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  1. .....A stunning build but... compared to the true one, I see several scheme and color differences Source: http://www.16va.be/galeries_vvs/mig-25/img..._00001.html..... Yes, I agree. They see the differences between real aircraft and models. The model I built in 1991-1993. At that time I came out of magazines: Stalowa blyskawica (authors Putmakov and Gordon), Air International Vol.41 (No.3 – 1991) and Air International Vol.43 (No.5 – 1992). Lack of information I have dealt with the reconstruction of colored surfaces. At that time I did not even have internet access or access to more information. On the other hand, neither is color photographs 1/14 with identical photos 2/14 (http://www.16va.be/galeries_vvs/mig-25/img...l_2/_00001.html)....
  2. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....howtopic=225408
  3. At this point, the latest construction photos.
  4. The central bomb bay bulkhead are just inserted.
  5. Development of the cockpit and bomb bay.
  6. Report of the two bomb bay. Bomb bay was necessary to combine the construction of the ceiling. Airbrushed surfaces.
  7. Very tedious work of internal bomb bay detail.
  8. I wanted the model to do something interesting and non-standard. I decided to open the bomb bay. internal bomb bay area bomb bay bulkhead bomb bay front wall second bomb bay wall rear wall bomb bay All major components bomb bay
  9. In another topic I presented the old kit MiG-25RBSh (1 / 48). Here I want to show the current model building Ju-88A-1. Construction, I added the Eduard etched parts, and other new parts are scratch build. Cockpit parts - no colours Parts of the cockpit after the base painted made structures around the tail wheel establishment of structures within the fuselage model All components of tail wheel
  10. Thank you very much for the evaluation model. It's really old. Camouflage I reconstructed from the available photos.
  11. Thank you for rating. It's a really old model and is a rarity. Pardon my writing, but I use a PC Translator.
  12. I present a lot of the old model. This is an exploratory type of MiG-25 RBSH. I built it in 1992-93. It Revell (U.S.) in 1 / 48th All adjustments are performed manually. There are no used parts or resin-etched parts. At that time, never been produced. Additional fuell tank is part of a modified construction of the Monogram B-58 Hustler. Pity him today, no manufacturer kits not manufactured in sufficient quality.
  13. Thank you all for your interest in my artwork. Some are just for fun, some are part of the published texts on the packaging or box with the models. Previously, some of the drawings appeared on the souvenir. But my main job is to paint the building instructions for plastic kits.
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