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  1. Hi guys !!!😉 I'll started very soon the kit of B-24D 1/32 HobbyBoss, the D type, I would do the famous "Little Gramper", I need all your informations on this aircraft, I already have no wrong but maybe I forget things ! The painting will be done entirely with the stencils of DN MODELS More news soon...😁
  2. Full work !!!!! real thanks my friend for pictures. ;)
  3. Hi guys ! I am looking for a set resin to fold the main rotor MH-60 1/35 academy, anyone know if this exsiste? Is that the Black Hawk had the same type of main rotor? there you could fold their rotors too? Someone would have photos? Thanks !!!
  4. Real thanks ! and have you a web site for 1/200 liner aircraft ? specialy with accessories, mask, or other ?
  5. Hi guys !! i would like to start the Hasegawa kit of AIR FORCE ONE, 1/200°, but i have a question for the painting... the main color is blue decal, and I would totally paint, someone would have an idea for a reference or to a mixture? And also, y there any difference between the version of the box which dates 2000s and the current plane? different antennas? anything else? someone has already build it ? Thanks, As soon !!!
  6. Merry christmas from France has all the forum!! https://www.facebook.com/mjnmaquettes
  7. Hi, i'm a french model builder, and i would like to start building of the the famous C-17 Globmaster of Anigrand in 1/72°. IF SOMEONE HAS PLANS, or detailed pictures or any other source of information necessary for the assembly of this plane, I'm interested!! thank you and soon! :smiley-transport008:/> here my private @-mail : florentino81@gmail.com
  8. sorry but i have the "Afterburner" :-((
  9. you were a pilot? Is that true? on Tomcat? do you have pictures?
  10. hello, I am looking for information for the aircraft, why did this drawing it on the nose? you have other pictures? I planned to use a resin cockpit "wolfpack" decals "afterburner" fod cover "stealbeach." On an aircraft carrier diorama with a navy tractor EPU "verlinden", what was the exact purpose of this tractor? do you know? I would put 2 pilots on my diorama, do you know the a good brand for these figures? thanks !!!!
  11. Hi !!!! i shearch some information about this aircraft : F/A-18A Hornet "top gun 46" BuNo 162894 between 1994-1996. if you have some picture, history or other, keep me informed. this aircraft are misterious, rare picture on web !!! it's for my next build. thanks.
  12. Hi !!!! here my last model, the corsair of "papy" boyington, trumpeter 1/32° very special to build, not easy... Diorama in preparation...soon... bye !!!!
  13. top gun

    C-2A Greyhound.

    This kit it rises very easy, a little how that of E-2C Hawkeye has the same scale, the attention on the joints of sticking, is needed a poid of 70gr in the nose and not 50, the inside asks for a little of work, especially the hold and the ceiling, but otherwise only, for the pleasure!!!
  14. top gun

    C-2A Greyhound.

    thanks, and i'm a cook !!! i work here : http://www.lepescalune.com/
  15. top gun

    C-2A Greyhound.

    thanks, no really difficult for the painting, just a lot of Tamiya bandage mask !!!!, in first the with, the grey, yellow, red, and to finish the blue.
  16. Hi ! mister Caracal ! look the result, good job ! you can see another picture in "propeller section" bye !!!
  17. top gun

    C-2A Greyhound.

    Hi !! here some picture of the famous C-2A Greyhound, VRC-40 "rawhides", with Caracal models decals sheet. Sorry for my bad english, i'm french !! bye, as soon !!!!
  18. Hi !!! here some pictures of my C-A Greyhound with Caracal Models decals, sorry but i have no use the decal for the red sun, because it's to difficult to use at perfection, i have painting the totality, look the result, splendid !!!!
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