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  1. Mike , ‘Welcome aboard and great job as always ,looking forward to seeing more of your posts!
  2. Wow your post made me smile. I didn’t worry too much about super detailing this build but paid attention to colors and getting the crew sitting properly inside with both hatches functioning. Time for you to dig out that Revell kit now!
  3. Yes and our secret, see the small mark on the white square inside the commanders hatch? This is from me forgetting to close the visor when securing the hatch , visor must be down for hatch to close 😜 Glazes are a PITA but a necessary evil, I’ve just started using a wet palette too. The white circles on the clamp decals that surround the RR/RCS section have to be painted gray, forgot to do that and working on it now.
  4. A few final pictures of the capsule.
  5. Thank you for your interest and comments, you should be able to purchase a kit in the future. Jim moved back from California to the east coast and is setting up a new studio to produce more kits but doesn’t have a timeline as of yet. He’s still working on completing his kit so this is the first one built and mine could really use some extra detailing but actually getting things to fit this 1st time was more concerning to me, take for example the window curtains which I didn’t add because I worried they would interfere with the hatch closing and all pressure vessel wiring wasn’t added.
  6. Capsule build now completed with the oil paint detailing up next , my favorite part of the process.
  7. Don, Thank you but I’am far from an expert here and there are some inaccuracies within this build ,the most prominent being the color of the appliqués for the pressure vessel and hatch padding which should be gray. I haven’t added much if any extra detail and this kit begs for it. Thermal panels now split and decaled. White oil paint makes a great insulation medium for the thruster opening outer edges , you can stipple and create some mass.
  8. Wow that’s quite the endorsement , thank you! Now on to a sticky subject, exterior colors. We all know what materials the capsule was constructed from and some have used darker metallics to replicate these colors but this is not correct. For the cone I used a mix of olive green, flat black and euro gray 1 with the recovery/rcs sections being darker and cooler consisting of a mixture using reefer gray plus flat black. Once dry apply a very light misting of Tamiya semi gloss . ‘Fiberglass thermal panels need detail paint and hatches aren’t completed.
  9. Well thank you so much, Ed needed a little upgrade and while not physically correct the visor is now gold . Ed had two visors and a blue protective covering but the kit only provided the pressure suit visor and I don’t have a vacuform set anymore but probably should have made one.
  10. I’ve been able to get more accomplished, a couple thermal panel hinges need a build up of Mr. Surfacer yet.
  11. Hatch sills and gaskets on, both hatches up next.
  12. We have an epoxied crew and what I can’t believe is how tight the inside of that pressure vessel actually was on the real vehicle. I couldn’t imagine spending the amount of time some missions required that cramped , a rare breed they were. Decals need to be placed on seats along with some dry brushing and additional details.
  13. Thoroughly impressed with all of your work !
  14. Still lots of work on seats but everything fits after paint, anxious moments test fitting but it’s now time for the oils.
  15. Thank you for your interest and comment !
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