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  1. I bought this kit for my nephew's birthday and he asked me to build it with him (he's six). The kit builds up nice but it looked very boring as is. I told my nephew I would take it home and weather it up for him. There is a nice amount of detail on the kit and the weathering really makes it pop. I left the paint job as is out of the box. I didn't want to take the time to re-paint and I don't think the nephew really cares. He's happy and that's all that really matters....
  2. Wow, what an incredible build! BTW, I love it with the gear up....
  3. Nice build! Too bad the steatlh fighter did not turn out this way. Looks wise, I was a tad disappointed when the F-117 was revealed. Oh well....
  4. Nice clean build. I like it.....
  5. Great build. Love the paint scheme!
  6. Wow, what an amazing job!!!
  7. That's ingenious! Very cool...
  8. Nice build. Your paint job looks great!
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