the paper on soil mechanics and didn’t realize Mare Tranquillitatis bordered the highlands which was only 50 km away , most of the regolith from Tranquil
  13. I have to apply final highlights to Neil’s suit yet and start the base but the LM itself is completed, happy with the final result and hopefully I won’t find to many issues with it while looking at the pictures. First issue was the the brown colored umbilical and access panel connector which are now lightened . I also noticed an error with the S band and VHF antennae booms, the coatings need to be wrinkled so they are now being corrected.
  14. Well thank you sir, after a tough week I can call the midsection interior complete with minimal scratch building which consisted of the engine cover, storage bags behind the commanders section, and the copper conduits on each wall. I forgot to mention in the previous post that the checklists on the AOT are a bit dark as the real computer printouts were pretty lightly printed, I tried making my own but they looked like blank paper. As far as being cramped we used pup tents in the Boy Scouts on our hikes at times and they were very cramped, getting dressed inside was a real pain so I
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