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  1. Hi guys ! I invite you to visit our new Facebook page "Les Barjots De La Cyano" On this page you can see some of our achievements. We are a small club, only 3 people...based in France. You have certainly seen some of our models ! we make militaria, for my part it is planes, 32° and 48°, the other members of the club make tanks... (no one is perfect! 😂) Thank you
  2. Hi ! here my Cobra finished... a very good kit !!😃
  3. Hi ! here are some pictures of the assembly, for the moment I am here ... I painted the shark's mouth this afternoon.
  4. Thank you, I will post lots of photos when I get my iphone back, it is being repaired ... I'm going to apply a coat of primer, not to make chipping, but to have certain nuances in the color.
  5. Hi guys ! the assembly is progressing well, i wait some mask, but i think the most difficult was the shark mouth painting... another question, what's the primer color of the Cobra befor the camo painting. At the factory... Zinc chromate ? what is your opinion... thanks
  6. Thank you for all this info which I am taking note of ... Regarding the two rear stabilizers, do you know why there are two choices? with rivets and without ...
  7. Hi ! yes i use Special hobby kit, what are the decals errors ?
  8. Hi ! Could someone point me to the logo of the 4th Air Cavalry Division in Vietnam? I'm in the process building of the Cobra to 1/32 ° and I need informations ... Real thanks ! 😉
  9. Hi guys ! I plan to make the Presidential Air Force One (VC-125), Hasegawa 1/200 ° device. Does anyone know of any add-ons for this aircraft? New reactors, flaps, or even stencils or even decals? Do you have any tips for portholes? because in the box they are not represented ... https://www.scalemates.com/fr/kits/hasegawa-10608-vc-25a-air-force-one--984736 Thanks !!! 😉
  10. Hi guys !!!😉 I'll started very soon the kit of B-24D 1/32 HobbyBoss, the D type, I would do the famous "Little Gramper", I need all your informations on this aircraft, I already have no wrong but maybe I forget things ! The painting will be done entirely with the stencils of DN MODELS More news soon...😁
  11. Full work !!!!! real thanks my friend for pictures. ;)
  12. Hi guys ! I am looking for a set resin to fold the main rotor MH-60 1/35 academy, anyone know if this exsiste? Is that the Black Hawk had the same type of main rotor? there you could fold their rotors too? Someone would have photos? Thanks !!!
  13. Real thanks ! and have you a web site for 1/200 liner aircraft ? specialy with accessories, mask, or other ?
  14. Hi guys !! i would like to start the Hasegawa kit of AIR FORCE ONE, 1/200°, but i have a question for the painting... the main color is blue decal, and I would totally paint, someone would have an idea for a reference or to a mixture? And also, y there any difference between the version of the box which dates 2000s and the current plane? different antennas? anything else? someone has already build it ? Thanks, As soon !!!
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