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  1. I'm working on my 1/200 Man-in-Space Saturn V and was hoping that someone has an image or instructions that show the proper stage alignment for the rocket? I've tried some books at the library and have looked at images online but it is hard to discern alignment between the stages. Any help will be greatly appreciated! ken
  2. Can anyone provide a screenshot of the decal placement sheet for the 1/200 Lindberg Space Shuttle with booster kit? I picked up an open box but the decal placement sheet was not provided. Thanks
  3. I bought this kit for my nephew's birthday and he asked me to build it with him (he's six). The kit builds up nice but it looked very boring as is. I told my nephew I would take it home and weather it up for him. There is a nice amount of detail on the kit and the weathering really makes it pop. I left the paint job as is out of the box. I didn't want to take the time to re-paint and I don't think the nephew really cares. He's happy and that's all that really matters....
  4. Wow, what an incredible build! BTW, I love it with the gear up....
  5. Nice build! Too bad the steatlh fighter did not turn out this way. Looks wise, I was a tad disappointed when the F-117 was revealed. Oh well....
  6. Great build. Love the paint scheme!
  7. Wow, what an amazing job!!!
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