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  1. Here Central Control, ready to assemble the main engines to shuttle space... Some photos and diagrams that I use: Here a representation of the engines on my model: Some materials that I use Thanks!!
  2. I am amazed by the discipline, talent to translate to a model all the details of reality, good! Adrian
  3. Thank you Pete, and I follow your project every steps you done and is out of this world , good!!, we are in communicate... Space Shuttle Launch Pad 39A with Challenger STS-6 (1:144) Adrian
  4. Hi! Here are new advances Now we focus on the engine room We start with the first part of pipes Now with the second part of pipes Now we have a close up, you can zoom it for details To do this we use a little help from an old cookie container My wife is a little disappointed because the previous time she saw my advanced project but now she looks at it as if to start ...OK More advances in the engine room Thanks!!
  5. Hi Pete!!, thank you for your words!...good Yes!!, ...and I have more pictures of the Payload bay...I'm glad to share with you too , if you like...I will give you my email and you can write me , and with this medium , with zip and dropbox I will send you all the pictures I had ( included of the all the shutter orbiter). I only use google but with keywords like 'sts-125 FSS' or 'atlantis shutter orbiter ORUC with LOPE, NoPE ...'...with the names of the all little comopents...etc, you need to be patient... I have estimated that no less than 50% of the project time I use only to search for photos. my email is adrian.urrejola@gmail.com Give me a few days and I will prepare some short material to put like example to show 'how I did it' ( it is not magical but works) Thanks Adrian
  6. Here the progress of the ‘representation´ of the main components of Payload Cargo. There are still details in each component that will be completed throughout the process. Thanks. I'm doing tests to photograph the model for last. Some Photos Include in a short way the steps to do ORUC ( Orbital Replacement Unit Carrier) Some details are not yet complete... Some Details of SLIC ( Super Lightweight Tweight Interchangeable ) The main components are not yet glued In the next stage place details of the payload and the WFC2 and camera Thanks!!
  7. Your search and attention to detail is truly amazing. Add the precision of each component and the patience to execute it. Thank you for sharing your work and in the end give your work more greatness. we are in contact Adrian
  8. Yes!!...yes..., yes !! Pete...nice to see you again !! Yes, in this moment a began to work on the Payload Bay I'll take a shortcut to show you how I'm doing but then I will show how I did it... I will show you some pictures... Note: all the main components are not glued yet and I added a red and other oxigent tanks, circuit and other components JUST FOR TO SEE how it looks but aren´t glued yet... In the last picture , I took one to take it out of your post, ( the back of the payload bay ). Thanks. Thanks Pete!!
  9. First, I'm going to give you some sample photos to give you an idea of my goal. Thanks. This is from the Buran ...and of course the Hubble Telescope!! Thanks!!
  10. Hello As a first step, cut the plastic in all the parts I need for the project. Use the dremel to cut the plastic, because it is faster and more practical. Here the photos. Thanks You and any questions or suggestions welcome.
  11. Hello, I am very excited to start this project. I've always been a fan of space and I've always dreamed of having a kit like this. For this project I have chosen a kit for children in 1/179 scale. Different scale from those known. And I did it because of the size that is neither too big nor too small. And especially a size like this you can add an incredible detail. The scale model consists of 4 or 5 pieces that with a screwdriver fit. My project is to make all its interior from the nose to the wings including the cargo bay, wings , machine room and telescope in scratch. That is why you can add a lot of detail. Because I want to honor the shuttle and telescope. The first thing is to cut the plastic and I will be showing you the main steps. Here I attach a picture of the kit.
  12. Please Ret, can you erase my post here, because no will be surprise when I post it again in about two weeks. I'm very happy thanks!! Adrian
  13. Thanks you Peter and Ret for all your tips !...( in about 2 week a will start my own thread) and I will contact because I want to show all the steps I can ( the project already beginning some time ago ) Let me tell you K2Pete, here in Guatemala many people has lookin your work and talk about it ( of course, they comment to me ) and admiring you!. In Guatemala there is not work ( any kind) that has your ability. My work is separately from the plastic. But I'm very happy for knowing you and talk about it ...thanks !! There's is no too much guys like us (joke!!) Adrian
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