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  1. PE Questions

    If you wanna spray the Furure, mix it down 50/50 with isopropanol alcohol , spray at med pressure , light coats , one or two at the most.. This will give a tough hard to scratch surface.
  2. PE Questions

    To be clear , those are Eduard pre colored belts , and they did not peel or lose the paint in any way. I have had that happen too, not this time. Procedure would be ; Fit the pre paints to the seat first and set aside . Then paint the seat with a good clear coat to finish and re-fit the belts . The Gotha seat above is decalled in leather as well so the sharp edges of the p/e were doing some damage. Once it is all solid , then color blend the whole assy together. Big Tip: Your belts must be shaped properly. The glue will not hold against the resistance of the metal. Bend them into place , past where they need to be , and they will spring back to where you want them. Practise with p/e fret to learn the materials properties. And BELIEVE me when I tell you , you can get the belts to sit perfectly , all by themselves , by bending the metal & without glue. The glue is just to hold them lightly. ...& thanks for the comps!
  3. PE Questions

    I like to tack with tiny drops of epoxy , the run in thinned white glue to really get the parts joined. Fit the seat belts to the seat before painting the seat to avoid scraping off the paint! 1/32 Gotha ,all of the pe is in place without c/a , I'm hating that stuff right now , going traditional with pva.
  4. The Scale Model Critique Group and ARC.

    Those fbook pages are too funny. Bad breath and body odor is not 'power' smcg wanks!
  5. The Scale Model Critique Group and ARC.

    I would venture that there is some validity to this thread, otherwise admin would have removed it by now. Trashing peeps and their efforts , no matter how , will get you this reaction. Trashing peeps and their efforts , then cowardly banning them before they can answer , going on to more trashing and banning , dismissing the peeps you already trashed and banned gets you this type of reaction. Since the goof here thinks he can do that without a build up of resentment , shows a lack of respect for all modellers and indeed reality. The good news is once this is over the goof will be gone forever to the betterment of modelling. This is perfect and a warning to anyone who thinks they are untouchable.
  6. The Scale Model Critique Group and ARC.

  7. The Scale Model Critique Group and ARC.

    expertise? lol what a joke , in what , stupidity?
  8. The Scale Model Critique Group and ARC.

    Those pages are born of your vitriol dbag! As for commenting here , has your 'attorney' told you to 'seagull' the thread in order to build a 'case'? The depth of your stupidity is the real show here, keep digging that hole moron.
  9. The Scale Model Critique Group and ARC.

    His personal comments reek of jealousy. How anyone thinks his 'critique' is meaningful is beyond me. I see the motivation behind his stupidity now , its based on jealousy and lack of self worth. What a tough and hard place to be, I suggest some therapy, and not from a litigator.
  10. The Scale Model Critique Group and ARC.

    I would like to thank ARC for letting this go. Obviously the malicious nature of the subject here is being revealed ,and rightly so. The extremely foolish and incredibly hypocritical nature of the subject here is also being revealed. Arc is a one of the best forums and just got better. This is ugly but long overdue and the worthless fbook page being spoken of here can go as well, with no remorse. Well done , those of you here voicing the truth of the matter.
  11. The Scale Model Critique Group and ARC.

    I make no apologies. He is reaping what he has sowed. Don't worry jimbo we are all bored by you , and cant wait to see you go away and not come back. If you like I can start a thread on RI , we have a way of dealing with your type that ensures quick and humiliating disappearance. What I saw on your dbag page was a few guys who think they are Gods gift to modelling and will rip anyone or use weak critiques to 'prove' their experience and skills. The whole thing smacks of elitism and hypocrisy.
  12. The Scale Model Critique Group and ARC.

    I think the 'attorneys' will realize the unsurmountable depth of stupidity displayed by this goof and soak him for as much $ as possible. Entirely deserved. Don't let the door hit your asinine butt on the way out, you are not needed or wanted in the modelling community.
  13. The Scale Model Critique Group and ARC.

    You have nothing to share that peeps want to see or hear. Left your own group? I suppose you see the writing on the wall ,that your page is nothing worthwhile and useless to anyone wanting to learn better modelling. Sorry? I doubt you have ever been sorry, but will no doubt be finding out how it feels in the coming days. Have your 'attorneys' told you shut the f up yet? Good advice , you need to take.
  14. The Scale Model Critique Group and ARC.

    All these responses prove is that you are the goof .everyone believes you are Attorneys? The refuge of a goof who has gone too far and cant shut his stupid mouth for fear of losing the attention you so desperately crave. Go away and stop degrading the hobby and forums. Now you can reply in the pompous and self-righteous manner you think fools people into thinking you have the integrity you crave and so obviously DO NOT have.
  15. The Scale Model Critique Group and ARC.

    He has his own corn-ball forum to shed those crocodile tears on. His presence here demeans this forum.